Ohio State Linebacker Ryan Shazier To Visit Cowboys

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Apr 2, 2014.

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    I watched a lot of Shazier yesterday. Dude can seriously fly... really fun to watch. His strengths are (obviously) chasing plays sideline-to-sideline, and exploding downhill through holes once he sees what's developing in front of him.

    I don't see a player with the instincts of Mosley, but his instincts are far better than what I see from Barr. For what it's worth, I do really like what I see from Shazier in coverage. He is fluid, long, and hustles hard. I also love his temperament on the field. Despite his lack of bulk, he loves sticking his nose in the pile and playing physical.

    The problem is that his lack of bulk and strength at the POA causes him try to juke OL at times instead of stack/shed. This sometimes results in impressive gap shooting tackles, but sometimes results in guessing wrong and opening a big hole. Overall, I really like him. There are a couple things to clean up, but he plays like a near dream Tampa-2 WILL. Because 4-3 OLB is generally not a position of tremendous value, I wouldn't be on board with selecting him at #16, but as others have said, in a modest trade down I think he's right in there with the Ford's and Crichton's.
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    I like Shazier in the second, and i think he could be there according to some projections... by the way, i was seeing some video of Kyle Van Noy the OLB from BYU and he's quite something too.
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    Did you notice him take a lot of false steps? In college and with his athleticism it isn't a big deal but in the NFL he's going to take himself out of a lot of plays. Plus, he is already weak at the POA so it's only going to make him worse in the run game.
  5. CowboysLaw87

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    More false steps than Mosley, but he wasn't a slow reactor. The way I'll describe it is like this...

    Mosley anticipates and starts moving to the right place before the ball is there. Shazier needs to see it first, but he sees it quickly and gets there lightning fast. Barr gets fooled and doesn't see things quickly. He's immensely physically talented, but I liken his problem to Bruce Carter.
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    Dallas was bad against the run last season (27th yds/pg). A lot of it was the line but our LBs weren't any better. Lee was solid but guys like Carter, Holloman, Durant, and Sims played poorly when the other team ran the ball. Carter played slightly better late in the season but we could use an upgrade/depth at LB. Mosley would be perfect. He is instinctive and sheds blocks easily. Borland would be another guy that would make sense in the 2nd. Another instinctive guy who can make plays easily in the run game. A little worried that he is only a two down + special teams guy but I love his game so much I'd like to let him prove otherwise. Shazier has the tools to be a very good player but I hate the false steps and I hate that he has trouble taking on blocks. He wouldn't improve the LB play against the run where we need the most help.
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    How many damn invites do the Patriots have?! Who haven't they invited!
  8. CowboysLaw87

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    I'm not sure that I agree that on the whole Shazier wouldn't represent a "net positive" in the running game. Carter makes false steps too. He's more physical but has no more explosive speed than Shazier... and Shazier does see things faster. Drafting Shazier would also allow Carter to move to SAM, where he'd represent an upgrade. On the whole, that's a plus for our LB core. And it's even more of a plus v. the pass.

    I do agree that Mosley would be perfect though. He'd allow Lee to move to WILL and Carter to SAM. That's a darn good starting base D LB-core. On nickel, Lee and Mosley stay on the field and an extra DB (Claiborne/Scandrick, Heath... play the match-ups) comes in. And we're way better.
  9. morasp

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    Telvin Smith is supposed to have excellent instincts/recognition. The issue with him is his size but I really like him. The reason Lee is so good is that he recognizes the play and beats the blocker to the whole. That's where Holloman really improved in the last eagles game probably from working with Lee.
  10. Tobal

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    I think Jernigan or Donald make whoever we have at LB much better. I don't think a smallish LB can help out a struggling Dline.
  11. itsaboat

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    That's what I'm trying to get at. We already have a guy (Carter) who is similar to Shazier with excellent athleticism but can't apply it against the run. I think Carter will improve this coming season but having another guy like him isn't ideal. That's why I want Mosley or Borland. They are two LBs who would immediately improve the run game with their instinct and ability to shed blocks. Both could take over the Mike in case Lee gets hurt, or to move Lee to Will as you mentioned.

    I watched that game a few times on NFL.com's all 22 and Holloman was a big reason why we lost that game. There were a few runs by McCoy that either kept drives alive then eventually scored or were for big gains. Holloman couldn't fill the hole because he either took a false step and was locked up or he took a second too long to diagnose the play and couldn't get back. He has some promise but I wouldn't count on him as being starter material next season unless he drastically improves.
  12. manster4ever

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    SO true...this would be a good get at the END of the first round IMO. Mayock is right, he struggles to get off blocks in the run game especially.

    Watched the UM, MSU and Clemson games this past season and he was held in check. He has a lot of upside, is very fast and competes hard but at 16? NO way.
  13. morasp

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    He had a combined 11 tackles and had two sacks. He wasn't Sean Lee but it was a big improvement from the Washington game. You have to remember it was only his second game at MLB after going through most of his rookie season playing the OLB position.
  14. itsaboat

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    Numbers don't matter if you can't step up and make plays when you need to.

    I know about Holloman. I was simply pointing out what happened in that game. He has the ability to be a good backup but he has a lot of work to do if he wants to compete for a starting job. Luckily for Holloman he was a rookie last season so he has plenty of time.
  15. bodi

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    Mosely > Shazier
  16. Fredd

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    Holloman was also a 6th round pick that got thrown into the fray with all of the injuries....I like what he brings as long as he continues to progress
  17. CowboysLaw87

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    Yes. We're less than 5 weeks away, and I'm confident Mosley will be on my short list for #16. As it stands now, I've got Donald clear cut #1, then Mosley, Clinton-Dix and Martin, I believe in that order. Fluid situation of course.
  18. Hardline

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    Unfortunately Shazer falls between our first and second round picks. He is in no mans land for us.
  19. reddyuta

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    No on Mosley @16, that guy already has various surgeries and we don't need another LB who can't stay healthy.
  20. casmith07

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    Shazier would make an excellent Will, and would let us move Bruce Carter to Sam.

    I think Bruce will do fine as a Will with more study time and another year in the system, though. Big adjustment from 3-4 SILB to 4-3 WOLB.

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