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    NFLDS Ranking, Player, College, Ht, Wt

    12 Zack Martin Notre Dame 6-4 308
    His technique and awareness is as good as it gets for a college player. He is strong with good quickness. IMO, his best fit in the NFL is at OG. He has a well below average wingspan for an NFL OT. Even if he can be a decent OT, I think a team will always want to move him to OG because he will be better there. Arms on the shorter side (32-7/8").

    31 *David Yankey Stanford 6-6 315
    Plays with good power. Reminds me of Travis Frederick in that he had poor times and bench numbers, but plays with good quickness and power. Good arm length at 34". Is a taller Guard and will occasionally let his pad level get too high, but generally plays with good technique. He should be a day 1 starter. Arm length (34").

    36 *Xavier Su'a-Filo UCLA 6-4 307
    Very quick. Not a mauler, but so quick off the snap he generates good pop. Decent arm length (33-3/8"). Should be ready from day 1.

    49 Gabe Jackson Mississippi State 6-3 336
    Big, but not as powerful as expected. Does not have great explosiveness into blocks. Quickness is ok. Arm length is good (33-3/4"). Technique is ok but could use improvement.

    71 Cyril Richardson Baylor 6-5 329
    Really big but does not explode into blocks. Can be dominant on occasion but terrible on others. Long arms (34-5/8") and decent athleticism. Technique is not consistent. Lacks aggressiveness.

    79 Billy Turner North Dakota State 6-5 315
    Explodes into blocks. Aggressive and plays through the whistle. Moves around effortlessly. Small School LT. Not much technique, but he didn't need it to dominate at that level of competition. Can probably play OT, but would be an ideal OG in a zone scheme. Good arm length (34"). Will need some time to develop technique, but high upside.

    86 Dakota Dozier Furman 6-4 313 Very strong hands and upper body. Quicker than measured times. Good balance. Aggressive. College LT. Good arm length for OG (33-7/8"). Better hand usage than most college players.

    97 *Marcus Martin Southern California 6-3 320
    Very quick off he snap. Quick to the 2nd level. Aggressive. Played well against the much bigger Louis Nix. Shouldn't have any problem playing either OG or OC. Arm Length (34").

    120 Anthony SteenInjured Alabama 6-3 314
    Overachiever. Got the most out of his limited physical ability. Not overly quick or strong. Very short arms (30-1/2").

    137 Brandon Thomas Clemson 6-3 317
    Good balance. Strong with good quickness. Hand usage could improve. College LT should move to OG. Very good arm length (34-3/4").

    151 Chris Watt Notre Dame 6-3 310
    Gets the job done with effort and awareness. Sloppy build and not a great athlete. At best average strength and quickness. Arms on the shorter side (32-3/4). Wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a starter, but it won't be pretty.

    159 Jon Halapio Florida 6-3 323
    Decent strength and quickness but not great. Hand usage and upper body strength need work. On the ground too much. Arm length is decent (33-5/8), but he appears to struggle with tall, long armed players. Has upside with improved technique.

    177 Brandon Linder Miami (Fla.) 6-6 311
    I don't see much here. He might have weight room strength, but no explosive on field power. Lacks quickness or balance. Long arms (34-1/2").

    201 *Russell Bodine North Carolina 6-3 310
    Played Center. Strong. Arm length is on the shorter side (32-1/2"). Quickness is not great but good enough.

    225 Kadeem Edwards Tennessee State 6-4 313
    Powerful, aggressive run blocker. Pass Pro is OK, not great. Just lines up an hits people without much technique. Good upside with Pro Coaching. Really long arms (35-1/2").

    234 John Urschel Penn State 6-3 313
    Not a wow player, but consistent and gets the job done. Doesn't not appear to get beat often. Has a 4.0 GPA with a Masters in Mathematics. Arm length (33").

    240 Spencer Long (Injured) Nebraska 6-5 320
    All out balls to the wall effort. Plays almost the point of being out of control. Pulls often with very good speed. Good power. Technique is OK but not as refined as you might expect with a Wisconsin OL. Has the build of an OT.

    248 Ryan Groy Wisconsin 6-5 316
    274 Andrew Norwell Ohio State 6-6 316
    292 Brian Clarke Bloomsburg 6-2 305
    319 Zach Fulton Tennessee 6-5 316
    338 Austin Wentworth Fresno State 6-4 315

    340 *Trai Turner LSU 6-3 310
    Solid big school OG. Way underrated by NFLDS. Plays with good balance, power, quickness and awareness. Technique is OK but can improve. Good arm length (34"). The NFLDS ranking must have been based on 2012 when he was a redshirt freshman. He is mid round pick, IMO. Has upside coming out as a redshirt Sophomore.
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    Wow, great job xwalker. Seems to be at least 4 guys who are walk-in starters for us at OG. Plenty more who would carry the "starter in waiting" tag. All about finding value in those rounds, but I'm very interested in this crop.
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    If Yankey is there in the second round (doubtful) I'd take him.
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    During the time I was working on this, NFLDS updated their rankings.

