ok here is what really happened saturday night

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    ok here is what really happened saturday night



    Parcells didnt do counteract what was really going on...meaning....

    They blitzed and we didnt try to put in packages to stop it to test our offensive line

    The receivers only ran mostly out patterns to test what Drew B doesnt do well

    I dont think Witten was anywhere near where Bledsoe could throw it to him...dont think he was in there alot when he was in the game...no safety net

    The blitz cause JJ to have virtually no running lanes....therefore BP could see what he would do under fire...I think he made something out of nothing ALOT OUT THERE...even though the numbers dont show it.

    They ran 3 receiver and 4 receiver sets...we stayed in the 3-4...we were under fire...the linebackers had to cover...not their strong suit...yet...

    NO blitzing on our part...the 3 man line had to get to the QB on their own...

    the corners had to play harder with no nickel package out there on most plays...they were tested

    the punter was tested because we couldnt move the ball...he obviously passed...

    I dont know about you guys but it seems to me and I wouldnt put it past parcells to do this cause I heard that there were two other coaches who did this recently...but I think that he and Denny Green got together on this...I could be wrong but it is very coincidental that Parcells pretty much did what he wanted to do...tested every side of the ball...every aspect of the team with adversity....I mean I dont think Denny went out of his way but it sure happened exactly how BP needed it to happen when you look at the outcome...Parcells didnt even care that we didnt score that much...he said it himself....whether or not he and denny green got together because why would denny green help us is not the thing here...the thing I am getting is this:

    We dont know what the heck is going out there most of the time...we think we do but we dont...we all flipped out over the game and all BP wanted to do was to test his team under adversity to get them ready for the season...I am a man and I cant admit when I am wrong...once again BP looks like a genius...I dont think he planned for the penalty thing though..that he was not happy about...that and the sacks...if you have 5 blockers you should be able to at least get one blitzer...and with the FB you can get the other guy...were were not successful about that...other than that I dont think he cared what happened out there...if anything it will motivate the players to play better after getting broken...thats not the first time he has done that by the way...it's well documented that that's what he does to his teams in the preseason...I guess i forgot...we were all had....unless we really do suck that much! LOL....only time will tell!

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    Absolutely no way opposing coaches would get together and coordinate ANYTHING. Keep your conspiracy theories to yourself.

    BP just reacted to the situation by not reacting to the blitz and aggresive style of AZ. Instead he stayed in his basic plan. Green probably wanted to get some confidence going for his losing team of last year.
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    That explains why Belichick and Haslett have supposedly got together and jointly decided that their upcoming preseason contest would have their starters playing three quarters.

    It is not as far-fetched as you seem to think. This is like an organized scrimmage and if there is something that the two wanted to do, buttons to press, they very would could have done so.

    I am not saying they did, mind you. But it has been done and is being done.
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    Basically what happened was we had a vanilla offense with no sprinkles, We ran our new D scheme regardless of what the AZ O through out there, you cant run a 3-4 against a 3 wide set very successfully very often. Bill was putting the team through its paces at Bills pace. He was looking at evaluating and not winning the game. Bill did not care what AZ was doing he was running certain schemes and plays knowing theirs a good chance nothing will happen. Just to see how the guys react.

    To hear the breakdown of the game from Bill. He said he was pleased with our technique and other then the OLBs not switching well from run to pass coverage, our Defense played well. That should tell you what Bill was looking at and what you should have been looking at. Not the scoreboard or the stat sheet. I tell you guys, We are ok and will be fine. nothing means anything till the 3rd and 4th pre-season game, then you will see what we have. Till then, you cant look at the total picture, you have to look at individual and group play.
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    Good read, STS. I'm not so sure about Denny Green and Parcells getting together, but it is the pre-season and it could happen and wouldn't violate any real taboos. Coaches communicate quite a lot and are surprisingly candid with one another at times. It was the first pre-season game and they're always ugly. The sky is not falling and the world is turning on its axis as usual. A pony is gangly at first but it rapidly gets it's legs going right and becomes a thing of grace and speed.
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    Well, If they had gotten together BP would have told Denny to not have his kicker kick the ball through the endzone so we would have a good chance of having a few returns.

    So, I don't think they got together - or maybe BP forgot that one while discussing game plans on the phone ;)
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    For all we know, Parcells wanted the offense to fail to keep the defense on the field.

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    I suppose you can Mulder and Scully this thing up as much as you might want to but to me, the fact of the matter is that our OLine played hiddiously. Unless BP went to the OL and said, "OK guys, I want to test everybody on the team but you guys so I want you to play like crap today." I have concerns about that unit.

