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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. MichaelWinicki

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    How do we spend them?

    And yeah I know that higher round picks are potentially much better players than lower round picks but how do we "spend" our 10 picks?

    First off let's list some obvious needs:


    How about those that many have concerns about:


    I don't see RB being a "need" unless JJ is traded between now and draft day and if so RB becomes a big need BUT would hopefully be offset by an another draft choices or two.

    So looking at our obvious and near obvious needs we have 10 positions and 10 picks, BUT we could potentially use 3 offensive lineman meaning our list of needs expands to 13.

    Obviously we can't cover all of our needs with just the draft-- however I would almost guarantee that 2 undrafted FA's will make the club. Here are the positions I feel are likely to be filled by undrafted FA's:


    I don't believe we'll add a FS either as a draft pick or an undrafted FA.

    So if we eliminate TE, FB, ILB and FS from our list we're left with:

    O-line (potentially multiple positions)

    From that list I don't see a QB being drafted until day 2-- and maybe not at all. But for grins I'll keep a QB on the day 2 list.

    Unless a NT is secured in the 1st round I don't see one taken on day 1 either.
    The same could be said for a center.

    That leaves WR, O-line (G/T), CB, OLB as being day 1 selections... how is that going to turn out-- 4 needs and only 3 picks? I don't know.
  2. L-O-Jete

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    I would list PR as a need.
  3. MichaelWinicki

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    That could be... I just doubt we would spend a draft pick on one unless that person was someone that could perform as a WR like say Ginn or a CB like Ross.
  4. Hostile

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    Except February, it has 28.

    WR to me is the no doubt about it #1 need on this team. Owens & Glenn are nearer the ends of their careers than they are the prime of them. Crayton is a Free Agent next year. We need someone to grow along with Romo as a WR. I just don't see any other area as a critical, better address it now while we still can, need. It wouldn't make sense to have Glenn or Owens retire or lose Crayton to Free Agency and have to pay Drew Bennett money for a Free Agent to take that place. It is fine to have faith in Hurd and Austin, but faith doesn't score TDs.

    I think the next biggest question mark is how does the LB Corp shape out? Is Ellis back? Is he the SOLB in Phillips' 3-4? Is he a situational pass rusher only? Is Carpenter SOLB or ILB? What about Burnett? That is a lot to address. We have 6 LBs not counting Ellis.


    I'm not expecting Singleton back or Ellis to be used at LB as much as last year. Fowler is gone. Hoyte is a FB now. This puts a need for 2 LBs to be added. Luckily for us they do not need to start. It is still a big question as to direction.

    Next in line for me is what's happening at CB? Aaron Glenn is nearing the end of the line. Will Henry be here past this year? I will openly admit right now, that Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona will be my 2008 "man love" draft hope. I don't see CB in 2007 as a huge issue.

    Nose Tackle is a big need IMO. Not because Ferguson is a liability, but because we don't have depth and he's nearer the end of his career than his prime. Has to be addressed in the first 4 rounds.

    3rd string QB. Point blank, I have no faith in Matt Baker and Brad Johnson is not a long term solution. If Romo falters we need a viable option. This is why I am higher on QB than many on the board are. I simply do not want another year of revolving door at QB. I believe in Romo, but I don't believe he's bullet proof.

    If we address OT this year and next year in the Draft I will be happy. I don't care whether it is depth or starters, just get 2 big ole bookends to protect our QB. I don't think it's too much to ask or wish for. The one this year can be a backup, but if called upon to play he needs to be capable.

    That is 7 of the 10 picks right there. That doesn't even take into account a TE, FB, or Pass Rusher though if we take an OLB that might and NT does a little.

    This is a critical Draft IMO.
  5. junk

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    I don't see 10 draft picks making the team. Which 10 players on the active roster do you cut? Chances are good that you aren't going to be able to draft 10 players throughout the draft that are a clear upgrade over what is already on the roster.

    I expect to see some of those surplus Day 2 picks used to move up early on Day 2 to grab someone who drops.
  6. L-O-Jete

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    Remember JJ wants starters easily the easiest position to win on the team is starting PR:cool:
  7. 31smackdown

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    I think there is a need for a Center/Guard swing backup to Gurode. I don't think there is a backup center under contract.

