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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KD, Sep 11, 2006.

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    anyone see All UNIVERSE Larry Johnson yesterday?

    O line play is HUGE.

    Colombo started his first game in OVER 2 years, and Adams hadn't played in almost a year...... he was clearly not 100% either.

    Then we had to go up against what is likley the #1 or #2 defensive line in the ENTIRE NFL.

    They were #1 in NFL in rushing TD's given up last year and 3rd in sacks.

    The only player I am unhappy with is Rivera, but that is offset with how well Gurode played yesterday against the best DT combo in the league.

    With better Oline play we win yesterday. It will get better as the season goes on.
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    Larry Johnson is missing Willie ROaf and Shields, two pro bowl o linemen, and the Bengals are not the Jags D-line.

    I think you are waaaay off, O-line did very decent vs one of the best D-lines in the entire NFL.

    D-line is where we lost this game, couldn't stop the run or the pass when it counted.

    Secondly Drew played pretty terrible even though he had time to pass.
  3. KD

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    I disagree. We were lousy on 3rd downs, couldn't sustain drives because. Couldn't run the ball.

    And LJ without his tackles was my point. He isn't going to put up numbers like last year without his starting tackles, one being a Pro Bowler.

    Oline play is HUGE.

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