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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Not seeing this because CL, I remember the QC days and you were never like you have been now and those days were far worse.

    No, I don't care if you don't like him.

    I'm not scolding you. I want you to see how your tone has changed.

    I got a PM today from someone who has know you forever. There is a change.
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    For a Cowboy fan, it is tantilizing to have a Collegiate going into the NFL with quality seperation that at least comparatively puts that player in the mental comparison with a beloved Larry Allen. I think that Eugen Upshaw was another player who had a similar effect once he arrived with Oakland.

    I can see why there is the excitement around him. A combination of David DeCastro and Tyron Smith could be seen in a similar vein as the Raider combination of Upshaw and Art Shell. Eugene was drafted in the first round, in 1967. His Hall of Fame tackle, Shell, was drafted in the 3rd round in 1968.

    Eugene started at left guard from the start...but Art Shell had to work into his role with Oakland. But once they were established, the took the Raiders to a Lombardi.

    It isn't hard at all, to see the potential of a pairing of DeCastro and Smith to that Hall of Fame dynamo. As coming together this very season, would parallel the coming together of that pair back then.

    It's hard not to get antsy with the prospect...but then, someone else might see the potential as well, and have a higher pick.

    So we have to temper expectations with realities of the process...but a sure shot play to come in and equal the effects of DeMarcus Ware, probably won't hit this draft. So, in a priority setting, a positional need can be put off a round or even two, to get similar effect in the draft, at a non-guard need. So, it doesn't hurt day dreaming for a fan....at all. That's just part of the gig of being a fan. Dreaming.
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    I don't need convincing on David. At the least, he is the 3rd best football player in the draft. The problem is that I don't see how 13 other teams could pass on this kid.

    Who cares who you have at Guard or Center or Tackle, he will immediately be at worst, the 2nd best offensive lineman on any team in the league.

    And how can I guy with a face like this fail? The dude was made by God to play OG.

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    Show me the video where he knocks an NFL quality defensive lineman off of the line of scrimmage without a double team like Nicks does or big old Cordy Glenn does. He is a really good player but this outside running game stuff is not usually successful at the goal line. I went back and watched him vs. Gerald McCoy and he got knocked back quite a bit and was on the ground. Granted it was junior vs. freshman but I don't know of any other game he played against a good defensive tackle.

    He is great on the second level and the edges. It is throwback Jerry Kramer stuff.
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    Seriously? More than Murray? I don't think so man
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    Sadly, I feel the same way. Dallas seems to have signed the two linemen to make it possible to address the defense with the first pick no matter what.

    While I want to build up the defense, I feel it's wrong to do it at the cost of DeCastro. There is no defender who will be available who is more of a sure thing.
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    I actually think Amini Silatolu will prove to be the second-best guard in this draft, and possibly even the best. He would be the consolation prize for me if we didn't draft DeCastro.

    The main reasons I like DeCastro better is because I think he's more NFL ready and more proven.

    I also will be consoled somewhat if we get Peter Konz in the second or by trading up from the 45th pick.
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    I want DeCastro more than any player in this draft. But it doesn't sound like we're going to take him. Hopefully it's all a smokescreen.
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    I recall a Kung ** quote: 'Grab the pebble from my hand, Grasshopper, and you will then be ready to go fourth on your own.'

    One can see Grasshopper all over David DeCastro. But to claim at the collegiate levels, anyone is going up against a Reggie White or even a Bob Lilly is stretching the imaginations to the level of a Disney Production.

    Maturity and balance early on, is a struggle for any High Schooler transitioning even into the Collegiate level. There isn't much chain to the past in a level change from the lower end of a Collegiate career to that of entering the NFL. He's ready now...and at a level that exists well with an entry level for both Eugene Upshaw and the Cowboy's own Larry Allen.

    He's a defineable influence on the outside and down field. As he rubs elbows, in the ranks of the NFL, his temperament an dominance will be there. Don't give too much head space and timing to working a slide ruler for failure here.

    He's a great interior lineman. No scout or evaluator is having any reservations or labeling problems on this product.
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    I'm really just wanting to see some film of him doing what the most important things an nfl guard does block really goods big guys close to them 1 on 1. The pulling angle and other stuff is great and fun to watch but that is bonus stuff. The phone booth stuff is where games are won and lost and I have not seen 1 clip of him doing it.

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