Officially on the anti-zimmer bandwagon

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Chuck 54

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    Okay...I give up...I'm finally in the group that thinks he has to go or get more direction from somewhere.

    Last night was a microcosm of our entire season in the pressure on the QB when the game was close...very little pressure on the QB when we were behind.

    The only time we start blitzing and bringing people from different and creative angles is when we get the lead...when we're the frontrunners.

    Carolina wasn't scoring at will, but they were still making small gains in the running game, finding receivers open, especially the RB's who dropped quite a few first down opportunities, and several 3rd down plays when Delhomme had plenty of time to do whatever he wanted.

    This is a storyline that I intend to watch more closely in the future...if we can bring all those blitzes that not only get to the QB but also shut down the run game and confuse the offense when we have a lead, why don't we ever use them when the game is close or when we are behind.

    Great win, great start for Romo, great running by JJ and MBIII, great games by T.O. and game for the OL who still had issues with pass protection early and penalties all game long, but a great win.

    I want to see Zimmer start being more aggressive all game long instead of only when we have a cushiony lead.

  2. theogt

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    Actually we got a good amount of pressure last night. 3 sacks, a FF on the QB, and a forced INT. Delhomme has a quick release so he beat us on a couple other opportunities. Still he was making some bad throws because of pressure and that's exactly what you want. It wasn't a 6 sack game, but he didn't have a lot of time in the pocket.
  3. MichaelWinicki

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    I blame Spears/Canty more than Zimmer. Those guys can't rush the passer.
  4. Sam I Am

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    Yeah, (3) sacks, a forced fumble and gave up 204 total yards (1) TD was on a short field via a turnover. I think the Cowboys dominated Carolina. Sure there were a few plays were less than what you want, but that happens in every game. 204 yards of total offense is nothing. Subtract garbage time yards and it's even worse than 204 total yards.

  5. Yeagermeister

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    Welcome aboard the GROZ train :D

    THUMPER Papa

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    The GROZ movement gets bigger every week. Welcome!
  7. joseephuss

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    Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys didn't blitz too often until afteer they had a lead. They relied on the front four to get pressure. Once they got the lead, then they would release the hounds. This was the common MO. The same one that Parcell's likes to use as well. They may vary it a bit, but most of the time they won't blitz until they feel secure about their lead.
  8. Little Jr

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    If you want the D to me more agressive get rid of BP. He's the one who doenst like to blitz. I just dont understand why people dont understand that. Especially since BP has stated it before. I could care less if we got rid of Zim but he's not the one who chooses to have a passive D.
  9. superpunk

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    I agree, why hold the players accountable when you can blame the coaching? Surely Zimmer is instructing Ware to not win his individual matchups.

    Shockingly, this post comes after we play perhaps our best defensive game of the year.
  10. TwentyOne

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  11. baj1dallas

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    Dude that's exactly the way you're supposed to do it. Once the other team has to pass, you tee off on the QB. But early you play man up for the most part and force them to make plays. They blitzed often early, sent a 5th guy a lot which worked because Carolina doesn't seem to have much of a short passing game. Overall I thought it was a well called game defensively with Roy showing great range on the pick and no big plays given up by Pat Watkins.
  12. Doomsday101

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    I don't really care about how many sacks we get I care about how many points you give up. Defense still has some things to improve on but they have also made some big plays this season even in some of the loses. So I'll let the Anti-Zimmer train move on without me
  13. fortdick

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    With Steve Smith and Keyshawn out there, you have to be very careful. They played cover two most of the night. That means only seven iin the box. Add to that the linebackers having to respect the pass and you have, at best, a four man rush. I think Zimmie did a great job last night. HE shut down the most dangerous receiver duo we have yet to face.

    Our D was awesome in the second half. Where do you come up with this?
  14. Doomsday101

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    You got that right. All I heard last week is how Smith was unstoppable well I was not overly impressed with Smith at all. Dallas D did a great job of stopping the unstoppable! :laugh2:
  15. Galian Beast

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    We are now ranked 4th in the nfl in overall defensive yards allowed.
    We're ranked 3rd in the NFL in rushing yards allowed.
    We're ranked 12 in the NFL in passing yards allowed.

    We're ranked 8th in the NFL on 1st downs allowed.
    We're ranked 8th in the NFL on 3rd down conversion percentage allowed.

    We're rated 7th in the NFL in opponent Passing rating. So much for the lack of blitz really hurting us. We're also rated 11th in the NFL in total sacks throughout the season. Only 3 teams with more sacks than us have a lower allowed QB rating. Chicago has the lowest QB rating allowed, and has only 4 more sacks than us.

    Ranked 6th in the NFL in penalties on Defense.
  16. conner01

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    the defense is playing exactly the way bill wants it. bill does not want all out blitzes. he told zimmer during camp to trim back the defensive playbook by 50%. so if you want a more aggressive defense you need to fire bill, not zimmer
  17. superpunk

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  18. ghst187

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    Roy has 3x INTs on the season. Not bad for a guy who can't cover.

    Yeah, I joined the GROZ last season...its frustrating. I'm amazed at how we are unable to get to the QB.

    What no one has mentioned though and something our D did do right was that they SHUT DOWN the running game and Carolina completely abandoned it even before we got ahead.
  19. Mash

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    Its about time we realize that our best pass rusher is Ellis and that is sad....

    Canty is playing like where he got drafted not disappointed in him....his paycheck is much smaller then Ware and Spears

    Ware has talent and plays his position well....but he isnt a difference maker JMHO....and when u get drafted that high....u should be a difference maker.....Is it me.....or could u replace Ekuban with Ware and not notice much of a difference......remember...EK wasnt asked to play LB...but could of in this system.

    Spears is just overrated....and not playing like a 1st round pick I expect.....once again...just my opinion.......this could be all scheme.......but This scheme just ask u to beat your man one on one......our blitzes are picked up because no one on our DL can be one on one and deserve to be doubled teamed.
  20. eduncan22

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    Zim's Defense has been very solid.

    Get a grip.

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