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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Captain, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Most NBA fans do not like watching Kobe play?!?!?!!?!? :eek:

    :laugh2: dude...MOST NBA fans love watching Kobe play.
    And if you do not... I don't know how much of an NBA fan you are.

    Ever wonder why the Lakers are on national TV every week?!?!?
    It ain't because of Sasha Vujacic - despite his great hair.

    Kobe's the best in the game.
    Love him or hate him - real fans of NBA appreciate his brilliance on the court.

    "oversimplified argument of "friendship skills" being a false deterrent"
    Sorry.. but I just have a hard time understanding how a grown man could have that much hate for someone that he doesn't even know because he is arrogant and reportedly has poor social skills. lol

    I got visions of you sitting on the couch... gritting your teeth everytime you see Kobe in an interview giving his team all the credit for him winning the MVP trophy. lololol

    Wow... an arrogant pro athlete. Imagine that.
    You must reeeeally spend a lot of time and energy hating and despising a bunch of dudes you don't know...

    Who cares about stuff like that?...really! lol
    Middle school stuff...
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    Turn on these guys?
    First of all... the conversation Kobe had about trading Bynum wasn't meant to be heard by anyone. It was a private conversation.
    And to this day he STILL has nothing but good things to say about even Kwame Brown. Kobe never turned on him, Smush, or anyone.

    Not the way Shaq has bashed his former LA & Miami teammates.

    Did you not watch any basketball this season? Before the Ben Wallace trade Lebron voiced his frustration about the Cavs not giving him any help - and hinted to the front office that when his contract was up he was going to bounce. There are still many writers in the know that think he's gonna levae the Cavs for NY as soon as his contract is up.

    Gracious great players like Garnett are one in a million - but he did turn down the first trade offer to the Celts... before they acquired Ray Allen.

    Man what are you talking about? Kobe never gave a "Shaq or Me: ultimatum".
    Totally fabricated. Or can you give a link to an article with a direct quote?

    Jerry Buss said a long time ago that he basically told Shaq that he wasn't going to give him a max deal because he didn't keep himself in shape -and that the Lakers were making Kobe the priority. Shaq being the jealous and greedy fella that he is... got angry and demanded a trade.

    Kobe Bryant has said repeatedly that he did not ask for Shaq to leave.
    Mitch Hupchak has said repeatedly that Kobe had nothing to do with Shaq's departure.
    Jerry Buss has repeatedly said Kobe had nothing to do with Shaq's departure.
    And now even Shaq has said that Kobe had nothing to do with his departure.

    At what point did Kobe Bryant ever say he could win a Championship by himself? Link to that article please?

    Kobe came extremely close to signing with the Clippers.... at the time a much more talented team than the Lakers with Brand & Co. ...but the Lakers convinced him that they were committed to winning "NOW" and had a plan.

    But the following 2 years - The Lakers did nothing to prove they were commited to winning "NOW"... but every move they made showed that they were building for the future.

    Kobe felt betrayed and was basically lied to. He knows he's in his prime and can't wait for the future.

    So to say that the club was bending over backward to appease him is yet another false statement.

    Kobe wanted them to trade Bynum for Carlos Boozer. They refused.
    Kobe wanted them to trade Bynum for Jason Kidd. They refused.
    Kobe wanted them to acquire Baron Davis. They refused.

    And it wasn't about throwing Bynum under the bus.
    It was about the fact that Kobe felt Bynum wouldn't become a legit big man for at least another 2 or 3 years & that he was the only trade bait that the Lakers had on ther roster other than Odom - who Kobe didn't want to lose.

    The only guy Kobe really trashed was Kupchak... whom at the time ALL Laker fans were trashing too because he had done a crap job.

    Kwame Brown was the best you could do after 2 years?

    Again... evidently you really didn't watch the season.

    Kobe's attitude changed long before the Gasol trade... which occured after the All Star Break.

    By that time Bynum had shown a LOT of promise... along with Sasha and the other young players. Not to forget the acquisition of Fisher.
    The Lakers were a good team b4 Gasol arrived - somewhere round the 4th seed in the playoff race.

    Kobe had changed his tone well before that trade occurred.
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    Haha. Nah he just rubs me the wrong way but I'm not sitting around gritting my teeth or anything. You're right about how great of a player he is, but I have lived in a few different cities since Kobe started playing and I know for sure that most people are not enamored by the guy like you describe. Sure, great players attract TV ratings, but it's not like tons of endorsers are lining up for him or kids in other states are in the playground emulating his moves. Either way, I really did not mean to come off with "middle school" type comments. Just expressing an opinion. If you're a Lakers fan, good luck in the next round.
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    i dont think anyone can really judge kobe right now on his personality and all that considering he is on a great team. the reason people didnt like kobe is because of the way he acted when the going got tough, he acted like a total jerk and basically threw his entire team under the bus. but in his defense, he didnt bring that to the court, when it came down to business he played like it was all peaches and cream and didnt let it affect his game, and thats pretty comendable when all that crap is going around
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    I can't stand Kobe's off the court attitude like most people, but at least they have an MVP who is actually making it to the finals. He is a great player, but his piss poor attitude is that most people don't like about him.
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    He doesn't have a bad attitude, he has a winners attitude. He wanted to be in a position to win things and for the last few years he wasn't in that position so of course he wasn't happy, he asked some questions of the management and look what happened: they are in the finals in the very same year.
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    yall do realize that MJ got Doug Collins fired and Charles Oakley traded to NY....right?

