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    My list for the “Sweetest” plays mainly stems from my following the Cowboys since 1970. I will also mention some plays in the 1960s that I have seen over and over again on NFL Films.

    I will offer you a list of some plays, and then if you want, you can go ahead and select your top five.

    2003 – Randall Williams returning the opening ONSIDE kickoff against Philly for the fastest TD in history.

    2004 – Julius Jones 17 yard TD against Seattle with under a minute to play.

    1967 NFC Championship Game (Ice Bowl) – Dan Reeves hits Lance Rentzel on a halfback option pass, and Dallas takes the lead in Green Bay.

    1975 – Charlie Waters intercepts and scores TD against the Redskins, leading Dallas to a 31-10 victory.

    1983 (from the 1982 season) – Tony Dorsett runs 99 yards for a TD with only 10 men on the field.

    Super Bowl XIII – Mike Hegman strips Terry Bradshaw and returns it for a TD.

    1986 – Hershal Walker runs 60 yards for a TD in overtime against the Patriots.

    Super Bowl VI – Bob Lilly and Larry Cole sacks Griese for a 29-yard loss.

    1992 – Emmitt Smith bounces off a gaggle of Falcons to the outside and out ran Deion Sanders into the end zone.

    1985 – Ed “Too Tall” Jones bats a Phil Sims pass into the hands of Jim Jeffcoat who then returns it for a TD, thus clinching the division for the Cowboys.

    1980 Divisional Playoff – Danny White hits Drew Pearson twice for TDs late in the 4th quarter, giving Dallas a 30-27 win.

    1980 – Randy White runs down a Philly WR 50 yards downfield, preventing a TD.

    1999 – Troy Aikman hits Rocket Ismail on a 75-yard bomb in overtime on opening day in Washington.

    1991 – Alexander Wright returns a kickoff for a 102-yard TD.

    2002 – Woodrow Dantzler returns a dazzling punt return, hopping down the sideline, against the 49ers.

    Super Bowl XXVII – Ken Norton stuffs Kenneth Davis at the goal line, forcing a 4th and goal.

    1975 Divisional Playoff – Drew Pearson catches the Hail Mary pass from Roger Staubach.

    2002 – Emmitt Smith breaks Payton’s all time career rushing record.

    1981 – Tony Dorsett runs for a 75-yard TD on Monday Night in New England.

    1996 – Deion Sanders picks off Brett Favre for a TD.

    1999 – Troy Aikman hits Jason Tucker for an 80-yard TD against the Giants.

    1974 – Clint Longley hit s Drew Pearson for a game-winning touchdown against the Redskins on Thanksgiving.

    1979 – Larry Cole tackles John Riggins for a 3-yard loss

    2004 – Roy Williams takes out TO

    1973 Divisional Playoff – Staubach hits Drew Pearson for a 83-yard TD.

    1978 NFC Championship Game – Thomas Hollywood Henderson returns a 68-yard interception for a TD.

    1992 NFC Championship Game – Troy Aikman hits Alvin Harper on a 71-yard pass play.

    2003 – Quincy Carter hits Antonio Bryant to set up a game-tying FG in the Meadowlands.

    1995 – Emmitt Smith takes the ball 60 yards for a TD on his first carry.

    Super Bowl XII – Robert Newhouse hits Golden Richards on a halfback option pass icing the game for the Cowboys.

    1983 – Randy White strips Ken Stabler in the end zone, completing a 20-point comeback on the Saints.

    2004 – Vinny Testaverde hits Patrick Crayton for a game-winning TD.

    I know I forgot some, but I have to end this now.
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    1996 - Larry Brown's 2nd INT in Super Bowl XXX all but locks up the win.

    (Can't remember the year, late 90s) - Philly botches a 20 yard FG attempt on MNF in Dallas on the game's final play, Dallas holds on for the W.

    1994 - Super Bowl XXVIII, James Washington's fumble-return TD ties the game at 13. Swings the momentum our way and Buffalo never recovers.

    2004 - Julius' first NFL TD. 30-something yards vs. Chicago on Thanksgiving, bursts through the line, shakes the safeties, and takes it to the house.

    2001 - Quincy's bomb TD to Galloway clinches the win over the playoff-bound 49ers late in the season.

