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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboys19, Dec 2, 2004.

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    Free Agency: Get a cover safety, and big strong linebacker to stop the run(ED Hartwell). Maybe a BIG DT depending.

    Draft: Draft a speed rusher [Kiwi, one of the Cody's(Dan, Shaun), Erasmus James]
    Draft a DT, Hawthorne?, Ngata?(will he enter the draft?m only a sophomore)
    In round 2, draft a corner( Carlos Rogers, Bryant McFadden)
    rest of the rounds go for depth at Backers, dback, and oline, possibly wr.

    Offseason would have BIG RUN STUFFER Ed Hartwell. Blue chip pass rusher from the draft in round 1. another DT with second pick in round 1. round 2 a solid corner, Preferrably McFadden(Underrated). 3 through 7 depth

    Depth chart on D would look like, assuming we stay a 4-3 D

    DT Glover, *free agent DT, or draft 1st round pick*
    DE Ellis, *1st round pick* speed rusher to compliment Ellis
    OLB B James, K Thornton, backup- Al Singleton, Coakley
    MLB Ed Hartwell backup- in draft
    cb Newman, Frazier, Hunter, *round2 pick*McFadden*, and Jones competing for the roster spots
    ss RW
    fs *cover safety in free agency* backup- in draft possibly, Parcells can groom him
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    wheres dat ngyun ? you forgot about him? :eek:
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    he will be a backup, he gets pushed around to much

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