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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dargonking999, Jan 9, 2013.

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    We fire our Rb coach, our Offensive Coordinator , and our Def coordinator and people are complaining still?

    Jason is a young HC who will at least get three years on the job to see what he can do. But obviously after 6 years and all the talent we could bring in, his offense was lacking and so we will see an OC come in.

    Rob Ryan for all his big words, when the defense needed to make plays, regardless of who was healthy and who wasn't his defense rarely did. We didn't get turnovers like he promised, we didn't get the sacks, we didn't get the pressure consistently, like you expect out of a quality DC. out of the last 9 years of the 3-4 we have had really 2 max 3 years of quality play, obviously its time the cowboys go back to cowboy defense, and we'll probably bring someone in who can coach a 4-3 style defense.

    the RB's/Fb's outside of Demarco just really never did much of anything, and even Demarco has had issues. From blocking, to picking up hot blitzes, to catching the ball... RB after RB we have been through and there was no improvement in any of these area's for years and what do you know he's gone too. Who we bring in, I'm not real sure but you can bet you will see improvement in the running game next year, as well as more carries due to the ability of the RB's and Fb's to actaully run and block.

    I expect (As I have been reading) for people to be upset, blame Jerry , blame Jason, blame everyone who hasn't been fired. but the bottom line is that until the replacements are hired no one will be happy. But if Jerry brings in the quailty guys, all the opinions on here will change. You guys hate the word, but its a process, and sometimes its better to sit back and let the work be done then judge rather than just fly off the handle.
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    where is this OC firing coming from? haven't seen that anywhere officially yet
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    DK is assuming (as I am) that JG won't call Offensive Plays, leaving a vacancy (which may or may not be filled by Callahan). Again, speculation, but I personally think that it is sound.

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