    2003 - McNabb's fumble recovered late by Dallas seals the win in Texas Stadium, lifting the Cowboys to a 4-1 record.
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    Nice thread Manster. I remember all of those plays, perfectly.
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    Probably my all time favorite play.
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    Hey Big Dog,

    Remember who threw the key block that broke the hole wide open?
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    My personal favorite is Jay Novacheck leaping over a KC defender on his way to a great TD catch on Thanksgiving day in 1995.
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    I want to say Springs but don't think that is right for some reason. As TD got downfield, Pearson was responsible to throwing the block that allowed TD to finish the last 40 to 50 yards into the end zone. Awesome play. Screamed my *** off at the time and still can't hold back when I see the replay.
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    2002 - Quincy hitting Bryant on 4th and 14 for the 24 yard game-winning TD vs. Carolina.
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    What about the 1978 Super Bowl bomb for a TD to Butch Johnson, when he jumped up without the ball but the ref had already signaled TD?

    BTW, my favorites have to be the Hegman steal of Bradshaw for TD, the Dorsett 99 yard TD run, the Norton stuff of Davis on the goal line, and maybe my all-time favorite: The slant to Harper to seal the Niners' comeback hopes in the NFC Championship game. I've seen it 50 times on replays and it still gives me an adrenaline rush. :D
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    I must agree that the slant to Harper in SF was the coolest because it made a statement that the team was not going to be intimidated and conservative. Always it told all fans that the 'boys were back.

    The TD to Irvin just before halftime in the SB that year was cool too. The game was over at that point. I remember Jimmy Johnson telling a reporter "we're not Houston" in a halftime interview during that game referring to the Oilers collapse against Buffalo.
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    Actually, that was Wilbert Montgomery the runningback.
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    One of my favorites is when Ken Norton Jr. stopped Buffalos Running back (i guess it was Thurman Thomas) at the goal line in Super Bowl 27 for what should have been a clear TD!

    Man it just felt so great - i was sooooo pumped i could have jumped into the game right away :wink: !!!
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    Big Dog

    Watch the play at the line of scrimmage. I think you will notice Tom Rafferty throwing a terrific trap block blowing the hole wide open.
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    No, TwoDeep, I am pretty sure that it was like the teams 3rd WR. He was significantly taller than Wilbert. I thought the number he wore was 83.

    Let me rewatch the play again. I have in the old NFL Films video Crunchtime.
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    Drew Henson's late TD drive against the Ravens clinching DallasCowboys Quarterback of the future title. :a-team: :shades:
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    Manster - it was a lead draw that caught Randy White in the backfield about to make Ron Jaworski into an accordian.

    Montgomery broke through the gaping hole left by White and juked the middle linebacker. I think it might have been Bob Breunig. He took the ball to his right and found the sidelines.

    He was about to break past the safety, which was something like 35-40 yards down the field, when a silver streak appeared from behind.

    Randy White had turned and caught up with the play.

    I saw the game and have seen an NFL Films highlights on Randy White. This is the play he recovered so much ground to make the tackle. I believe they had Jaworski set up the highlight in the version I saw. I know it was an Eagle player or coach. Maybe Vermiel.

    There may be another play I don't recall. But this was definitely in the 1980 season and against the Eagles.

    I believe it was the Oct. 19 game. We lost 17-10.
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    2003-RW breaking Kurt Warner's thumb, and in essence, his carreer.
    2004-RW breaking Terrel Owen's leg, and keeping me from seeing Andy Reid in a tutu.
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    Good list but I can't understand how all of you could omit the glorious block Ike Holt laid on Robert Drummond as K-Mart took the punt return all the way. Also the great one's last minute interception against the Giants (also in 1991.)
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    Great list, Manster

    I'll add a few

    Preston Pearson going horizontal to haul in a TD from Roger in the 37-7 NFCC win over the Rams at the Coliseum. Nobody picked Dallas to win that game.

    1979 Dal 35 Wash 34 Larry Cole knifing thru the line to trip up Riggins in the backfield on a 3rd-and-1 when a first down would have iced the game for the Skins.

    2003 Roy Williams horse-collaring Curtis Martin with one hand, and with other hand popping the ball loose into the end zone where Woodson fell on it for a touchback. An outstanding defensive play that from now on is just a penalty.

    1991 Jimmy Johnson calling the onside kick in Washington when we ruined their perfect season, and Madden saying, "This coach didn't just come here to stand around and watch a football game."

    Emmitt breaking his hand on a Viking's face mask as he plowed across the goal line the night he had 150 yards rushing in the first half.
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    If there was a play on the Oct. 19 game of a similar fashion, then we are speaking of different plays.

    This was definately the Dec. 21 game in Dallas. The Cowboys needed to beat Philly by 24 points in order to win the division and obtain home-field advantage.

    Dallas was up 35-10 in the 3rd quarter. The Eagles went back to pass, and Randy came in on a hard rush. Jaworski hit the receiver over the middle and was running down the middle of the field. It wasn't Montgomery and it wasn't Carmichael. It was their 3rd receiver who was the fastest man on their team. Randy caught him from behind.

    Let me search for the video tape.

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