    KB has MJ clout with his team. Duncan, Wade, and Lebron have the same clout.....

    These are the players who bring big money to the team, put butts in the seats, sell the majority of the of course when they talk, the organization listens.
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    How can you say he threw his whole team under the bus because someone caught him having a private discussion on a cellphone????

    Just don't get this.

    To me.. throwing your own team under the bus is - during a press conference or interview - saying that your team sucks or that specific players suck.

    The Kevin Garnetts of the world have never did such a thing in an interview...
    but I can garantee you he's had some private discussions about the talent or lack thereof surrounding him on those Minnesota teams.

    So if someone had secretly recorded that discussion... would you say he threw his team under the bus... or was he having an honest private discussion stating the obvious?

    Jordan did the same crap in Chicago - ran players AND coaches out -
    but didn't get criticized for it. Not for long anyway...

    As a fan - i want players on my team s to not be satisfied with collecting checks and losing. And if they feel that the organization is not committed to winning... I think they have the right to voice their opinions about it.

    As a Laker fan - I'm now glad that Kobe went on the "trade me" rant - because if he hadn't - the Lakers more than likely wouldn't have Gasol.

    I know if I'm a player in MY prime that wants the win - I'd be putting pressure on MY GM to do as he promised... and make some moves to show me they want to win NOW and not 5 years from now.

    People are such hypocrites.

    If Kobe had sat there and been satisfied with losing and collecting his checks... he'd be criticized for that as well.
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    LOL.. just mentioned that in my reply - then saw yours...

    Man - I garantee you every single great player in NBA that was stuck on a horrible team had one of these rants.
    Problem is - Kobe got caught on a cellphone camera.

    Man... i wish somebody would have been able to catch some of Jordan's or Barkey's private conversations about their teammates and coaches on camera! LOL

    By these guys' definitions....
    probably every single player with "clout" in proffesional sports has thrown his/her teams under the bus.

    It's just the ones that they have dislike for that are the jerks.

    The liked guys just want to win...
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    Like i've said... I'm a Lakers fan... I'm a Kobe fan....
    but I've never had the slightest desire to hang out with Kobe whatsoever -even if I could.
    Just doesn't seem like my type of people...

    So I could give the slightest crap about his piss poor attitude off the court.
    All I care about is his assassin mentality on the court.

    Now I've come to understand some fans take it to that obsession level and actually care bout those type things... I just can't relate.

    Just don't understand how someone can care that much that you "HATE" or "Love" a pro athlete you never met or doesn't know you exist.

    Basically judging these people based solely on what you read or see on ESPN.
    Being Cowboys fans... you know they always preach facts, huh?

    All I care about Kobe- or any player on the Lakers or Cowboys....
    is what they're doing from whistle to whistle.
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    wow, first of all, did you even finish reading my post? and did you forget about his comments during an INTERVIEW with screaming a smith last year? thats what started the whole thing, not the taped conversation. again, i said why PEOPLE DONT LIKE HIM! i didnt say why I dont like him, because i think he is ubber badass
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    Yeah I read your post.
    And yeah - I heard the Stephen A. Interview.

    What did he say in that interview to make him "throw his team under the bus"?

    The interview I saw - he basically said he felt that Jerry Buss and Kupchak lied to him about wanting to win now instead of building for the future.

    He also said he felt that the organization THREW HIM under the bus when it came to the Shaq situation... and let the public think that he was the reason they traded Shaq.

    So he felt betrayed by the organization - and thats why he wanted to be traded.

    I don't recall him saying anything bad about his teammates.
    What did he say in that interview to throw his team under the bus?
  14. Danny White

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    Back from vacation, got to watch most of all the games while I was gone. Needless to say, I'm disappointed by the outcome.

    I think it was clear that the Lakers were a better team, although if a few breaks had gone differently, the Spurs are still good enough that they could have captured the series.

    I'm mostly disappointed by our inability to hold onto leads especially in games one and five. If we'd have won game one, this could have been a much different series. Also Manu really came up short in this big series with the exception of the one game. I suppose his injuries may have caught up with him, but it was still unfortunate to be without such a major piece in a series where it could have mattered so much.

    Kobe really impressed me with his ability to take the team on his back in crunch time. If he continues to play at this level, I think they'll beat the Celtics.

    I have no idea who I want to win this series. I suppose once it begins I'll find myself naturally leaning towards one team, but I don't know which one that will be at this point.

    I hope the Spurs can add another impact player in the off season and hopefully get a bit younger as well.

    Since it'll be an odd season, it's our destiny to win it! :) Go Spurs Go!
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    still can't believe we let Game 1 slip away

    the Lakers just looked so bad, and then they took it all away
  16. MC KAos

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    welcome back, i think our downfall was the injuries and our bench completely dissapeared with the exeption of barry, it was sad, we need to get rid of half the bench IMO if we wanna compete next year. Manu needs to play less than 30 minutes a game in the regular season too, his style is too condusive to injuries
  17. SA_Gunslinger

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    big win for the silver and black tonight.

    always nice to send the lakers off the floor losers.
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    Impressive win tonight. As an NBA fan and Southwest Division team fan, it's good to see the Spurs on their typical post-Holiday run. I wouldn't have expected anything less.

    Edit: Wow, wasn't there a more recent thread to bump. ;)
  19. Danny White

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    I think there are a couple posts about George Gervin in this thread. :laugh2:
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    I am a Spurs fan but have been behind on how they are doing.

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