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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Feb 27, 2007.

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    god id hate your mock and for starts rouse is projected as a mostly 2nd and sometime 3rd round pick and you have as our 6th rounder?
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    1.Reggie Nelson FS 6-0 198 Florida
    2.Anthony Gonzalez WR 6-0 193 OSU
    3.Manuel Ramirez OG 6-3 326 Texas Tech
    4.Paul Soliai DT 6-4 334 Utah
    5.Dallas Baker WR 6-3 207 Florida
    6.Jordan Palmer QB 6'5 235 UTEP
    6.Rufus Alexander LB 6-1 227 Oklahoma
    7.Yamon Figurs KR 5'11 174 Kansas St.
    7. Justin Medlock K 6-0 201 UCLA
    7. Brandon Hancock FB 6-1 / 230 USC
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    Why would you want a 227 pound LB?
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    Palmer would be an interesting pick....
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    Ya choose ne1 from Tx. Tech
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    I really like that draft minus Palmer.
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    Rouse's stock has been sliding, he doesn't play up to his physical gifts and looks lost on the field

    and btw, I hate your opinion, so there ;)
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    Very nice.

    Some players are going later than they probably will (like Bushrod), but I would be very pleased if it turned out like this.
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    2nd Mock Draft

    I'm going to do something a little different in this mock and throw a trade in there, so I guess maybe this isn't a mock so much as what I would try to do. Anyways, we're gonna be trading out of the 2nd round in this with a team like San Fran who has multiple 3rd and 4th round picks. So we go out of the second and pick up and early 3rd and and early 4th.

    1. Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
    I think Bowe is one of the top three WRs in the draft. He has great hands, was very productive, runs terrific routes and is very powerful after the catch. Switching Meachem with Bowe would be fine with me, but this 1st pick should be reserved for finding our next #1 WR.

    3a. Alan Barbre OT Missouri Southern St
    A terrific pass blocker and really no slouch in the run game. He was successful with 85.4% of his blocks over the past two years and only allowed 1 QB pressure and 2.5 sacks. Has potential to be the LT of the future after we cut ties with Flozell. Played at a smaller school but definitely has the potential. At the worst will provide great depth.

    3b. Brian Robinson OLB Texas
    A fantastic athlete and somewhat of a workout warrior. Was never amazingly productive but had 12.5 sacks and 25 QB pressures over the past two seasons. While he has a lot of potential I don't know if he'll ever be a star as a 34 OLB but he could certainly work in a rotation and be productive. Could be an eventual starter and is the type of guy who could contribute right away.

    4a. Dustin Fry C Clemson
    I originally had Samson Satele here because McShay had him that low...but really it doesn't make sense. Instead I'm going to pencil Dustin Fry in here. Fry is a competent blocker who managed a blocking success rate of around 84% in the past two seasons. He's very good in pass blocking and is an above average down field blocker. With only one center on the roster a guy like Fry could provide much needed depth at the position.

    4b. Usama Young CB Kent St
    A very underrated prospect who has some of the best quickness numbers of any CB in the draft. Probably isn't a guy who will develop into a #1 CB but he definitely has potential as a #3 or even a #2 guy. With Henry and Glenn old and a little inconsistent in their play Young is the kind of choice who could come in and add security at the position and take over when needed. I think Young could be a real steal.

    5. Manny Ramirez OG Texas Tech
    I don't know if he'll last this long but McShay had him in this range so I'm going to stick him here as well. A little risky because he's coming of some knee problems, but that's the reason he could fall as well. Even if he comes back completely healthy he may never be the type of player who's a real solid starter, but the potential is there, especially in run blocking. He has terrific strength and does a good job of blocking at the second level. May be a little raw in his run blocking coming from Texas Tech, but definitely has potential.

    6a. Justin Medlock K UCLA
    Not a real necessary pick but could provide good value this late. At the very least he's a guy who could push Gramatica in camp and even possibly win a starting job. He has a powerful leg and pretty good long range accuracy. May not end up making the team, but could certainly surprise.

    6b. Le'ron McClain FB Alabama
    A true blocking FB and also pretty good at catching the ball out of the backfield. Not a short yardage runner, but we have Barber for that. Would be a nice addition to the offense in that he could provide a boost in the running game and provide a good outlet for Romo.

    7a. Jeff Rowe QB Nevada
    Didn't have a great senior year and probably isn't the type of guy who can follow a Tony Romo career arc. Can he even develop into a solid backup? I don't know but he does have some good physical tools and a decent skill set, showing pretty good accuracy and a strong enough arm to make the throws. At the very least he's a guy who could push Matt Baker in camp and whoever shows the most could either slide down to the PS or even go in as the 3rd QB.

