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Offseason Need; DE

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

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    We need to add another DE or two.
    I would like to see us take one early but there isn't that many thats going to be available.

    Free Agents:
    Desmond Bryant

    Sheldon Richardson (most likely be a top 15 pick)
    Kawann Short
    Margus Hunt
    Datone Jones
  2. cbow44

    cbow44 Member

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    This should be a d-line and 0-line draft period. we have to improve the pass rush, and we have to improve the interior o-line play.
  3. Woods

    Woods Active Member

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    I'd like to add a DE via FA and take a NT in the Draft early. I think this is supposed to be a good draft for NTs.
  4. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

    5,595 Messages
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    I don't think that its that good, its a better 4-3 DT draft than 3-4 NT draft.
    Star and Hankins will be gone before we pick.
    I'm not a fan of John Jenkins. Kawann Short and Sylvester Williams are not NTs in a 3-4. McCullers and Brandon Williams is raw and Jesse Williams is a good player but not great.
  5. The Realist

    The Realist Active Member

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    William Gholston
  6. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

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    I think there's a pretty decent chance 1 of Richardson or Hankins makes it to 18. Either 1 would have to be strongly considered if available. Sharrif Floyd is another name to consider if he makes it to our pick in the 2nd.
  7. Shatz88

    Shatz88 New Member

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    I'm glad William Gholston was mentioned. He is a good player with a nastiness that this team needs. He is completely the opposite of his brother who was a bust (Vernon Gholston). He has great size and really long arms. He would be a good start to add to the defensive line.
  8. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

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    I don't think DE is a big need.

    We have a lot of talent at DE right now and Crawford will only get better.

    Hatcher and Crawford are solid starting DEs in a 3-4.

    We'll keep one of Coleman/Spears as depth and run stuffing.

    Some intriguing prospects late in this draft. There is a kid from Princeton which might be a good look at r7. Izaan from GT is another late round possibility.

    But this isn't a need position IMO and will get drafted only if the BPA.

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