Olympics drop wrestling...

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Risen Star, Feb 12, 2013.

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    If it were ratings/network based, they'd have dropped the Pentathlon which nearly nobody watches. I mean seriously, synchronized swimming is in the olympics. Synchronized swimming!

    Someone or someones on the board clearly had a problem with wrestling or a bias towards one of the other sports they kept in. The idea that wrestling was what was holding back the olympics from major tv ratings is ridiculous.

    That's before you even get into the fact that wrestling is one of the few sports that nearly any nation can practice and become good at. You don't need complex or expensive equipment, you don't need an arena or stadium, you don't need to spend a ton of money flying a large team across the country and it doesn't take a privileged background to be able to practice and excel. I'd be willing to beat the medal spread for wrestling is amongst the most varied of all olympic events.

    How do you keep trampolining in and cut wrestling? What an embarrassment.
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    I hate wrestling and similar sports. But this is a retarted decision.
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    Juan Antonio Samarach Jr. is a VP of the pentathlon governing body. That's why it didn't get the ax.

    I read somewhere that wrestling had one of the highest percentages of different countries medaling vs. available medals in London. Something like 29 different countries won a medal.
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    What do you have against field hockey, surely synchronised swimming and beach volleyball should be dumped before wrestling. Is it because the U.S don't medal in field hockey perhaps?

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    another one.

    just how old is field hockey?

    and those other sports have been mentioned as ones that should go first.

    The olympics have gotten ridiculous. Badminton, Ballroom dancing, how in the world would any one think those should be olympic sports?
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    Hockey made its first appearance at the Olympics in 1908. Like others have said I also am not a fan of wrestling but this is a terrible decision.

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    You're right, those examples are probably worse and I could have used them just as easily. Synchronized dancing or ribbon-twirling or whatever that is would be another.

    But no, the US medal count has nothing do with it. I don't even keep up with that stuff, one reason being that I couldn't care less about so many of these ridiculous sports. (My favorite sport is weightlifting, which the US sucks at. Go figure.)
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    Wrestling is widely popular in parts of the world like Turkey and Iran, and widely practiced in general throughout the world. Is fencing popular anywhere in the world? I've known people from every corner of the globe, and I've never heard anyone claim they ever participated in fencing. It strikes me as the most bourgeois of bourgeois sports that less than .00000001% of the world population ever participates in. I can't believe it gets better ratings than wrestling.

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