Official W\L predictions?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rynochop, Aug 26, 2013.

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    You do realize their QB is a guy named Jay Cutler, right? Bears, schmears. Last year was an anomaly. An anomaly that lost me a six pack of beer, but an anomaly nonetheless.
  2. cowboys1985

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    I was really feeling bullish with the way our 1st team players have looked all pre-season. Coming into training camp I was really worried about OL, DL & S.

    So far S has played well that I'm hardly thinking about it. I'm not saying we set at S and expect Pro Bowl caliber play from our safeties. I'm just confident their play wont get us beat.

    OL has been playing well but the injury concerns with Leary will be bothersome early in the year. I also don't like this idea of playing Free at G and Parnell at RT. I hope this is just a contingent plan if Leary is not ready to go and not a permanent move.

    The DL has been playing well if you considered our injury problems. I expect Ware to dominant and Hatcher to handle the DT fine. However, Spencer has not played all camp and will take time to get ready. We need Spencer to play like last year from game 1. I don't know if he can do that right away. That's not saying he wont be able to, I just think he will be rusty for the first few weeks he's back. I tried to quell my fears about Ratliff and convince myself he will be ready week 1 and that's all that matters. Well, clearly its an issue, a huge issue. With him out, its a glaring hole that someone needs to fill. We have DT that could rush the passer or stop the run, but not both like Ratliff could do. This will hurt. I also have depth concerns all along the DL. I live in Chicago and witnessed what Marnelli can do with no name pass rushers, I hope he can do the same here. But this is a big time concern for me.

    Having said all that I am predicting 9-7. I expect a big year (better than 2009) from Romo. We have depth at RB in case Murray gets banged up. I also expect a huge year from Dez and Miles hamstrings look good to go. Terrance has shown signs he play the slot or fill in for Miles if need be. On defense Lee and Carter I think will be the envy of the league. MO should improve and Carr will be solid at CB. Plus Kiffen & Marielli's imprint is clearly visible on the defense so far. The rate that we have been able to produce TO's gets me giddy. I was initially thinking 11-5 but with the Ratliff news and Spencer & Leary injuries I had to downgrade it.

    The NFC South and West is too good so I don't think 9-7 is good enough for a Wild Card spot. However, I am not buying into the Redskins hype and think they will come back earth. RG3's injury is still a question mark. Also, they will have a much tougher schedule and teams will have a full year to game plan for the zone read offense. I think teams that rely on zone read will have a more difficult time this year. I go back and forth on the Giants. I expect a much better offense from them, but boy does that team have holes all over their roster. OL, DL, LB, S are all area's of concern for them. As for Philly, stop with the over-hyping of Chip Kelly. Their roster is flatly not good enough. I think 9-7 could be good enough to win the division.
  3. 17yearsandcounting

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    It looked like a pretty solid but whooping at Cowboys Stadium and Cutler had a better game than Romo on the road.
  4. cowboys2233

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    An anomaly. That can't happen twice in our lifetime. Romo will outperform Cutler at Soldier Field this year and all will be right with the world again.
  5. cowboys1985

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    Keep in mind Jay Cutler was playing against one of the worst defenses in the league while Romo was playing against one of the best.

    But I do agree with you, people who are expecting a win in Chicago in December on MNF are in for a surprise. That should be one of the tougher games on the schedule.
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  6. Everlastingxxx

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    8-8 or 9-7. Paper thin offensive and defense lines will be their undoing.
  7. Cowboysfan570

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    Exactly this except I think we beat the Lions and drop against the Bears.
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  8. pancakeman

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    This looks realistic to me. Maybe we can take one from the Redskins, but then maybe the Eagles can take one from us. So I guess I'm down for 10-6 too. But frankly I think 12-4 is more likely than 8-8.
  9. 17yearsandcounting

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    If the wind is whipping in off the lake, it is not going to be a fun time for our players.
  10. Ratmatt

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    8-8 until proven otherwise.
  11. renny

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    Believe it or not, I think we go as Leary goes. If Leary is healthy, he gives the Cowboys options on the Oline.
  12. Star4Ever

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    If we stay healthy, 10-11 wins. If not, we could be anywhere from 5-11 to 8-8.
  13. Cloudy

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    You may be wrong with every point but at least you're consistent.
    • I'm assuming you feel DL and OL are 2nd and 3rd behind QB. They're not.
    • Either way, the Cowboys have 4 1st round selections invested in those 9 starting positions you feel are sooooo critical to winning.
    • They have 2 1st round selections invested in the other starting 13.
  14. cannonball44

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    If we can get relatively healthy by game 3 i can see 10-6, pushing 11-5 depending on the Oline.
  15. percyhoward

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  16. dupree89

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    8-8. And after the last game, Jerry will announce that the upcoming days will be very uncomfortable for all associated with the team.
  17. CowboysToTheBone

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  18. NickZepp

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    Don't know enough about the Bears at the moment. They pretty much got worse as the year went on last year.
  19. rwalters31

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    Injuries WILL be a factor and WILL effect the results. I believe that the best the Boys will be is 9-7 and that will be good enough to take the Division.
  20. BIGDen

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    If they stay pretty healthy, I think they have a legit shot to go all the way.

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