    I think a PR/slot receiver is also needed.. Ted Ginn Jr.. type.

    Backup NT to Fergy...

    LB - Inside guy that can cover.. Bradie James struggled in that area last year
  8. BouncingCheese

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    Here is my main thing with drafting a wideout with the our first pick. As of now, Sam hurd and Miles Austin are both projects (as is Jamel Richardson) I know for a while at least, Sparano and Ray Sherman the wideouts coach will be helping Garret out with running the offense. But, I wonder if Sherman, who I think is a great wideout coach ( look at his resume http://www.titansradio.com/coaches/sherman.html he was my favorite coaching acquisition this offseason) can feel improve Miles Austin and Hurd to be good wideouts? I think Austin has the physical gifts and talents/speed to be a GREAT wideout, but he could be a major bust. Hurd is ahead of him developmentally, but he is not as physically talented. This is probably Terrell Owens Last year with us, and I think Crayton will get a contract extension. Sherman is talented ( he was able to have 4 of the titan's rookie recievers to catch at least twenty balls last year, really impressive considering how untalented they were in that regard) I would rather spend a 1st pick on Chris Houston, because I know we will not spend it on Anthony Spencer, who I would LOVE to have.
  9. BouncingCheese

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    I think Ginn is too small right now (weight). Besides, the fact that it has taken it so long for him to heal from that silly injury in the Championship game is concern enough. He seems like me like Donte stallworth, blazing speed, but injury prone because of it. Usually those explosive guys get injured because they go from thier normal walking speed to thier max, and end up damaging thier hamstring. Also, he has a learning disability, ADD I believe, he may not be able to learn a complicated offense like ours, let alone an NFL one. (Ginn also ran all around the field last year, he diverted from routes alot, unlike Gonzalez, who got by on that.)
  10. Hostile

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    I really hope you are right about using the surplus picks to move up, but not all of them. There are a couple of late round steals I believe.

    I think 7 rookies will make this squad, but most will be backups or developmental players. I consider that a very good sign.
  11. MichaelWinicki

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    You have to include an undrafted FA or two. I can't remember a year when at least one undrafted FA did not make this club.
  12. Hostile

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    I don't have to and you can't make me.

    I'm stung that you ignored my well thought out stupid reply to your orginal post. :p:
  13. MichaelWinicki

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    I did not!

    I read and enjoyed it... you obviously put some thought into it and I appreciate that. While it's fun to kick around "who we'll draft where" I think the "big picture" of the draft is sometimes neglected including how many rookies will make this squad. I like you, consider this to be a very important draft as far as cementing our depth and hopefully providing 2-4 starters over time.
  14. Hostile

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    Totally agree. Too often the fan focus is on the shiny new toy, not the big picture.

    In a draft where depth is available at some positions and a drought at others (all drafts fit that at one position or another) you have to look at what is available to you 2 rounds in advance.

    This is why I am usually not in favor of trade ups. If the player you definitely "need" is in jeopardy of being taken by another team getting ahead of you...fine, at that point trade up. You have to be looking at it like it alters your plans for the next 2 picks.

    This is why I continue to say that the only scenario I like as much as Meachem at 22 is trading down and adding day 1 options because we have depth to fill more than holes to fill.

    That's such a positive thing I am almost giddy about it.
  15. burmafrd

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    We use the 6th and 7th rd picks go after people like Walter Thomas; strictly incredibly physically gifted players who are raw or went to tiny schools. That gives us 5 picks to get a CB, WR, NT, G/C, T. Now if we decide to try for Thomas maybe that leaves out the NT pick in the first 5. Maybe we get a guy who is right now just a center, and get a tackle as well.
    I would go CB in the first if Revis, Houston, Ross are available- maybe McCauley as well. If Ginn is around I have to say grab him (not worried about the injury- foot injuries usually take a while) and he got hit pretty hard at OSU so I really do not worry about his fragility. Bowe and Meacham are really good ones as well.
  16. blindzebra

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    76Adams, FlozellOT6-73409Michigan State

    19Austin, MilesWR6-32152Monmouth Univ

    50Ayodele, AkinLB6-22505Purdue

    24Barber, MarionRB6-02202Minnesota

    67Berger, JoeG6-53052Michigan Tech Bubble player

    74Bowen, StephenDE6-5300RHofstra Bubble player

    57Burnett, KevinLB6-32402Univ. Tenn.

