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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by iceberg, Sep 17, 2004.

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    i didn't post in the political forum because i didn't see it. trick pointed it out and then i saw it. is it me or does the 2nd section come and go? it COULD be the 101, but i'm not that far gone yet.

    sometimes the "other forums" section with 3 forums in it just isn't there on my screen. i hit refresh a few times and i just wear out the f5 button.

    wondering if anyone else sees this.
  2. trickblue

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    Go to the main forum page and then click the "Cowboys Zone" logo in the top right... you can also do this from the main page...

    That link on other pages does not take you to the full offering from some areas here...
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    There are different sections of forums.

    The Off Topic Zone is in the forums under Cowboys forums. There are also the Other Forums which have sports, Politics, and a testing zone for images and avatars, etc.

    The reason you don't always see those "Other Forums" if you are in the "Cowboys Forums" area is because it is a sub category. In other words if you open the whole index, You will see both forum categories and all of the forums.

    For instance in the upper left right now it reads...

    CowboysZone.com > Cowboys Forums > Off-topic Zone > ok, this is strange

    If you click on CowboysZone.com you will see all available forums.

    If you click on Cowboys Forums you will see the 9 forums that make up that sub category.

    If you clcik on Off Topic Zone it will bring you to this particular forum.

    If you click on ok, this is strange it will bring you to this thread.

    So, it's not your imagination. Sometimes those 3 forums won't appear, unless you choose the option that shows them all.

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