Ohio State center Michael Brewster draft prospect profile.

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    Michael Brewster 2012 NFL Draft prospect notes

    by Jon Dove on Jun 12, 2011 3:00 PM EDT in 2012 NFL Draft

    Michael Brewster
    6'5, 310 pounds | Center | Ohio State

    First word: Ohio State is going through a lot of turmoil but one player that has been a constant is center Michael Brewster. It seems like Brewster has been the starting center at Ohio State for 10 years and that is because he has a ton of experience.

    Brewster is a good looking center prospect and has all the tools of an NFL center. He plays with great leverage and balance which allows him to be effective in both the passing and running game. His natural bend helps him anchor after the initial contact and avoid getting pushed back into the pocket. He is able to get his head under the chinstrap of the defender and push him off the line. Brewster routinely gets his hands inside the defender and is able to control and seal. His quickness off the ball permits him to get across the face of the his opponent and seal the play.
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    I would love to get this guy next year.

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