***Official Rayfield Wright HOF Announcement Thread*** (Speech Transcript included)

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by DallasEast, Aug 5, 2006.

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    How many of you guys think that was one of the most best speeches you ever heard, I liked when the crowd went crazy when he mentioned ladrys name. I like when he said "after 22 years of eligibility od knows that I am not a saint but I am a Dallas Cowboy"
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    Don't apologize. That is their problem, not yours.
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    A+ in oration...makes me wish I was old enough to remember him play.
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    amen to that.. what a great speech.. from his presenter, Mr Lomax " thou shall not touch roger" to "I am not a saint, but ... I am a Dallas Cowboy!".. great lines..

    makes you wanna watch some old footage of Mr Wright....
    also made me proud to be a dallas cowboy fan...
  5. SteveOS

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    Wow, what a powerful speech. Much respect!
  6. Screw The Hall

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    Wow... how would you like to try and follow that one?!

    Moving and inspirational ... from his coach's poignant presentation to Wrights magnificent speech.

    Congrats Mr. Wright you make all Cowboy fans everywhere proud.
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    You ain't kidding. That's a tough act to follow. He spoke from the heart and I'm so glad his mother and grandmother both lived to see this day.
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    To Rayfield :toast:
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    What a tremendous speech by Rayfield Wright.
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    I loved the rosegarden reference when speaking of his mother. Artful.

    That's kind of how he played - artfully. He was quite a player. And he delivered a wonderful speech.
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    It was probably already mentioned but it's great to have such a huge cast of Cowboy fans out there in Canton today supporting our 'Boys.
  12. Champsheart

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    I am not a man of tears, but Rayfield brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful speech, and what a great heart!

    Congrats Rayfield, and to the parents out there listen to the wonderful words of advice he gave!

  13. WoodysGirl

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    I agree.

    In the pre-show, they showed alot of fans in Cowboy jerseys. Old and new players. Saw some Wright jerseys, too.
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    Some might say this is a bit over dramatic but.....

    Every syllable of that speech will ring throughout the Cowboy Nation forever.

    Every tear drop he shed will forever mark the Star with truth.

    Every emotion from that speech will be felt by everyone who calls themself a Cowboy fan.

    Thank you Rayfield for one of the proudest moments of my 38 years of being a Cowboy fan!

  15. Cajuncowboy

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    BTW, did enyone notice who was sitting behind Rayfields mom?

    That was Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson.
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    What a great speech by a great man.

    Rayfield, you did a wonderful job. I'm sure that you brought much joy to your grandmother and your mother, and to many other people.

    You brought joy to my heart, and a tear or two to my eyes.
  17. WoodysGirl

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    From Goose's blog

    Hayes family on Rayfield Wright

    More from Left Coast and Matt Mosley:

    I'm told that several members of the Bob Hayes family were planning to travel to Canton for today's ceremony. Some of you might recall that it was the late Hayes who gave Rayfield Wright the nickname, "Big Cat."

    Wright and Hayes made it into the final six HOF nominees in 2004, but neither made the final cut.

    Hayes' sister, Lucille Hayes Hester, has always kept in touch with Wright, and she and her family celebrated when he was voted into the Hall in February.

    In some sense, I think the Hayes family is taking a lot of pride in seeing Wright inducted. I'm not sure if Bob Hayes will ever get another shot, and that's why I think it's so impressive to see how his family members have rallied around Rayfield.

    Posted by John Banks [​IMG] at 2:05 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)

    Going long

    This just in from Rick Gosselin:

    Hall of Fame speeches for presenters are supposed to go two minutes, for inductees 10 minutes. Rayfield Wright's speech went 22 minutes.

    Posted by John Banks [​IMG] at 1:45 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)
    On Rayfield Wright's speech

    More from Mosley...

    Wright's 87-year-old mother, Opel, is a remarkable woman. The ESPN cameras just showed her for a few moments.

    She still lives in Griffin with Rayfield's older sister, Earline, and several great grandchildren.

    When I went to visit in May, Earline and Miss Opel wouldn't let me leave without eating at least five slices of cornbread.

    Some good lines from Rayfield:

    On Griffin: "We didn't have golf in our community, and if we'd had, we would've learned how to play that."

    Of signing with the Cowboys: "Gil Brandt was signing anyone who could walk."

    Nice touch for Rayfield to bring up some of the member of the Cowboys organization who have passed on.

    On Tom Landry: "You may not recognize him today because he's smiling."

    Posted by John Banks [​IMG] at 1:33 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (2)

    Great lines from Coach Lomax

    More from Matt on Wright's presenter...

    In regard to Rayfield's life: "Would rather see a sermon than hear one anyday."

    "Thou shalt not touch Roger."

    "Must not impede the progress of Calvin or Tony."

    I'm sorry, but this man is a complete BA!

    Posted by John Banks [​IMG] at 1:16 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)
    On Wright's presenter

    More from Mosley...

    Former Fort Valley State football and basketball coach Stan Lomax is a Hall of Famer in his own right. He's in the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

    This man is 82 years old. At the rate he's going, he may live to 112.

    Rayfield's trying to keep his composure.

    Feel a little strange doing HOF play-by-play, so I'm going to watch this for a second.

    Posted by John Banks [​IMG] at 1:12 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)
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    Perhaps now some of the voters will realize more Cowboys deserve to be in the HOF. Great speech Rayfield.
  19. Duane

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    Great speech all around. It was nice that he gave a shout out to Goose for his work in convincing other voters to get Wright in.
  20. Yeagermeister

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    Yes it was.... props to Goose

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