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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by ghst187, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Not sure how many Thunder fans there are here....
    I think the upcoming Thunder offseason will be an interesting one starting with a top 10 draft pick plus another late first and early second round pick. The status of Kevin Martin will also be interesting. Will they re-sign him? Can they afford to if they want to?
    Currently Walterfootball's 2013 Mock NBA draft has OKC drafting:

    10th: PG Trey Burke Michigan
    28th: SF Doug McDermott Creighton
    31st (2nd round) C Lucas Noguiera Brazil

    On one hand I think the Trey Burke pick would be dynamite. It could allow Westbrook to slide to SG and Durant to SF. Burke can create shots for Durant and Westbrook rather than OKC having to rely on Durant and Westbrook to create their own all the time. Meanwhile, Burke can drain open 3s from just inside half-court. I seriously suspect Burke will score 30 in at least one game his rookie year. I think he has Chris Paul-like potential. That said, he could be a liability on D and it would be nice for OKC to improve their inside scoring ability and overall control of the paint. With the 10th pick, they really have a great chance to do just that. The C from Maryland, Len, might also be a good pick at 10.
    One thing that jumps out at me is that OKC has some pretty good players that can't hardly get on the floor. Perry Jones (OKCs pick last year), who is an amazing athlete and was pretty dominant in college, barely plays...ever. Jeremy Lamb is also trapped and we may never know if he can develop into a player. OKC has pretty good players in Reggie Jackson and (at least for now) Kevin Martin who can come in and light it up. How can OKC use all three picks and expect more than one of them to crack the rotation? I don't think it can happen. Ibaka is locked up, Sefalosha is clearly the defensive stopper every team needs, and Perkins isn't going anywhere if for no other reason he's a big body with 6 fouls to give. If OKC re-signs Kevin Martin, there just aren't going to be three open roster spots, at least not without a trade or two.
    I would love to see Marcus Smart in OKC as I see him as the second-coming of James Harden with more defensive abilities. However, it'd probably require a significant trade up into the top 5 to get him. If OKC stays at 10 and Burke is still on the board, clearly Burke is the top player available and they have to take him which I would be elated with. If they land Burke, then Brewer, maybe even Jackson, becomes pretty expendable, i.e. tradeable. In that scenario, I'd love to see OKC trade the 28 pick plus Lamb and Brewer (or whatever else it takes within reason) to move into the top 17 and land Kelly Olynik (sp?) the 7'0 Center from Gonzaga. He's not a dominating physical Center presence per se but seems like the second coming of Pau Gasol. He'd give OKC consistent inside scoring, something they've never had (ya Ibaka can score but its usually alley oops or 15 foot jumpers). I think OKC able to get Burke and Olynik in this draft, without giving up much more than an extra draft pick (or two) plus a couple of players they're not using anyway, would give Brooks such an array of lineup options that they could counter any lineup and still dominate as well as be a matchup nightmare for any other team. They could go big with Olynik, Perkins, Ibaka, Westbrook, and Durant or they could go small with Burke, Westbrook, Durant, Collison, and Ibaka or anything in between. In either of those two scenarios, they still have four scorers on the floor with Martin and Jackson also still available (if they didn't trade them). This of course taking for granted that Burke and Olynik become the NBA scorers I think they will.
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    Good post. I don't know about the guys you refer to, but I don't see 3 draft picks sticking on this roster. It is too deep. But they need an upgrade over Perkins. He is too slow. I'm not saying he has to go, but I think it would be easier to upgrade the roster there than any other position.
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    yeah i agree, no way 3 picks are making the roster....better to package them and move up for the one or two players they want or trade one or two back for current players or future picks. Remember 2009 draft when the Boys had 12 picks and about 4 open roster spots. We stayed put and proceeded to waste every pick. We'd have been exponentially better off had we packaged some, moved around and gotten guys we wanted or traded down for some future picks. That's where I see OKC at going into this coming draft....too many picks and not enough openings. Heck, Perry Jones can't see the floor.
    I also suspect there will be some shakeups or trade with Brewer, Lamb or other rotational guys. OKC needs a scorer down low desperately and it'd be nice to add some depth with a scoring wing behind Durant.
    Def agree about upgrading Perk. Some are mocking Alex Len to OKC at 10 but I'm afraid Len has some real bust potential. If Smart and Burke are both gone (and OKC doesn't trade up to target one of them) I think Olynyk would be the smartest option for them. I'll admit I can't stand his gross mullet hair but he's a 7 footer with some great moves, quick feet, and great touch. He'll consistently score points 10 feet and in and provide a real scoring threat down low which is something OKC hasn't had. I think Zeller and Len will go higher than Olynyk but I think both of those guys have more bust potential.
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    Thunder Up!
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    After watching the Thunder have to play without Westbrook, their complete lack of an inside scoring presence/threat is even more evident. They are that one piece away from being champions (and a healthy Westbrook). Obviously Narlens is going #1 overall and unless the lottery winning team will trade the 1 pick for two firsts and a high second round pick...he'll be off the board.
    Len reeks of colossal bust. Olynyk is the most polished scorer inside. He may not be a power center but he's a 7'0 scorer that has a plethora of moves from the free throw line and in. He has a nice mid-range shot and game and is a good passer from the blocks. IMO, he could be an ideal piece for OKC. More perimeter shooters for OKC isn't going to help them, they won't even get to see the floor.
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    at #10 you guys should draft Dieng.....I wanted the Spurs to draft him, but he played his way too far up the board. He would be a great backup for Ibaka. Plus, Serge would probably take him under his wing. As much as I hate the Thunder, Dieng would make your interior defense even that much scarier. In fact, I could see Dieng easily stealing the starting spot from Perkins.

