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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Another need we have this offseason is OG. Living had a pretty good year but wasnt good in the last game of the year.

    Free Agents
    Matt Slauson
    Andy Levitre(Buffalo has made it know they are going to resign him)

    Chance Warmack
    Jonathan Cooper
    Larry Warfod
    Dallas Thomas

    Alvin Bailey
    Gabe Jackson
  2. BAT

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    Georgia's Cy Richardson 6'5 335
    Wisconsin's Travis Frederick 6'4 340 - can also play Center
  3. jterrell

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    OG is intriguing.

    Livings/Bern will be back but who knows if it is as starters.
    With Leary/Arkin Dallas has two developmental players returning.
    As fans we won't believe in either until they actually play well but the team sees them in practices and in the weight room.

    I think we'd jump on a falling OG we felt was an immediate upgrade to Livings but those are rare and I do not believe we'd use 18 to do so.

    This is a quasi-need position. You'd love to grab a guy here in r3 or r4 that can start for you day 1. Teams have done so in the past.

    Gabe Jackson of Miss St maybe? Ideal size, haven't focused on him in any games.
    Travis Bond of UNC? Maybe too slow?
  4. jterrell

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    Who? Georgia's OGs of note are Chris Burnette and Dallas Lee.
    Like Burnette tho for sure.
  5. Sasquatch

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    At 18, you can usually pick up one of the top RTs. I think I would do that and pick up a guard later.
  6. burmafrd

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    yeah our ability to judge O line talent is just so comforting.

    Same team that thought last year Costa was capeable of starting
    Same team that seemed to think all that was needed this year was two dumpster diving guards.
  7. BAT

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    Mixed Burnette with Richardson. Richardson is the best OL for Baylor, which has been one of the best offenses the past 3 seasons.

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