    If the OL doesn't play well, Bledsoe is a train wreck waiting to happen.
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    Arizona did a good job of blitzing in the first half and Dallas did little to counteract it. Whether this was planned or not isn't the issue. The issue is we currently have no answer at RT in pass protection. Yes I know Green loves to gameplan and win pre-season games, but pre-season is about evaluation only and our OL failed it's evaluation.

    Pettiti is young, dinged, and out of position. Rogers is young, dinged, and out of position. Allen is old and would also be out of position. Vollers is looking like it, unless some miracle happens and Rogers stays healthy or Pettiti becomes the next Big E.

    I know what Glenn, Key, Witten, Campbell, and Bledsoe can do; I'm much more interested in seeing the OL gel and play aggressively. Maybe that's what Parcells was thinking; regardless that team-within-a-team has to get better.
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    I am pretty sure if they had discusions prior to the game this scenario would not have been a part of it.I'm not saying they did or did'nt because either way we are speculating.Speculation is not worth a whole lot,otherwise I would just speculate about paying my mortgage payment. :D
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    I think Parcells likes to start 'em slow in the 1st preseason game, and improve every week until the regular season starts. He said before that game something to the effect of he knows Denny and has a pretty good idea of what Denny's going to do, so I don't think the blitzing and the 3-wide O was a surprise. Bill didn't play our nickel package and didn't max protect vs. the blitz. Make of that what you will.

    This team is going to have some problems in September and October, guys. I'm looking forward to getting on a roll in November and December, though.
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    I agree. I'm sure there was some plan to just play vanilla but I think Bill wanted to see how the team would do under fire. Kinda how some people learn to swim, just throw them out there and see if the sink or swim. Some of the team sank on Saturday. ;)
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    I agree the oline had problems and if you listen to Bill he even said there were One on One problems to be worked out, he talked about the transistion for the LBs that needs work.
    So it is not like he said nothing was wrong and nothing needs to be worked on.

    However it does make sense that he was doing this for evaluation and stuck to a set of O and D formations because there was basically no adjustments to the game.

    Futhermore I remember last year a report from training camp where the crowd was booing the QBs in one drill because they all missed the WRs by a great margin and through it out of bounds.

    Later it was told that they were all doing that drill for a reason, to throw the ball away and that was what they were asked to do.

    Sometimes over reaction or not knowing the plan going in and reacting about it...maybe not the best thing to be doing. :cool:

    Now that still does not mean things need worked on and Bill has said as much, but that seems to be lost on some.

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    This is an excellent point STSINAZ (thanks for making it)! I agree that J. Jones' numbers were partly low due to 8-man fronts, but equally low due to some OL penalties that negated some of his positive gains (and might I add that those penaties were not the cause of his gains, meaning he truly earned them).

    In eseence, J. Jones ran quite well, to the point that he was never "shut down". In other words, he saw 8-man fronts on every series but continually demonstrated that without facing 8-man fronts he would rip wild thruogh the D-line. This is key because it puts teams on notice that they won't stop our ruuning game without the usec of 8-man fronts. If teams don't use 8 in the box then Jones wil run wild. But if they do use 8-man fronts then it will only open up our downfield passing game. This could be huge with the vertical passing attack between Bledsoe and Glenn. By the way, this vertical passing attack is something Parcells refused to reveal in the preseason game in AZ, but just because Dallas never used/displayed it doesn't mean it won't be a staple in the regular-season games, because I expect that it will be a cornerstone of our offense. And it will be J. Jones who will open it up by drawing the defense in towards him.

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    Maybe Denny wanted to see if his Kicker could kick touchbacks..lol
    I don't know if it was a planned game or whatever, but I do agree with all of you that he didn't try to counter what Denny was doing defensively or offensively.
    The only strategy I did see, was when Parcells knew that they were stacking the middle in the 4th quarter, so he ran Thompson to the outside nearly every play.
    When you have Ware covering Fitzgerald, you know no game plan was put in place.
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    Yeah, losing a game (preseason or not) is such a great motivational tool.

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    It is when the coach uses it as such, I'm sure Bill gave these players an earful yesterday at practice and woke some players up.
  18. Kilyin

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    You guys keep drinking that Parcells kool aid.

    We got pimpslapped by a team that was obviously better prepared.
  19. Doomsday101

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    Big deal sorry if some of us are not going to freak out over a pre-season game.
  20. Kilyin

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    I'm not 'freaking out'. I'm simply not buying these convenient excuses for a lackluster performance.

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