***Official Rayfield Wright HOF Announcement Thread*** (Speech Transcript included)

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by DallasEast, Aug 5, 2006.

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    I had goosebumps from the moment he started his speech and for a couple of hours afterwards. I'm not kidding!!!!!!
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    Mr. Wright speech was heartfelt. You can tell how good of a job his family did raising and shaping him to be who he is. My eyes was sweating when Troy almost broke down
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    "god knows I'm not a saint.... but I am a Dallas Cowboy!!!"

    If ya ever wanna lead an army, and have a bunch of Cowboys fans, that's the speech right there!!

    I think every Cowboys fan on stage and all watching on tv were ready to march onto the field!
  4. Cbz40

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    The "Big Kat" got me pumped.....Dadgummit it's time for #6. :D
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    I was so impressed by his speech. He had me laughing and then crying. His comments about his mother were especially poignant.
  6. Bizwah

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    Hall of Fame Speech.....

  7. MONT17

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    I cant help but wonder what ERIK WILLIAMS would have done if he had his head right! I dont blame Irvin because every man has to live his own life but Irvin played a big role in the COWBOYS success and limited their success at times!!!

    Rayfield made me want to know more about the Cowboys I never saw play... out of all the speeches he was the best!

    with players like Rayfield and Troy going in Im glad Irvin did go in because the negativity would have made this weekend a damper!
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    Posted on Sun, Aug. 06, 2006
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    Speech hits all Wright notes


    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    Rayfield Wright, left, and his presenter, L.J. "Stan" Lomax, embrace at the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Canton, Ohio.

    CANTON, Ohio -- The smallest man on the podium packed a powerful punch Saturday.
    L.J. "Stan" Lomax, Rayfield Wright's Hall of Fame presenter, delivered one of the strongest speeches of the day, saying, "Rayfield's belief is that where we are born, where we grow up, must never determine how high we rise."
    At this point in Lomax's presentation, Rayfield's first tear rolled down his left cheek.
    The diminutive Lomax spoke eloquently of Wright's rise from tiny Griffin, Ga., where his dream was bigger and stronger than the family's resources.
    He told of Wright's failure to make the Fairmont High School football team on his way to making it to Canton, Ohio.
    "The path to this podium is much more than a walk from his seat to this podium," Lomax said.
    When it was his turn to talk, Wright stood and thanked Lomax for "believing in me [and] treating me like a son."
    Wright's 13-year career with the Cowboys became well-documented as the day went along.
    "[Rayfield] primarily had two admonitions," Lomax said. "One, Thou shalt not touch Roger [Staubach]. The second was, Thou must not impede the forward progress of Calvin [Hill] or Tony [Dorsett]."
    At Fort Valley State, Lomax had Wright on two teams -- football and basketball.
    Lomax was a no-nonsense, first-year coach when Wright arrived on campus. It was also Lomax who was able to get Wright out of a commitment to the U.S. Air Force, by bringing Wright's recruiting officer in for a family meeting.
    "What I think of coach Lomax has always been the same -- he's an eloquent speaker," said an approving Wright afterward.
    This marked the third Hall of Fame presentation made by Lomax on Wright's behalf. The first two were the Fort Valley State and State of Georgia halls.
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  10. adbutcher

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    By far the best speech I ever heard!
  11. Chief

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    All I can say is Wow.
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    Damn Parcells could learn a thing or two about motivating the Dallas Cowboys from Rayfield Wright. Go Cowboys!
  13. wxcpo

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    I agree, what a great speech he presented. Of course he waited so long to give it, but it was well worth the wait.

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