    7b. Walter Thomas DT NW Mississippi JC
    Small school DT prospect who dominated his level of competition and certainly has the size and measurables that you look for. Bring him in a long term project, there's very little risk at this point in the draft and his upside could warrant a late round selection.

    Well, there we go. That's it. I know it may not be very popular to trade out of the 2nd round but I believe we can get better value in doing so and pick up some players who have good potential and at the very least would provide solid depth as backups. The one position that it doesn't really do much for is DT...but I guess you can't fix everything in one year. The only real difference maker is Dwayne Bowe, but even he would only play a limited role this year. The draft is focused on the future as the Cowboys don't have a whole lot of immediate needs.
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    lol, I can't believe there's a smiley like that...it is perfect for this...it's strangely beautiful

    Oh, I'm gonna go ahead and change the Satele pick too.
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    I might as well change the Alleman pick and switch Robison and Barbre too
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    I know, lol. If memory serves then I think in the past 3 drafts we've had pretty similar thoughts.
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    well, if you look at my revised mock, we differ greatly on where Dustin Fry should go, you have him in the 4th, me...7th
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    Meacham in the first and maybe a guard with the second if a good one is available. Then NT with the 3rd.
  16. Bob Sacamano

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    1st round #22 Tennessee WR Robert Meachem…6'2" 214

    Combine measurements:

    4.39 40
    *1.49 10-yard dash
    2.49 20-yard dash
    37" vertical
    *10'8" long jump
    *4.19 short-shuttle
    6.97 3-cone drill

    *Pro-Day measurements

    The Skinny Outside of Calvin Johnson, Meachem has the best size/speed ratio of projected 1st day receivers, huge YAC threat, explodes in and out of his cuts, turns up field quickly once he secures the football, averaged 18 yards a catch on 71 receptions as a Junior, Dallas is said to be really high on Meachem
    2nd round #53 North Carolina State DT DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler...6'2" 306

    Combine measurements:

    *5.24 40
    *1.75 10-yard dash
    *2.96 20-yard dash
    42 reps of 225
    *8'1" long jump
    28 1/2" vertical
    *4.76 short-shuttle
    *7.47 3-cone drill

    *Pro-Day measurements

    The Skinny Good-sized NT who is stout at the point of attack, displays good quickness and will push Olinemen into the backfield, is able to penetrate, disengages from blocks well, plugging his bench, long jump and vertical into Pat Kirwan's strength and explosion formula, Tank grades a 78.51
    3rd round #87 Missouri Southern OT Allen Barbre…6’4” 300

    Combine measurements:

    4.84 40
    1.65 10-yard dash
    2.81 20-yard dash
    28 reps of 225
    4.63 short-shuttle
    7.4 3-cone drill
    32” vertical
    8’9” long jump

    The Skinny Athletic OT who is on the rise thanks to running a 4.84 40-yard dash, as well as scoring highly on the rest of his exercises at the Combine, dominant at the Div-2 level, according to NFLDraftScout, courtesy of masonmenos, Barbre excelled both as a run and pass-blocker, he also projects to OG in the pros, Dallas is said to be interested in Barbre
    4th round #118 Texas DE Brian Robison…6’3” 259

    Combine measurements:

    4.67 40
    1.49 10-yard dash
    2.65 20-yard dash
    6.89 3-cone drill
    4.26 short-shuttle
    27 reps of 225
    40 ½” vertical
    10’1” long jump

    The Skinny Crazy, athletic DE, who plugging his bench, long jump and vertical numbers into Pat Kirwan’s strength and explosion formula, grades a 77.51, which is superb, is good at disrupting plays in the backfield and pursuing, needs to work on his pass-rush repertoire however, although his rip and swim moves are really good, Dallas gave a lot of attention to Robison at the Senior Bowl
    5th round #149 Kent State CB Usama Young…5'11" 196

    Pro-Day measurements:

    4.4 40
    1.46 10-yard dash
    43" vertical
    10'11" long jump
    6.65 3-cone drill
    4.31 short-shuttle
    11.98 long-shuttle

    The Skinny Intriguing Day 2 CB with obvious physical gifts, had a productive career at Kent State, is receiving a lot of interest thanks to a great Pro-Day workout, including having a workout scheduled w/ Dallas, he could come off the board early on Day 2, even late Day 1
    6th round #180 Nevada QB Jeff Rowe…6’5” 226

    Combine measurements:

    4.91 40
    1.65 10-yard dash
    2.84 20-yard dash
    4.15 short-shuttle
    6.72 3-cone drill
    29 ½” vertical
    9’6” long jump

