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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by bhamzspecial, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. bhamzspecial

    bhamzspecial Member

    72 Messages
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    Resign-Robinson and Holland
    Tender-Fiametta(restricted free agent)
    Sign-Carl Nicks and Jason Allen(FA Backup QB)
    Would love to sign John Abraham to a one-year deal as nickle pass rusher

    2012 O-line

    C-Arkin(talked about by Broddaus) or low cost veteran
    RG-Holland(draft pick could start here)

    Backups-Parnell,Kowalski,Draft pick,veteran tackle(9)

    QB(3) Romo,FA,McGee
    RB(3)Murray,Jones and Tanner

    NT(2)-Brent,Calloway or DP

    ILB(4)-Lee,Carter,Lemon,(DP or free agent)tler
    S(4)-Sensy,McCray,Church,DP or free agent

    Secondary-Huge problem to fix

    1-Nick PerryOLB ( Moving up to get Kirkpatrick could change direction of draft) Take away 2nd round pick
    2-Markelle Martin(S)
    3-Trumaine Johnson(CB) Trade 2nd RD 2103 draft pick
    3-Kevin Zeitelr(OG)
    4-Joe Adams(WR/PR/KR)
    5-George Bryan(TE)
  2. robert70x7

    robert70x7 Well-Known Member

    1,075 Messages
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    I like the thought that you put in this, but I have a couple of question marks.

    I don't understand why so many people are talking about Arkin, and claiming that he played this year. He was a healthy scratch every single game this year because the guy just isn't strong enough to play. How does a mid round draft pick NOT get a chance to play on our o-line this year? I think he's another bust and putting him at center would be out of position (unless he played in college, but he came out as a guard).

    I like signing Nicks and I think it's a real possibility. A top tier guard or cornerback will be on our team next year, and I believe we will target whichever one we don't sign in free agency through the draft.

    I think Kirkpatrick has a chance to fall to us, and if we have to get rid of our 2nd round draft pick just go get him, then I am not interested. There is other top-tier talent available at positions of need (Kuechly, DeCastro, Still and Barron if he drafts wel). I would also be more intersted in Harrison Smith over Martin in the 2nd round. I also don't think Trumaine Johnson will be availabe in the 3rd round.

    Also, I see that you moved Ratliff to DE but did not address DT in the draft or in FA. Linebacker depth also is an issue with this scenario.

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