Official Merged - Quincy Carter in the game for the New York Jets

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Roughneck, Nov 7, 2004.

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    Does it really matter? Bottom line, he had a drug problem and is no longer here. I was one of his supporters when he was a Cowboy, but it just seems like some people won't let it go. They guy is gone, lets just hope Henson is the future and be done with it.
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    I may be totaly out of line here but this is what I think after watchin these games.

    VinnyT- Strong arm, nice spiral, vet, decent decision making. Prototype QB. All that said, Vinny T is a loser. The record says it all.

    Qcar- Some scramble ability, Less accuracy, decision making ability, younger, less power, etc. He wins games though.

    It seems certain players have the intangible ability to win games. IMO Qcar while not pretty, and screwed up some just won the games. You do not get to 10-6 with those skills without having that defining something.

    I guess this was the thing I feared most when we let Qcar go. VinnyT looks real good on paper and even in games, but he finds ways to lose and Qcar finds ways to win. Anyone else agree with me on this? Im sure a whole lot of you disagree but it is a thing I stick by.

    Anywayz, I need to go punch a few holes in a wall now.

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    Q is gone. He cut himself. Get over it.

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