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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Lord Sun, Jun 6, 2004.

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    No way Romo is number 3, that means keeping 4 QBs on the 53 roster or putting Henson on the practice squad.
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    Then we will have to agree to disagree then also.

    I am trying to be realistic here. Like I said, I want us to win every game, but I'm not gunna get mad when someone ranks us at 18 or whatever in the league.

    Every point I made, you just said the opposite, I hope your right on all. Your basically saying every move we made and didn't make is going to work out. Great. IF every move we made makes us better then we will be better, I'm just saying some of the moves still have question marks.

    I don't think we got severly better at QB unless Vinny can beat out Q. We're in better shape if Q goes down, or if Vinny starts and he goes down. Thats about it....I don't think we're much better at the position at all.
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    Those rankings are just too goofy to be Gosselin's. Surely he's smarter than that! You'll notice that the Dallas Morning News is listed as the "owner" of these rankings twice.

    Maybe the sportswriters were asked to rate the teams and an average was taken,,, that would explain these ridiculous rankings. :eek:
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    Maybe someone had their head up their @$$. That would also explain these ridiculous rankings. :mad:

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