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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bleed Blue, Jul 27, 2006.

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    The "Roy rule" or "Horse Collar" rule is now more than a full season old. What ever your original thoughts were on the topic ,are they still the same?

    1: I like the rule and is doing what it was implemented to do.

    2: It's a dumd rule and that's just part of playing football.

    3: Doesn't matter their not calling it right.
  2. DanTanna

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    2: It's a dumd rule and that's just part of playing football.
  3. Chief

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    It's too difficult to tell, sometimes, if the tackler is grabbing the jersey or the top of the shoulder pads just below the neck.

    They should try again or can it.
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    [sarcasm]I love the fact that its been extended to jersey grabbing.[/sarcasm]
  5. dougonthebench

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    was it even called last year?

    THUMPER Papa

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    It is a stupid rule and I can't believe the competition committee was brainless enough to implement it. It is impossible to enforce consistently and in fact that was shown last season in how few times (if at all) it was called.

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    Here are my past posts on the subject.

    "This Roy Williams rule is rediculous IMO. I think it should just be changed to prevent players from grabing a player from behind and coming down on there legs. Otherwise, leave it alone. I mean, it's legal for players to yank players down from behind, by the shoulder pads or come down on there legs if your in the tackle box but not in the open field. Is it less dangerous in the tackle box? Sorry if Owens got hurt. If he got down like other WRs do to avoid shots from the safety, then he wouldn't have been injured. If he elects to man up and go for more yards, then he is making the decision to expose himself to injury."


    "How many 235/240 pound safeties play in the NFL? How many can run like Williams? When you have this size and speed ratio meeting up with a WR, your going to have injuries. You can outlaw this tackle but injuries are going to happen. If you want to get rid of the injuries, then you have to get rid of the people who have this type of Size/Speed/Strength combiniations.

    It's a rough business. The players associated with it get paid well. It's there choice to suit up. Where's the problem here?"


    "Cut blocks or chop blocks have been discussed on this board for years. Basically, most agree that chop blocks or cut blocks should be banned. They go on every play and they are very dangerous. One "George Foster block" is not a correct representation of the fact here, IMO. Denver actually teaches this technique and uses it more then vertually any other club. Having said that, it has always been legal to do so. I think there is a difference here fundamentally. In a situation where you have Lineman playing there position, all to often, you have Cut blocks going on while others are engaging or chiping or what have you. Basically, there is really nowhere to go, if your the DL. It results in injury. I am not opposed to a cut block if pulling or even a cut block on an oncoming rushing lineman. I am not in favor of a cut block while engaged or while in the scrimmage zone.

    The tackle RLW uses happens in space. Roy would rather take you out with a solid impact shot to the chest but when your in a trainling positon, that's not realistic. I think it's an important point to consider that these WRs are not small guys themselves. TO is 6-4 220, or so. RLW is 240 pounds at about 6-1. When one guy is bent on going one direction and another guy is hell bent on preventing this from happening, something has to give. Typically, it's the body. It was not designed to do this. Things happen on the field. This rule is not going to stop RLWs from hurting people. That is what he is paid to do.

    Basically, this is probably not being talked about much because we who have been here, for some time, have talked this to death. Doesn't mean that nobody cares about it"


    "We had our chances. I will say thou that it pisses me off that a great deal was made of Roy's horse collar but when Glenn made the INT on Manning, Burress clearly pulled Glenn down by the back of the shoulder pad and came down on his ankles. That tackle resulted in an injury to Glenn and nothing was called. Nothing was said, nothing at all. That is BS, especially if this injury lingers."

    Basically, my opinions have not changed on the matter one bit.
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    Thanks, good read!

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