    They seem to agree with me on several players with downgrades for Cyril Richardson, Steen, Watt and Linder and upgrades for M. Martin, B. Thomas and a huge upgrade for Trai Turner.

    Original Ranking, New Ranking, Difference
    12 12 0 Zack Martin
    31 36 -5 *David Yankey
    36 23 13 *Xavier Su'a-Filo
    49 49 0 Gabe Jackson
    71 119 -48 Cyril Richardson
    79 79 0 Billy Turner
    86 86 0 Dakota Dozier
    97 54 43 *Marcus Martin
    120 135 -15 Anthony SteenInjured
    137 69 68 Brandon Thomas
    151 176 -25 Chris Watt
    159 151 8 Jon Halapio
    177 292 -115 Brandon Linder
    201 201 0 *Russell Bodine
    225 225 0 Kadeem Edwards
    234 234 0 John Urschel
    240 240 0 Spencer LongInjured
    248 248 0 Ryan Groy
    274 274 0 Andrew Norwell
    292 319 -27 Brian Clarke
    319 338 -19 Zach Fulton
    338 340 -2 Austin Wentworth
    340 158 182 *Trai Turner
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    Would really like Thomas in the 3rd, if not I would have no problem waiting on Turner or Long later. Long tore his acl in October so it's not unlikely that he will be ready to go from week 1. And Turner just came out too early for his own good. He's got all the tools though, really think we'd be talking about him as a 3rd/4th round pick in '15 if he stayed in school 1 more year.
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  6. CowboysLaw87

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    I'm especially open to drafting guys with position flex. That's why Martin is so intriguing. Also seems like others like Billy Turner and Brandon Thomas could bump outside in a pinch. I heard Thomas did pretty well at LT v. Clowney.
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  7. supercowboy8

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    I'm a big fan of Billy Turner and Brandon Thomas. Also I really like Trai Turner and Edwards as late round developmental guys
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  8. CATCH17

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    I like Gabe Jackson.
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    SMASHMOUTH9473 Active Member

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    I like Dozier, M. Martin, Bodine, Edwards and Turner...I think we'll end up getting Swartz or Asamoah in FA, with Berny & Costa being cut.
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  10. MonsterD

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    This guy is really interesting, I wonder if he can be converted to a center.
    Here is an article he wrote about trying to figure out how measurables affect a prospects draftability.

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  11. Risen Star

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    You would think he wouldn't be on our board.

    I mean, if Larry Warford wasn't, it stands to reason Jackson won't be either.
  12. Gaede

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    Lots of options for us.
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  13. burmafrd

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    Marcus Martin, Turner or Dozier. Guys with size and power and agressiveness.
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  14. CowboysLaw87

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    Warford, from what I can understand, either was red-flagged off our board entirely or just significantly lowered on our board because of a knee injury. It wasn't because of scheme.
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  15. Risen Star

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    Knee injury? Apparently we only consider the real iron men of football like Sean Lee and Matt Johnson.

    He was supposedly off our board entirely. I think Warford has already shown how laughably inept that decision was.
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  16. xwalker

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    I didn't see any reports about a knee injury; however, I'm in favor of having smaller draft board and only taking players that they are sold on.

    The Cowboys usually make good picks when they have really studied the player. Callahan spent extensive time with Frederick, whereas they didn't even meet with Claiborne prior to the draft.

    Having a smaller board will inevitably result in passing on some players that turn out to be good; however, if it eliminates more of the bad picks, then it's still the method that I prefer.

    I would pass on a guy like Cyril Richardson because I just don't trust him even though there a 50-50 chance that he turns out to be a good player.
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  17. CowboysLaw87

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    Oh completely agree. Our medical staff needs to be collectively slapped across the face on some of the debacles recently (Spencer, Ratliff maybe, Lee, Warford). Truth is that Warford should have been the pick in the R2 last year. I'm just saying I'm pretty positive there was a medical reason for him being off the board, and it wasn't because he didn't fit our ZBS.
  18. Risen Star

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    That's news to me. I wasn't aware of any medical reason. The story floated out there was that he was a poor scheme fit.

    Ya know, Warford doesn't fit. But Ronald Leary does.
  19. tm1119

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    Don't forget that we also signed a 320 lb out of shape 37 year old to do the job that Warford was apparently incapable of doing.
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  20. CowboysLaw87

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    Both awesome points. Leary and Waters was the OG tandem we chose for 2013. Both are in the Warford mold. I could be mistaken about the knee situation, but I'm 99% sure I heard that cited as the reason. I'll do some digging.

    I wonder if Warford's success has us reevaluating the OG's for this year. Looks like Gabe Jackson is the closest comparable.

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