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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Dec 27, 2012.

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    I reject all three options because of the man in the middle.
  2. Risen Star

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    We need better players.

    The goal should be to completely turnover this entire group of offensive linemen, with the exception of Tyron Smith, in three years.
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    I think this offseason we should at the very least cut Doug Free. Make Bernadeau and Costa compete for the starting center spot in offseason. Draft or sign a very good right guard. Then bring in a mid round tackle that can compete with Parnell for the RT next year. Keep Livings and Smith the way it is
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    Good stuff, walker.

    I think you're right but hope you're wrong. I want to see a couple athletic rookies in the 2013 OL.

    Johnathon Cooper
    Alvin Bailey

    Or something.

    And I think we need to draft an athletic RT to develop as well (Kyle Long).
  5. theogt

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    No doubt about it. He can play.
  6. jnday

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    Based on what? He had one decent game this year. He only had a couple decent games last year. He can play, but at what level?
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    That should be the goal, but Dallas doesn't have a GM with enough common sense to realize it. He is happy with scrubs just good enough to get by. Linemen are just not sexy enough.
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    There isnt going to be alot of change along the OL. Alot of you need to prepare yourselves for that. Bernadeau im willing to bet was brought in to start at C. But his injury cost him. Kowalski's injury hurt alot IMO. Cook had done an admirable job but he's a backup plain and simple. I seriously think Free and Parnell are auditioning for 2013. If they see this spot as a tie then Free is done. If they thought Parnell couldnt play they wouldnt still be rotating them. So its not looking good for Free. Free or Parnell are going to be the RT in 2013.

    RG i think is going to be a new guy
  9. Deep_Freeze

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    I do agree with the 3 years part, but do you realize the other things that will happen in those 3 years. We will need at least another pass rusher cause we have 2 over 30. We will need to start looking for a QB. The DL will need alot of help, as TRat, Spears, and Hatch will be done. Miles will probably be cut by that time, and will need a replacement. We will need to look for a replacement for Witten. The safeties are a nightmare and will have to be addressed.

    In 3 years, other than young stars, you will have to turn over most of this roster. The OL isn't the only position that needs to be turned over in 3 years.
  10. Doomsay

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    Linemen Don't see jerseys.
  11. Eskimo

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    My thoughts on the matter:

    LT: Tyron Smith, Weems
    LG: Rookie premium draft pick or upper echelon UFA, Leary
    C : Costa, Killer
    RG: Livings, Bernardeau
    RT: Parnell, rookie UDFA or draft pick

    I think this could be a decent OL if Costa shows the play he provided in 2012 wasn`t a fluke. If not Killer or Bern could step into the role.

    This way we keep resources to continue to develop the defense (need safety, NT, DE, OLB).
  12. Yakuza Rich

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    I think in general RT is a priority. I think we can move the ball serviceably with the current O-Line in tact, provided that Romo, Murray, Dez, Miles, Witten and Harris/Beasley are healthy.

    I think it's obvious that RT is very key in Romo's performance. His best years were '06, '07, '09, '11. All years when the RT play was pretty good. In fact, he struggled early on in '09, but then Free took over at RT and played very well and Romo's game improved quite a bit. This year is another good example as Romo has caught fire and that coincided with the team splitting the reps between Free and Parnell.

    For me, we need positions on the O-Line to improve. I'm not quite for cutting a guy because he's disappointed. I would rather bring in quality players via the draft and FA and see who can win the starter spot and the backup spot. I would place RT at a high priority, so we need to either bring in a higher quality FA or a draft pick in the first 3 rounds. A lot of this depends on their feelings on Parnell. I wouldn't be overly confident in him. I think they have to view Free as a player on the decline until he proves otherwise. Parnell as an UDFA with potential until he proves otherwise.

    I think Benardeau may be best suited as a backup. He can play either guard spot or center. It would be nice if Leary is as good as they hope. I think we can keep Cook around. I think Costa should be viewed as an unproven guy they like until proven otherwise. Personally, I would probably look at the draft for a RT and FA for a quality guard.

    The Zampese offense is too predicated on effectively running the ball. When it can run the ball, it becomes a well oiled machine. When it doesn't run the ball effectively, it can be a mess.

    We also have to work to protect Romo so he doesn't get injured and we have to get quality play from the RT position so Romo can play his best. A lot of this depends on how guys like Leary, Arkin and Costa turn out. If they become what we think they can be, it would be a major coup for the organization and the offense.

  13. xwalker

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    I think you overlooked some parts of the post.

    Must have a backup Center that is pushing to start. Cook cannot run block. A draft pick would be preferred

    OC Phil Costa - Need to draft a backup OC in the top 3 rounds.

    The backup and future starter at Center is the most difficult position to find. There are multiple options in the Draft and Free Agency at OG and backup OT, but Near-Zero Centers in FA and only about 3 really good options in the draft.
  14. xwalker

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    I actually started this analysis while trying to determine what the Cowboys need in the draft and working backwards from that.

    The lineups were just to start the season and minimize the number of Rookies and young players in the lineup in game-1.

    I would like to draft as many OLinemen as possible with expectations that at least 2 would be future starters.

    I like your drafts picks, but I wouldn't want to start the season with 2 Rookies and an inexperienced player (Parnell) all side-by-side.

    With your drafts picks, I see it as:

    Jonathan Cooper - Starts the season at his college position of LG, but trains to take over at Center in the future.
    Costa - Starts the season. Cooper takes over when Costa gets injured.

    Alvin Bailey - Top backup OG and possible starter before the end of the season.

    This would cover everything except a backup RT. Maybe Weems can do it, or they sign an older stop-gap veteran backup like Bryant McKinnie.
  15. jterrell

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    It is wayyyy too early to build next year's OL.

    Right now it is all about winning week 17 and going into the playoffs.

    Hopefully we have a couple more games with which to grade out our own OL.
  16. Bigdog24

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    Costa is to risky, he had his chance to prove himself this year but got hurt. Dallas can not rely on Costa or any center with a bad back. They need a young veteran center who can help the OL. NO MORE gambling with developmental players. They need to bring in a proven player who will help the entire OL progress.
  17. xwalker

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    Where would they get a young veteran Center? Teams rarely if ever let those guys get away.
  18. Zimmy Lives

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    Nope. They have a better chance of drafting a center/guard in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    Personally I think they will go with Costa, Arkin and Killa at center next year and focus on drafting a starting-quality guard in the 2nd round.
  19. DBOY3141

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    I think they go after Slauson. He played for Callahan at Nebraska and the Jets. He is young (26). Then in the 2nd I think they will take a hard look at Barrett Jones from Alabama, can play multiple positions and Garrett and Saban are close.


    Cutting Free and signing Slauson would be somewhat of a wash. Free is done in Dallas after this year.
  20. LittleD

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    We should & need to replace all but Smith...

    Sadly we will do none of that...We will likely go with what we have had for the past year... Same song next year just a different verse.

    Too Bad as I see 8 & 8 on the horizon again.

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