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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Dec 27, 2012.

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    I'm really having a hard time believing Slauson is any better than Bernadeau. Guy looks looks stiff in space to me and he was part of a unit that gave up eleven sacks last week.
  2. xwalker

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    Slauson was my 2nd choice. I really like the idea of getting guys that have already played in Callahan's scheme.
  3. Outlaw Heroes

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    Unless the Pats tag him, I'd make a strong push for Vollmer.
  4. Eddie

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    Are you willing to bet another full season that Parnell is the answer at RT?
  5. xwalker

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    I pulled up the All-22 and reviewed that game. I assigned 1 sack to Slauson and 1 to Moore.

    The Jets GM is forcing the coaches to alternate "his" draft pick, Ducasse at LG with Slauson. The OLine coach has publicly stated that it makes him sick to not play Slauson 100% of the time.

    I do agree that Slauson is not a great player; however, I think he would be much better than Bernadeau, especially in Callahan's system.

    If the Cowboys did sign either Slauson or Brandon Moore from the Jets, then Callahan would know exactly what they can do, with no guessing.
  6. MichaelWinicki

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    They may very well have to due to lack of cap space needed to fill BOTH the RG and the RT positions.

    There are no guarantees out there. The Cowboys are competing again 31 other teams for available talent.

    That being said I think a RG will be brought in via FA, an OT will be drafted somewhere between rounds 2 and 4.
  7. Risen Star

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    Yeah, I got that. I'd rather shift Bernadeau inside and let him fill in at C for right now than go into next season with Phil Costa starting.

    I'd honestly release Costa. He wouldn't be on the roster for camp next year.
  8. xwalker

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    Yes, I'm convinced that Parnell is better than Free right now and will continue to get better with experience.

    My concern is the 3rd OT. Weems is the only candidate on the roster. It would be great to get Dallas Thomas in the draft. He could be a starter at OG and a quality backup at OT.

    Vollmer has back problems. He only started 5 games in 2011 due to back problems. It appears that he is continuing to have back problems.

    12/21/12 - OT Sebastian Vollmer (back/knee) remains limited with the injuries, especially the back, that have noticeably bothered him in recent game action.

    12/13/12 - T Sebastian Vollmer continues to be listed as limited in practice because of the back and knee injuries that have bothered him in the last few games.

    12/07/12 - T Sebastian Vollmer (back/knee) was limited in practice on Thursday. The right tackle returned to action last Sunday in Miami after missing a week of action, but also struggled for most of the game and played like a guy dealing with a back injury.

    12/02/12 - OT Sebastian Vollmer returned to his starting right tackle spot against Miami, after missing the Thanksgiving night trip to New York with a back injury.

    11/30/12 - T Sebastian Vollmer returned to practice on a limited basis on Thursday after missing practice a day earlier and sitting out the Thanksgiving game in New York with back and knee injuries.
  9. burmafrd

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    NEVER spend money on a Lineman with back problems
  10. TwentyOne

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    With the signing of the 2 guards last offseason we made pretty good moves and are set at backup positions. I am pretty sure we will now upgrade the starting positions at guard thru the draft and we will find a quality starting center. Free will stay another year with a good guard playing at the right side.

    PS: you don't draft for backup center in the first three rounds. Thats were you find starting material.
  11. burmafrd

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    I would go as far as to say if you are looking for backups it should be at least 5th rd and maybe not even that.

    I still cringe at Jerruh's DEPTH and SPECIAL TEAMS draft
  12. LatinMind

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    The longer parnell stays playing and rotating series the more likely Free would be a cap casualty
  13. xwalker

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    Please re-read the 1st sentence and item 3:

    I’m going to list some different OL combos to start the 2013 season.

    3. Must have a backup Center that is pushing to start.

    Sean Lee was drafted in 2010 and played in 14 games but started Zero. In 2011, he started all of the games that he played in.

    I would have described Sean Lee as a backup pushing to start.

    Thanks for catching me, I was about to advocate for drafting a career backup in the first three rounds of the draft.
  14. honyock

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    Nice OP and thread xwalker. Assuming that the team is going with Parnell next year and Free is gone (which is looking more and more likely every game into the RT rotation/audition), what do you think of the likelihood that they'll consider Cook as 3rd OT next year? That's where he's had most of his NFL experience. I just don't know much of anything about his stints with the Vikings and Dolphins.
  15. big dog cowboy

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  16. Deep_Freeze

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    I have also thought of this, and if Free goes Cook would have to be in the equation cause of his game experience at the position. Maybe the staff felt like this when they picked him up cause he is so versatile. With our centers healthy again, and maybe a pickup too, Cook could fill in wherever needed as a backup.
  17. Eskimo

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    He`s had major back issues. I`d pass on him for that reason. Odds are they will act up again and no one knows how bad it will be.
  18. jjktkk

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    Hard time moving on huh? A shame.
  19. AmishCowboy

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    I think so too
  20. AmishCowboy

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    I agree, Slauson won't break the bank, and I think we will look Defensive line in the 1st

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