    The Skinny Solid, developmental type QB with great size and a good arm, has surprising agility, excels in the short to intermediate passing game, shows nice timing and touch on his passes, possesses nice footwork
    6th round #185 Virginia Tech SS Aaron Rouse…6’4” 223

    Combine measurements:

    *4.53 40
    1.53 10-yard dash
    2.6 20-yard dash
    *6.81 3-cone drill
    *4.19 short-shuttle
    35” vertical
    *10’1” long jump
    16 reps of 225

    *Pro-Day measurements

    The Skinny Huge, athletic SS who offers immediate, special teams production, is raw as he switched from OLB to SS in college, offers tremendous potential, Dallas is said to be interested in Rouse
    7th round #193 Clemson C Dustin Fry...6'3" 315

    Combine measurements:

    5.4 40
    1.84 10-yard dash
    3.09 20-yard dash
    34 reps of 225

    The Skinny Massive C who is a hard-worker and projects to a number of positions on the line, at the Senior Bowl Fry looked powerful as a drive-blocker and was efficient pass-blocking
    7th round #215 Baylor CB Anthony Arline…6’2” 199

    Combine measurements:

    4.43 40
    1.46 10-yard dash
    2.58 20-yard dash
    *36” vertical
    *10’5” long jump
    4.46 20-yard shuttle
    7.02 3-cone drill
    12 reps of 225

    *Pro-Day measurements

    The Skinny Tall, athletic corner who was apart of an underrated BU tandem, proved to be smooth in his turns at the Hula Bowl and used his long arms to great effect
    7th round #218 Hawaii RB Nate Ilaoa…5’9” 245

    Combine measurements:

    4.77 40
    1.63 10-yard dash
    2.75 20-yard dash
    25 reps of 225
    4.42 short-shuttle
    7.10 3-cone drill
    30” vertical
    8’7” long jump

    The Skinny Intriguing back that actually began his UH career as a WR, went over 1,000 yards as both a rusher and receiver for his career, including averaging 7.5 yards a carry his final 2 years and 10.8 yards a catch, better projects to FB in the pros where his rushing and receiving skills can make him a threat, needs to stay healthy
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    Since everyone else put in a mock, here's mine..
    #1. cb Darrelle Revis Pitts.
    #2. wr Anthony Gonzalez Ohio St.
    #3. rb Michael Bush Louisville, or rb Brandon Jackson Nebraska
    #4. de Jay Moore Neb.
    #5. Ot James Marten Boston College
    #6. K Mason Crosby Colorado
    #6. wr David Ball New Hampshire
    #7. DT Jay Alford Penn state
    #7. qb Toby Korodi C. Mo. St.
    #7. G Dan Santucci Notre Dame :eagles: :grab:

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    thought it would be interesting to see how everyone did in their mock drafts last season...

    here's mine...

    #18- Trade down to #24 (CIN) and pick up a 4th: select LB Bobby Carpenter- This guy would just make plays for us. He could excel in the 3-4 as a pass rusher and does an excellent job in coverage as well. This guy may be the most underrated guy in the 1st round.

    #49- OG Charles Spencer- there's just something about this guy that i like. He didn't have a great senior year but he is very versatile and could possibly take over for when Flo retires. This guy could very well be a 10 year dominant OL. Just gotta hope he's there at #49.

    #80- FS Pat Watkins- this guy could be the steal of the draft. Almost 6'5 and with an impressive 4.42, he could be the perfect compliment to Roy Williams. The thing about him is that he has the room to build solid muscle mass to his frame, so with more strength this guy could be our starter for years to come.

    #123 (from CIN)- DT Montavious Stanley- Stanley has decent size and is very powerful. He would be a solid backup to Ferg and would rotate a lot like Parcells does. He had a very good senior season and has a lot of upside.

    #150- WR Willie Reid- Great return man and Parcells always preaches about field position. This could be great value for us because Crayton had a decent return average, but he isn't a guy who will take it to the house and isn't very elusive. Reid would fill that void.

    #182- FB Rashon Powers-Neal- This guy will probably be available and is a very versatile player. He's great out of the back field, picks up the blitz well but isn't very powerful. However, I think anything over Lousaka Polite is an upgrade.

    #224- K Jon Scifres- He's our kickoff guy and would fill another important need because field position will be key in a Bill Parcells offense.
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    How about a flier on Chris Leak with one of the extra picks we have in the 6th or 7th?
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    lol umm in 2005 garrett made houston his biznach check the 4 minute mark, and watch the 5:27 mark, and look at houston being caught looking in the backfield, and being toasted by steve smith.

    lol in 2006, i doubt it was houston that made anybody his biznach because if i remember, the trojans scored 50 pionts.

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