News: Old - DMN: Bill Parcells, Herman Edwards, Ditka pile on Cowboys coach Jason Garrett

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    Bill Parcells, Herman Edwards, Ditka pile on Cowboys coach Jason Garrett
    By Barry Horn


    ....Bill Parcells: "You have to be accountable. Everybody knows what happened. You have to stand up. You have to reiterate to them, 'Listen, I made a mistake.' This is a game that's not without human error. But this situation goes back to situational football. You have to prepare for it in the summer. Go over these kinds of things repeatedly during summer and then on Fridays, periodically during the season, you have to take time to review them."

    Herman Edwards: "When this situation occurs and the game is lost, as the head coach, you don't wait until the middle of the week. When the game is over, as soon as it is over, you come to the locker room and you gather your football team together and you tell them this: 'Look, I hold you guys accountable to play and preparation during the course of the week. I hold myself accountable as to what happened today. I didn't manage the clock correctly. I screwed it up. It was all me.' Then you go through the process of what you were thinking and why it happened...You want to hit it right after the game. That let's your team know, I'm accountable to you guys as well as you guys are accountable to me."

    Mike Ditka: "You can't undo what happened. You've got to go to your football team, you've got to tell them very simply, 'My bad. Here's what I'm going to do from now on guys. I'm going to trust you because you are the players on the field. I'm going to put you in the best position I can for you to play your best football. I'm going to trust you to win the football game because players win football games.'"
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    Are we still discussing the Arizona game??????
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    If he is, DWare said Garrett essentially told them it was his fault they lost that game, he just didn't say it to the public/media.
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    Yes. It is a Cowboy blog dated 12/11/2011.
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    Who cares what Parcells opinion is? He set this team back ten years with his worthless 3-4
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    Or completely turned around the direction of the franchise.

    5-11 cellar dweller prior to his time. Annual playoff contender after.

    Parcells, at least for awhile, brought the Cowboys back to relevance. Without him, they'd be a 5-11 team that still played the 3-4.

    They still have a long ways to go, but I can't believe anyone thinks Parcells time in Dallas was anything but positive.
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    I have thought this the last few seasons, that the 3-4 and all of this pressure it is supposed to bring, has been an utter FAIL here. I just can't figure out if it is the scheme, the players, the coaches or all 3. I do know that this is the second year in a row where the defense has completely melted down after week 8 and has not been able to beat a quality team when it has to. At this point I am wondering what the answer is.
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    Who would care what that failure Herm Edwards has to say?

    Parcells is good on a particular level, but brings his own particular fossilized issues. He wasn't going to be good for anything more than three years, and couldn't pick linemen to save his (or the Cowboys') life.

    Ditka is Ditka.
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    Great, another Campo era fan.:rolleyes:

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