Oline fix?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by starfrombirth, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. starfrombirth

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    The dominance I've seen this year by Jones and Warmack are second to none. Is it possible for us to draft one or even both of these guys? Both are likely to go top 15 but we have one of those picks. Could we package some of our other draft picks to get the other. I'd give up every one of our picks for those two guys and consider it a great draft. Thoughts and opinions?
  2. Eddie

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    I think our top pick needs to go with one of the premier positions:

    Pass rusher is probably a bigger need with the top pick.

    We can find quality OG's afterwards. We simply need to do our HW, not reach, not give up multiple picks for a single player, and no more projects !!!
  3. big dog cowboy

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    We need more than 2 (even if it's those 2) players out of the draft.
  4. starfrombirth

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    I disagree a little bit here. With those two, our running game goes from 31st to top 10. Our defense plays fresher and we play from a lead. The changes the complexion of every game we've played. Tony doesn't have to press --> Less interceptions. Better time of possesion --> Defense is fresher at the end of games. Bigger and better holes to run thru --> Murry and Jones aren't getting as beat up and lose less time. There are more benefits but the major points are covered.
  5. coblue

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    After QB and maybe RB, WR, and DE/OLB...OL IS a premium and premier position

    No team can win it all in the NFL without a top notch OLine because no part of the offense will work without it.

  6. IrishAnto

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    If Spencer is re-signed then the interior of the DL is of higher importance as Brent won't be around and who knows if Ratliff will be either.

    I think you take who’s ever rated higher between the DL and OL with our first pick.
  7. dcjules

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    One of these guys will be there at #18....interesting that Jones played LT in 2011, guard in 2009, and now center...excelled at all positions....I would definitely pull the trigger on Warmack or Jones, OL is a must fix!!!
  8. xwalker

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    There is a 50-50 chance that Warmack is available at #18.

    Jones will not be drafted that high. He is more likely a 2nd round pick.
  9. TonyS

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    We need to stop worrying about RB in the early rounds and have our scouts earn their money in the later rounds there. We need blue-chip O-line and disruptive D-line players in the early rounds as long as BPA. If a fit isn't available at our pick, look to trade down and acquire more picks.
  10. visionary

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    wont happen though with our GM
  11. Zimmy Lives

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    D-line in the 1st, safety in the 2nd, and guard/center in the 3rd. That is my preference.

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