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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Batman, May 27, 2004.

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  1. Batman

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    No other QB has more excuses than QuINTcy. Excuses are only allowed to count for QuINTcy but they are not allowed to count for oter QBs. No runnin game or offensive line probs are excuses that are only allowed to be used for QuINTcy. No other QBs is allowed any excuses except Quincy cuz he is such a great QB and future hall of famer he is allowed excuses.

    I will start off with the firts excuse. Im sure some in here will come up with some real good ones. Here is my excuse to start it off.

    This is really QuINTcys rookie year again. He has a new WR a new RB some a few new OL. Every year will be QuINTcys rookie year. The new players from drafts and free agency should give the Carter Cult the this is really his rookie year until Henson takes over(should be next year when this happens)

    ahhhh *** here is another, Drew Henson is a distraction and QuINTcy can not focus cuz of Drew.
  2. Az Lurker

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    I vote this thread gets moved directly to smack talk before it can cause more harm
  3. blindzebra

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    I hate the Quincy can do no wrong posts as much as anyone, but why start a post for no other reason than to stir crap up?
  4. cowboy4322

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    I second that, move it to the smack talk forum.

  5. GTaylor

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    Funny - didn't hear a lot of people whinning when Carter was doing well now did we? Find me a QB...ANY - Who had to start as a rookie, get a new OC in his next 2 years playing a totally different style than the one before, a weak offensive line, no running back, yet with all that still excelled. I'm sure you can name them on one hand. And you noticed I never mentioned the fact that they had to play under the microscope of not only being the QB of the Cowboys, but having to deal with your own OC openly campaigning for the backup to take over.

    I'm not a Carter die-hard, I can care less who long as we get the 'W', but I do know BS when I see it, and Carter has had to waddle through it for the past three years...
  6. Jimz31

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    Batman's excuses should Carter fare well:

    On receptions: "It wasn't a good throw, it was a good catch."

    On avoiding the rush: "They weren't good moves, it was poor tackling by the defenders."

    On a win: "It wasn't due to Quincy, he had NO part in was ALL defense."

    On a loss: It wasn't the TEAM'S fault, it was ALL about Quincy."

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