Ok a defense to go with this weekend

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Kangaroo, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Kangaroo

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    Chicago @ Washington

    GB @ Detriot

    I currently have Giants @ AZ do not like that match up I was leaning towards Chicago yes there QB is a rookie but they have a good defense and the redskins have a horrible QB issue to
  2. marsbennett

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    FWIW, I really like the Chicago Defense. Teams are gonna struggle to score on them this year...certainly running will be difficult. Defenses play better, it seems, when they have to because their offense sux....buffalo last year is a good example....and Chicago's Offense is gonna suck.
  3. cowboyfaninkc

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    A sleeper D could be the Rams as they play SF. Not alot of O from SF.
  4. Qwickdraw

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    If I had to choose between playing the CHI defense or the WAS defense, I'd go with WAS this week.
    CHI is gonna have a terrible time trying to score and even though the Skins lost some key players, they still have Williams as their DC. He's good.
  5. Mr. Fantasy

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    I've posted week 1 cheatsheets at the top of the forum.

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