    Go Spurs Go!!!
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    I definitely could be sold on him. I wish he had a bit more low-post scoring skills and passing but I think that will develop. He could definitely relieve us of having to start Kendrick "the goose egg" Perkins (goose egg because that's what he usually gives us in the box score per game). I could see Dieng eventually put a whipping on players like Bosh and Howard.
    BTW, since I doubt my Thunder are going much farther without RW, I suspect I'm about to become a Spurs fan soon in hopes that someone, anyone, beats the Heat.
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    They should package a blockbuster deal to try and get Kevin Love. They need a postup player.
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    We definitely need a post-up player to have a chance at winning a championship, and Serge Ibaka is not that. Is Love looking to get out of Minnesota (I know he has some injury issues, but nothing major)? What would it take to trade for him? Would Ibaka and one of our first rounders be enough, or would it require both our 1st rounders? I don't think we have the rights to Martin after this season, so I don't think he would play into the equation.
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    Make a time machine, use it to undo ibaka's extension and sign harden instead. Then sign Patrick Beverly....for many reasons
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    going more into the potential draft picks for OKC it really seems like:
    Dieng = Ibaka
    Plumlee/Zeller = Collison

    I think Olynyk's offensive skillset gives him the most potential to eventually start and become an inside threat to score which OKC doesn't currently have.

    If they tried to go another route this offseason...with a mid first, late first, and early second round pick....I wonder who could be potentially available that would put OKC over the top:
    Pau Gasol: The Kobe era is over, they have to start rebuilding younger around probably Howard, who will command the majority of their salary cap. Gasol has been maligned in LA and underappreciated but he's exactly what OKC needs.
    Kevin Garnett: Everyone knows the Celts are about to get blown up. Rondo is the player they'll likely build around. Garnett has another year or two left of productivity. He wouldn't need to score 15 a night, just be a modest low-post threat to score and defend the Bosh's, Gasol's, Duncan's, and Howards. I would think he would be enticed with a great chance to win another ring or two before he hangs it up.
    I like Kevin Love but he seems to play more swing and forward than post, which is what OKC desperately needs.
  12. Biggems

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    David Lee will most likely be available.
  13. ghst187

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    David Lee would be GOLD!
    However, I have a hard time seeing OKC affording anyone of substance.
    I not totally sure it would take a ton to trade for Love either though as I think both he and the organization are ready to move on. He would be GOLD too but can't imagine how we'd pay him.
    So since it looks like Burke is going top 5....
    its crazy to think about it but OKC potentially has an entire young team right behind the current 5 if they hit on 3 picks in this draft.
    anyway, here's what my mock for OKC would be based on current projections:
    1A: Olynyk, Dieng in that order: Both are better options than Perkins down low. I see Olynyk with potential on offense somewhere between Pau Gasol and Dirk, with some defensive shortcomings. I see Dieng as a 10, 10 plus 4 blocks guy. The thought of Dieng and Ibaka patrolling the lane is tempting. Dieng is a really hard worker too, good screener, and rebounder.
    1B: Tim Hardaway Jr: we've got guards that can score, we need a scoring F behind Durant.
    2: Muscala: a solid, intelligent, rounded big who can score, play D, shoot FTs, rebound, and pass with the right OKC-kind of attitude, true team guy.
  14. Biggems

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    why would you want Love? Sure he is a helluva player, but that is when he can stay on the court. He has been injury prone, and for someone commanding the kinds of $$$ he will be commanding, I need him to be healthy.

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