Official list of RFAs, with compensation attached

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by AdamJT13, Mar 11, 2006.

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    Hayes, Gerald LB Pittsburgh 3rd
    King, Kenny DT Alabama 5th
    Wells, Reggie G Clarion, Pa. 6th

    Lake, Antwan NT West Virginia ROFR

    Elling, Aaron K Wyoming ROFR
    Franklin, Aubrayo DT Tennessee 5th
    Johnson, Jarret DE Alabama 1st
    Mughelli, Ovie RB Wake Forest 4th
    Pashos, Tony T Illinois 1st
    Smith, Musa RB Georgia 3rd

    Aiken, Sam WR North Carolina 4th
    Haggan, Mario LB Mississippi State 7th

    Branch, Colin DB Stanford 4th
    Ciurciu, Vinny LB Boston College ROFR
    Manning, Ricky DB UCLA 3rd
    Moorehead, Kindal DT Alabama 5th
    Seidman, Mike TE UCLA 3rd

    Hillenmeyer, Hunter LB Vanderbilt 5th
    Idonije, Israel DE Manitoba, Can. ROFR

    Johnson, Jeremi RB Western Kentucky 4th
    Kooistra, Scott G North Carolina State 7th
    Walter, Kevin WR Eastern Michigan 7th
    Washington, Kelley WR Tennessee 3rd

    Davis, Keith DB Sam Houston State ROFR
    Shanle, Scott LB Nebraska 7th
    Tucker, Torrin T Southern Mississippi ROFR

    Davis, James LB West Virginia 5th
    Fitzsimmons, Casey TE Carroll, Mon. ROFR
    Holt, Terrence DB North Carolina State 5th
    Redding, Cory DE Texas 1st

    Green Bay
    Peterson, Kenny DE Ohio State 3rd

    Armstrong, Derick WR Arkansas-Monticello ROFR
    Peek, Antwan LB Cincinnati 1st
    Ragone, Dave QB Louisville 3rd
    Wand, Seth T N.W. Missouri 3rd

    Freitas, Makoa T Arizona 6th
    June, Cato LB Michigan 1st
    Mathis, Robert DE Alabama A&M 1st & 3rd
    Moorehead, Aaron WR Illinois ROFR
    Sapp, Gerome DB Notre Dame 6th

    Hankton, Cortez WR Texas Southern ROFR
    Manuwai, Vincent G Hawaii 3rd
    Toefield, LaBrandon RB Louisiana State 4th
    Wrighster, George TE Oregon 4th

    Kansas City
    Black, Jordan T Notre Dame 5th
    Wilkerson, Jimmy DE Oklahoma 6th

    Burleson, Nate WR Nevada 3rd

    New Orleans
    Hilton, Zach TE North Carolina ROFR
    Holland, Montrae G Florida State 4th

    N.Y. Giants
    Allen, Kenderick DT Louisiana State ROFR
    Ponder, Willie WR S.E. Missouri 6th
    Shiancoe, Visanthe TE Morgan State 3rd
    Tyree, David WR Syracuse 6th
    Walker, Frank DB Tuskegee 6th

    Irons, Grant LB Notre Dame ROFR
    Sands, Terdell NT Tenn.-Chattanooga 7th

    Hood, Roderick DB Auburn 1st
    Johnson, Dirk P Northern Colorado ROFR
    Mahe, Reno RB Brigham Young ROFR
    Mikell, Quintin DB Boise State ROFR

    Morey, Sean WR Brown 7th
    Taylor, Ivan DB Louisiana-Lafayette 1st

    St. Louis
    Curtis, Kevin WR Utah State 1st
    Green, Brandon DE Rice 6th
    Groce, Dejuan DB Nebraska 4th
    McDonald, Shaun WR Arizona State 4th

    San Diego
    Cooper, Stephen LB Maine 1st
    Dielman, Kris G Indiana 1st
    Wilhelm, Matt LB Ohio State 4th

    San Francisco
    Dorsey, Ken QB Miami 7th
    Lloyd, Brandon WR Illinois 1st

    Brown, Josh K Nebraska 7th
    Hunter, Wayne T Hawaii 3rd
    Wallace, Seneca QB Iowa State 4th

    Tampa Bay
    Mahan, Sean G Notre Dame 1st

    Nickey, Donnie DB Ohio State 5th

    Clemons, Chris LB Georgia ROFR
    Dockery, Derrick G Texas 1st
    Jimoh, Ade DB Utah State ROFR
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    Thank you Adam..
  3. dallasfaniac

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    If it wasn't for the 1st, I'd offer him enough that Indi wouldn't match.
  4. BigWillie

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    Kicker Josh Brown for 7th round compensation?

    Hmmm...he's a midwest boy to begin with (from Oklahoma). I wouldn't mind seeing what he is asking for.
  5. DawnOfANewD

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    If we don't want to blow a high pick on a WR in the draft or shell out billions for Randle-El, I think giving up our 3rd-rounder for Kelley Washington or Nate Burleson might prove a good value buy.

    Washington probably wouldn't mind out of CIN given their depth at WR, ie. Chris Henry, C. Johnson, Tab Perry, and T. J. Houshmandzadeh. He's only 27 and has great size (6'3", 216 lbs.) and speed. He'd make a great red-zone target with his height, leaping ability, wingspan, and big hands. He does have somewhat of an injury history though.

    Burleson might not be a #1 WR-type but he's only 24 and versatile in that he can play the slot or, with his decent straight-line speed, he can play outside too. He's not especially big (6'0", 190 lbs.) but he does have a nice vertical. He's also a polished route-runner and a willing and very able blocker. With Troy Williamson, Travis Taylor, and Marcus Robinson also at WR, the Vikes might view Burleson as expendable.

    If we want to add a WR "on the cheap", I don't think we could find a WR in the 3rd-round (or even the 2nd-round) of the draft who'd be as good and immediately productive as either Washington or Burleson.
  6. Ashwynn

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    So if we made a play for Brandon lloyd, we would lose our 1st round pick. Hes not that good. I woulda preferred him over Owens though. But not at that price.

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