OK, it's pick 42, and you're looking for DBs..

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Jan 9, 2005.

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    Well, I don't know about you, but I have seen enough of those three corners to know the Boys need a veteran brought in next season. He doesn't have to be Champ Bailey, just a good solid vet.

    Of the group mentioned I like Butler. However I would much prefer a big man inside over a safety in the second round.
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    I think CB's are going to slide in this draft. Too many good underclassmen came out, and with the rules enforcments theres just not the current advantage to using a high first on a CB unless hes an incredibly special player. Theres not a Bailey or Woodson in this draft, so I suspect they slide some. Probably see Rolle go off the board somewhere close to ten, with the next one sliding to the middle of the 1st. There should be some value with the middle 2nd we have at CB.
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    Has anyone really watched Butler play? Seriously?

    He's 6-3/210 so he must be Sean Taylor-like, right?

    I wouldn't use a 4th on him.

    I saw GT 20-12 on VT with minutes left and they gave up 22 points.

    14 of those were directly at Butler including a 51 yarder.

    If he were a WR he'd be Randall Williams.

    All athlete, no football.
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    Are we talking NFL productive or just good college prospects?

    I can only think of Terrance Newman, Quentin Jammer, and Gary Baxter since 1999. Maybe, on a good day, William Bartee and Andre Woolfolk. That's 3 sure starters in five years and a couple of sometime starters/nicklebacks.

    DeJuan Groce and Rod Babers are in the league, but have shown little and are play more by default.

    Oklahoma's two best CB prospects, Derrick Strait and Andre Woolfolk, are at least in the league, but their production has not exactly matched their college accolades, hype, and projection. It's still early though, I suppose.
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    Who is the player at VT who was a FS and moved to CB this year? I don't watch too much college football, but I researched him a tad in another thread and was really high on him for safety purposes. Jimmy Stewart or something?

    Haven't really seen him, but I would give him consideration based on numbers.
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    If we spend a fairly high 2nd round pick on a CB/KR, the likelihood he would continue to return kicks is small. If he is a starter, which I assume we all want, no way he returns kicks. If he is returning kicks, it means he's a 3rd or 4th CB. I don't want that in the 2nd round. Newman was a top returner too. It's unusual to see him fielding kicks though because he's too valuable at CB. If he's around in the 4th, I'm all for him.

    Justin Miller is not as good of a returner -- Perkins is an undeniably great PR -- but Miller is still among the most dangerous KR and PR in the nation, and he's a much better CB.
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    ps., VA Tech is very good. They almost did the same to Auburn. Hope you saw more than one game.

    I agree somewhat. He's being projected due to athletic skills. Tall, fast FS with range and good hands are difficult to find. They tend to be a little over valued. He didn't improve much from junior to senior year and he's not as good a tackler as you'd want at a safety position. I don't think anyone's expecting Sean Taylor. He's more of a 3rd to early 4th rounder.
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    I'm sorry......come again?

    Did Butler get picked yet?

    Oh wait, draft is over.

    Like Golic says........looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.

    6'3" does not equal Sean Taylor.

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