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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. supercowboy8

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    Spencer will be a free agent and just had his best year of his career. I would love to bring him back and was barking for Dallas to resign him last year.

    Free Agency:
    Anthony Spencer

    Damontre Moore(will be long gone, top 7 pick)
    Bjeorn Warner(also a top 10 pick)
    Jarvis Jones(also a top 15 pick)
    Dion Jordan
    Alex Okafor
    Chase Thomas
    Sam Montgomery
    Corey Lemonier
  2. Pessimist_cowboy

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    If dion Jordan is there we must take him . He will be the best player in this draft 5 years from now .
  3. jterrell

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    If we resign Spencer (which to me is a foregone conclusion), we'll probably still want to add an OL but not in r1 or r2.

    So if you're looking for another r3 type OLB it gets interesting. Where does Van Noy fall after the combine? What about Sean Porter? Those two are football players for sure.

    My sleeper for the position is Zaviar Gooden but apparently he is not much a sleeper:( Unique size/speed attributes mean he may well be overdrafted. I really liked him as a late round pick. Special Teamer right away and can play a couple sets on defense.

    OLB requires investment but with Ware and Spencer we will truly be invested.

    IF we do not resign Spencer we pretty much have to grab an OLB at 18. At that rea it seems Mingo, Montgomery, Dion Jordan. Not sure any of them are ready to step in day 1 and start....
  4. MartinRamone

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    I doubt Jordan will be there, but would be a good pick. But we should franchise Spencer again, he has been good this year.
  5. jterrell

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    No, not the franchise tag. Much cheaper to sign him long term to a big deal.
    Franchise tag would be 120% of last year's ~9m....

    Can sign him to a Brandon Carr contract for about 3-4m in cap hit.
    This is 5x what he'd get if franchised so my guess is a good compromise point.
  6. da_whiz_kid

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    cheaper but old Shaun Phillips, then draft OLB?
  7. TheCoolFan

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    You take the best pass rusher (at OLB or DE/NT) in round 1 or 2 with OR without Spencer back. If Jerry wants to follow the Giants model then you'll need 3 or 4 legit pass rushers. With Ware getting dinged up every year, and both him and Spencer not young anymore, we need help here.

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