Ok I am back home

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Kangaroo, Sep 25, 2005.

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    I cam back to Houston today I missed all nut the last 8 minutes of the game on the road. Plus I had no power at my house for over 24 hours.

    My internet was down when I got home until about 30 minutes ago.

    I think Houston got a blessing when the hurricane shifted and lost some of it's steam. Thank you guys that prayed for us. Thursday was a long day getting out of houston man that suxed.

    Any ways I am home safe and sound and i hope all you other Houstonites that left have made it back home safe and if you are on the road be careful.
  2. Texas33

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    glad your home safe and sound ...
  3. Hostile

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    There are still a couple I haven't heard from. Most are reporting home safe. Glad you are too.
  4. Juke99

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    Home, sweet home. There's nothing like it.

    Good to see you're safe

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