Ohio State's Chimdi Chekwa counting on a late rush of Buckeyes in next week's NFL Dra

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    Chekwa said Tuesday that he's hoping to sneak into the second round. ESPN analyst Mel Kiper has Chekwa as the No. 81 overall pick, to Oakland in third round, with linebacker Ross Homan projected as the 85th pick to Philadelphia.

    But there's also the possibility that none of the Buckeyes after Heyward will go until the fourth round. That's how ESPN's Todd McShay sees it. That means on the last day of the draft, in the final 157 picks, as many as 10 -- or 6.4 percent of Saturday's choices -- could be Buckeyes.

    "There's a possibility about 10 of us going, and a very strong possibility of eight of us," Chekwa said Tuesday.
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    I like Chekwa, he's one of those 3rd rounder types at CB that would be a good pickup.
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    Chekwa is still available now, and does not seem to be getting press that some of the ones that Goose liked. I heard Kiper talking about one of the corners that would come up in run support, well living in Buckeye country, I can tell you that Chekwa covers well and he also likes to hit at the LOS. So he might be a possibility at #110.[Ohio State]
    Chimdi Chekwa
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    Good call, I really like Chekwa, underrated and fiesty guy

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