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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sago1, Mar 19, 2006.

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    Have read several postings which describe our OL; they range from solid to to awesome. If I missed someone saying we still need help there, sorry about that. Our OL remains our weakness offensive link & we must do more to improve it--both starters & backups. Realistically, we don't even know who 5 starters are: it's either Adams/Allen-Kosier/Johnson-Gurode/Riveria/Fabini. Well, I guess 3 out of 5 isn't bad but not a SB team & IF we suffer major OL injury, we in trouble cause depth inadequate.

    1. Starting tackles are Adams & Fabini; Adams is pretty good & Fabini is big upgrade. Backups are unproven/potential limited: Pettiti in 2nd year should be better physically, but doubt he's the starter we want if Fabini lost for season; Colombo's physical comeback questionable, if Tucker is our fallback on LT--season over.

    2. Starting guards will be either Allen or Kosier at LG & Riveria at RG. If Allen starts, Kosier backs up both Allen & Riveria. If Allen cut, Kosier starts at LG & we've got no backup for he or Riveria. Could add Gurode as a backup but he's competing against Johnson as starters at center & if he wins, we've got no backup guards & Gurode isn't that good a backup anyway. Oops almost forgot about Peterman--haven't a clue if he legit backup are not.

    3. At center Gurode competing against Johnson. Hopefully one finally steps up or we could be left in same position as last season, both inadequate.

    4. I don't mean to be pessimistic but just realistic. Must make as many improvements to OL before TC/season starts as our salary cap allows; none of us want to be discussing how season ended again because of OL performance.

    5. Solution: Add another G and draft an OT in 1st/2nd round (should be able play LT/RT & a good run/pass blocker with good technique; no mistakes/screwups this time. He should be principal backup (able beat out Pettiti) who develops in first season but in 2nd season he would also give us an option as to whether we should keep Adams (07 last year of his contract, I believe) or Fabini. If we hadn't screwed up section of Rogers, we would be in this situation.

    Finally there is real need to get OL right this time. Jones isn't paying TO big bucks just to watch OL underperform again. Also, I do expect our opponents to blitz like crazy this year. The best way to stop TO & Glenn will be to stop Bledsoe from making those passes. OL & TE/FB necessary to stop opponents DL & blitzing packages. Remember what Steelers did against Colts in playoffs. We don't want that happening to us. We must have a good OL & good blocking TEs/FB & good blocking from RBs as well.
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    Like the analysis. brings up a good point about Guard depth. if peterman was a miss, we have nothing backing up the starters. its also somewhat unfortunate that gurode is going to be in the mix at center instead of an option at guard. we spent very high picks on both he and al johnson - and looks like only one will start.
    i'm ok with the depth at tackle - neither backup is an above average - but both played last year in unusual circumstances. i feel either would be solid in backup role.
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    But depth is a problem for all teams. You can't cover all the bases with the cap and a 53 man roster... it just won't happen.

    Who says that Pettiti can't be an acceptable starter at RT after a solid offseason program? I found it interesting that we kept Colombo and cut Rogers.

    I think between Peterman and Gurode we'll be at least OK.

    Who says they're inadequate? We didn't seem to extend any effort in signing a FA center. I think most fans have a misguided view of our present circumstance at this position.

    I think you're way too pessimistic.

    Wasting a 1st round pick on a guy that doesn't start doesn't knock my socks off. If a "1st round guy" is available in round 2 I might consider it.

    I think our present OL represents the best we've had here in a long time.
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    It's been stated that Bill likes Peterman it's just that he can only play RG and he likes lineman to play multiple positions.
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    I really wonder why someone can only play one guard position? Its not like LT RT which is more complicated. Any reasonably intelligent player should be able to play both guard positions. It seems to me that BP is saying this guy is the kind you label "in case of emergency break glass".
    we need another young guard prospect in any case. I would love to get Gilles in the second or Spencer for that matter. Pettiti and Columbo should be good enough for backup duty; Columbo if he heals up was a first rd pick. Pettiti with a full offseason to heal and get stronger should be a lot better.
    As regards center: if BP was all that sure of Johnson he would not have brought back GUrode to compete. I think one could describe our center situation at this time as adequate and no more.
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    Draft a backup OT in 1-2 when we need starters elsewhere.

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    If Adams goes down, you move Fabini to LT and reinsert Petiti back at RT.
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    The thing is Adams and Fabini are both old and coming off injuries. Pettiti and Tucker both showed they are not NFL caliber starters at this stage of their careers and I doubt either has the tools to be effective in the position. Columbo is a big known - hasn't played in 3 years due to injury. That is a pretty iffy position going into the season.

    Fabini is at best a stop-gap solution and Adams is only under contract for two more years so we need to think a bit more long-term here.

    Last year also demonstrated that most OTs (even those drafted in the first round) probably needed a year of conditioning and learning before they are ready to start.

    We might as well get the process rolling here.

    As for NT and FS we can easily find a relatively cheap solution in FA to get us through this year if the draft doesn't fall our way.

    The one thing that FA has shown us is that great players usually don't make it to unrestricted FA so we need to find our impact players in the draft even if it means they have to sit for a year.

    I would be overjoyed if we traded out of the first round picked up some extra first-day picks to work on OLB and OL - positions at which there is usually quality in the second through fourth rounds.
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    I think they move Tucker back to guard.
    That would give us Tucker and Peterman backing up Rivera and Kosier.
    Pettiti and Columbo backing up Flozell and Fabini.
    I would still like to draft a guard though. Davin Joseph and Charles Spencer being the guys I like.
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    It seems to me that the real weakness (or perhaps lack of strength) is at center. Unfortunately, this was not addressed in FA (cannot sign every one, alas). I don't think they will dradft a center to start but may get one for "depth" and development. I think (hope) 'Boys will sign another FA guard
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    Wow! You think or hope the Cowboys will sign another FA guard?

    I don't see why they would realistically given a salary cap and a 53 man roster.

    Right now we have:


    That's 12 guys.

    Plus a couple guys on the practice squad.

    If we cut Larry Allen I'm thinking we may draft a guard but I truthfully don't see us signing another FA guard. I don't think most FA guards would come here anyway because they wouldn't have a chance to start. If Allen goes, Kosier is the man.
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    not good analysis as it's based on pessimism and major injuries.

    no team can overcome the loss of 1-2 OL for the entire season, that is obvious with the cap.
  13. MichaelWinicki

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    The voice of reason.

    I thought the same thing.

    You can't have top-quality backups at every position. It doesn't work like that.

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