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    This thread is for any discussions regarding Cowboys cuts. You can still create other threads to discuss specific players if you like but this thread will serve as the main place to discuss all of today's Cowboys players who are cut.


    *** PLAYERS KEPT ***

    ** Players in bold are new additions to the team

    Albright, Alex (LB)
    Arkin, David (G)
    Austin, Miles (WR)
    Bailey, Dan (K)
    Ball, Alan (CB)
    Bennett, Martellus (TE)
    Brent, Josh (DT)
    Brooking, Keith (LB)
    Bryant, Dez (WR)
    Buehler, David (K)
    Butler, Victor (LB)
    Choice, Tashard (RB)
    Church, Barry (S)
    Coleman, Kenyon (DE)
    Costa, Phil (C)
    Dockery, Derrick (G) *** signed Sunday ***
    Elam, Abram (S)
    Free, Doug (OT)
    Geathers, Clifton (DE)
    Harris, Dwayne (WR)
    Hatcher, Jason (DE)
    Holley, Jesse (WR)
    James, Bradie (LB)
    Jenkins, Mike (CB)
    Jones, Felix (RB)
    Kitna, Jon (QB)
    Kosier, Kyle (G)
    Kowalski, Kevin (C)
    Ladouceur, L.P. (LS)
    Lee, Sean (LB)
    Lissemore, Sean (DE)
    McBriar, Mat (P)
    McCann, Bryan (CB)
    McCray, Danny (S)
    McGee, Stephen (QB)
    Murray, DeMarco (RB)
    Nagy, Bill (C)
    Newman, Terence (CB)
    Ogletree, Kevin (WR)
    Parnell, Jermey (OT)
    Phillips, John (TE)
    Radway, Raymond (WR)
    Ratliff, Jay (DT)
    Robinson, Laurent (WR) *** signed Wednesday ***
    Romo, Tony (QB)
    Rucker, Martin (TE)
    Scandrick, Orlando (CB)
    Sensabaugh, Gerald (S)
    Smith, Tyron (OT)
    Spears, Marcus (DE)
    Spencer, Anthony (LB)
    Tanner, Phillip (RB)
    Ware, DeMarcus (LB)
    Witten, Jason (TE)

    *** PLAYERS CUT ***

    Balogun, Mike (LB)
    Brandstater, Tom (QB)
    Butler, Mario (CB)
    Chapas, Shaun (FB)
    Cummings, Kenwin (LB)
    Fiammetta, Tony (FB) *** signed Monday, cut Wednesday ***
    Graham, Shayne (K)
    Greenhouse, Isaiah (LB)
    Gronkowski, Chris (FB)
    Holland, Montrae (G) *** cut Sunday ***
    Johnson, Manuel (WR)
    Jones, Chris (P)
    Lemon, Orie (LB)
    Leong, Lyle (WR)
    Letuli, Pepa (G)
    Miller, Lonyae (RB)
    Olshansky, Igor (DE)
    Owusu-Ansah, Akwasi (S)
    Pociask, Jason (TE)
    Poots, Tysson (WR)
    Randle, Chris (CB)
    Rayner, Dave (K)
    Saddler-McQueen, Jimmy (DT)
    Sendejo, Andrew (S)
    Thomas, Josh (CB)
    Williams, Brandon (LB)
    Williams, Teddy (WR)
    Young, Sam (OT) *** cut Monday ***
    Zych, Collin (S)
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    Igor & Gronk, adios
  3. dgr81

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  4. jksmith269

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    thought this was a cut thread, not a thread of player's we're keeping... lol :laugh2:

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Igor Olshansky quote per DMN: "It was a numbers thing more than anything."

    No Igor, It was a "you suck" thing more than anything.

  6. Reality

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    Before anyone starts posting "obvious" yet speculation keeps/cuts, I want to point out that I am limiting the updates to players who have announced they were told they would be cut and players who can be confirmed by a news source as retained or who recently received new contracts.

    While it may appear "obvious" that the Cowboys will keep four running backs based on comments by Jerry Jones recently, until it is announced or confirmed by a news source, they will not be moved to the cut/kept lists.

  7. Nirvana

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  8. JustDezIt

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    but how you you be sure that ware and witten are safe? :p

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Congrats Jessee Holley! You've earned the star and deserve to be among the 53!
  10. CoCo

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    Yup, congrats deserved. He looked very solid in preseason.
  11. theogt

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    Wow, so Chapas pushed out Gronk. Interesting.
  12. AbeBeta

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    I don't know that either really deserve a spot - I think we'll keep Rucker and use Phillips in the FB spot
  13. Reality

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    I wouldn't assume that .. Chapas didn't look good at all this preseason IMO. It seemed like he blocked air more than defensive players.

  14. Woods

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    I thought Holley played well vs the Vikings and Miami.

    On the screen play to D Murray (1st play of the game), Irvin singled out his (Holley's) blocking as well.
  15. FLcowboy

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    Yeah, if Gronk didn't make it, Chapas can't possibly make it, but why wasn't it announced.
  16. jchap2k

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    If Holley really does make it in this league, his story will probably be one of the most singular as far as how he got into the league. I was impressed with him in the preseason as well. Does a good job on finishing blocks and on special teams. Now that he is starting to look like a receiver I'm happy for him and happy he made the team. :p
  17. MC KAos

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    What was Holley doing before the reality show anyway?
  18. fishspill

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    I'm with you. I expected nothing from him. Shows the kind of man he is regarding his work.
  19. Ren

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    Who's dancing now Igor? :laugh2:

  20. dogunwo

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    Its interesting that Holley is confirmed before Ogletree

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