    36Butler, QuincyCB6-1190RTCU Bubble player

    99Canty, ChrisDE6-73002Virginia

    54Carpenter, BobbyLB6-2257ROhio St

    75Colombo, MarcOT6-83205Boston College

    84Crayton, Patrick WR6-02053NW Okla State

    29Davis, KeithS5-112054Sam Houston Bubble player

    70Davis, LeonardOT6-63666Texas

    37Elam, AbramS6-0210RKent State Bubble player

    88Fasano, AnthonyTE6-4258RNotre Dame

    95Ferguson, Jason DT6-331010Georgia

    26Glenn, AaronCB5-918513Texas A&M

    83Glenn, TerryWR5-1119511Ohio State

    53Glymph, JuniorLB6-62723Carson-Newman Bubble player

    7Gramatica, MartinK5-81707Kansas State

    65Gurode, AndreC6-43125Colorado

    27Hamlin, KenS6-22095Arkansas

    97Hatcher, JasonDE6-6295RGrambling

    42Henry, Anthony CB6-12086South Florida

    46Hoyte, OliverLB6-3250RNC State Bubble player

    17Hurd, SamWR6-2195RN Illinois Bubble player

    56James, BradieLB6-22504Louisiana State

    14Johnson, BradQB6-522516Florida State

    21Jones, JuliusRB5-102113Notre Dame

    33Jones, NathanCB5-101923Rutgers

    63Kosier, KyleG6-53055Arizona St

    91Ladouceur, L.P.LS6-42552Cal

    1McBriar, MatP6-12233Hawaii

    77McQuistan, PatOT6-6315RWeber St

    41Newman, TerenceCB5-111954Kansas State

    81Owens, TerrellWR6-322411Tenn-Chat

    t34Parrish, TonyS6-02099Washington Gone

    39Polite, LousakaFB6-02482Pittsburgh Bubble player

    71Procter, CoryG6-43052Montana Bubble player

    90Ratliff, JeremiahDE6-43052Auburn

    35Reeves, JacquesCB5-111923Purdue

    62Rivera, MarcoG6-430911Penn State Gone

    9Romo, TonyQB6-22254E. Illinois

    51Singleton, AlLB6-225010Temple Gone

    96Spears, MarcusDE6-42982LSU

    60Stanley, MontaviousDT6-2310RLouisville Bubble player

    94Ware, DeMarcusLB6-42572Troy St Univ

    25Watkins, PatS6-5211RFlorida St

    31Williams, RoyS6-02295Oklahoma

    82Witten, JasonTE6-52654Tennessee

    Injured Reserved

    98Ellis, GregLB6-62709North Carolina

    88Pierce, BrettTE6-52633Stanford Bubble player

    28Thompson, TysonRB6-12202San Jose State Bubble player

    Practice Squad

    16Baker, MattQB6-2212RN Carolina

    19Bilbo, DamariusWR6-2220RGeorgia Tech

    48Bjork, Carl-JohanLB6-0253RNo College

    89Curtis, TonyTE6-52651Portland State

    27Kincade, KeylonRB5-112081SMU

    3Martinez, CarlosK5-81801Buena Vis

    49Randall, JasonTE6-52701Michigan St

    85Rector, JamaicaWR5-101861NW MO State

    15Urban, JerhemeWR6-32123Trinity (TX)

    Here's our current roster. 51 roster, 3 IR and 9 PS.

    Of the 51 I see 11 bubble and 3 for sure gone, we have plenty of room to add 9-12 players thru the draft and UDFA.
  17. MichaelWinicki

    MichaelWinicki "You want some?" Staff Member

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    Yeah, I would agree with that and that's actually a pretty healthy thing for the club.

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