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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by da_whiz_kid, Feb 9, 2013.

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    So I decided to put together a mock which doesn't address the positions we expected early while still kind of sticking to needs and development. Like taking something other than DL and OL in the first, but not totally ignoring them in the draft. Also, making additions both expected and unexpected for the offseason for various off the wall but legitimate reasons. I wrote this up yesterday but click that red X in the upper right corner of my window. I saw somebody do a Mock of "out of the norm" so definitely in that light with some tweaking to the draft.

    Brandon Moore 33 OG - It's been stated over and over again, but this just makes too much sense.

    William Hayes 27 DE- Behind a lot of skilled players on the Rams, steady improvement and good size and ability, makes this guy a great addition to the defensive rotation.

    Desmond Bryant 27 DT- Under the radar player starting rise in FA, is great in the defensive rotation and brings experience and should be in his prime.

    Ronde Barber Grandpa DB - The surprise addition and one that will be accompanied by groans. Ronde still plays like he's 34 and if there is anybody who knows the system we are going to be running it's this guy. Like B.Moore at guard, you get a player who understands how to play and play well. The key thing he brings is tutelage. A strong mentor who I think could be extremely integral in helping teach the young DB's of the Cowboys.

    rd1: Alec Ogeltree ILB A common selection outside of the usual DT and OL picks, it makes sense and then it doesn't make sense. On one hand you already two very talented LB to play. On the other hand there is a lot to say about a core of (ogel-lee-carter). If one goes down, plug the other one in, injuries don't become that much of concern anymore. This is a draft you didn't expect. But if I were to "expect the unexpected" this is something I would not be too mad at. Also, you bring a player in with strong flexibilty and the ability to be moved around. Eventually if there is demand you could possibly unload one in the future for draft picks.

    I traded down in the second to add a fourth and a seventh. As to which teams, I don't know, but there is a possibility someone projected in the first falls and a team decides to move up.

    rd2: Phillip Thomas FS - With the rise of Cyprien, it is possible that Thomas could be had in the late second as it is possible Cyprien is gone by the time our second pick comes up. Trading down and grabbing Thomas in the 2nd is great value, even though I think he'll go earlier. But hey, jusy mock with me.

    rd3: Brian Winter OG/OT - At this point you'll start to realize this part of the mock looks very similar to my other mock. But, I think these are players that the team should grab as the provide solid depth and instant competition along the trenches as they should.

    rd4a: Khaled Holmes OC - Great player who will probably go a round earlier, but is athletic enough to play in this scheme as a guard while providing depth at center.

    rd4b: Bennie Logan DT - LSU DT who is hard working with the reputation and willingness to learn. Couple this with Rob Marinelli and I think we strike gold.

    rd5: David Bass DE - Small school player who balled so hard in the pass rush and is good at getting to the ball carrier. Again, people probably don't view it like I do, but if there is anyone to tap his potential it's Marinelli.

    rd6: Josh Boyce WR - Has become my favorite WR in the draft and should be someone we could grab in the 5-6 rounds. Good speed with tremendous ability in route-running. He will contribute on special teams as a returner and provides a deep threat. Good player to have.

    rd7: George Winn RB - And with my last trick, I did a lot of searching for backs not discussed much and tried not to list Robbie Rouse in another mock. And here comes George Winn. He may run upright too much for some people, but I am intrigued and I would be more than happy to have on the team. Don't believe me, Just watch.

    Going with the offseason style of mixing old with new, Moore and Barber become 2 very competent players in areas where youth reside, in systems they know well, and play well. They become instant mentors to the young ones and should only be 1(Barber)-3(Moore) yr contracts. The wisdom they can pass to the young players at their positions is crucial and I think helps with the learning curve and turning over a more polished and even immediate play.

    As far as the defensive line goes, I personally am for grabbing them early, especially in the earlier rounds. But, I am willing, for this mock, to overlook that and try to use our staff that we put in place. With the addition to Marinelli to the 'Boys defensive staff, I have 100% complete faith in his ability to milk the talent and production out of these guys. Bennie Logan has the reputation for being the hardest working player on his team with the willingness and ambition to get better and be the best he can be. He should be extremely coachable and with Marinelli by his side I think there is a lot of positives to come out of this. This is why a guy like David Bass would be good here, because of who would be pushing him to do better. Also the additions of William Hayes and Desmond Bryant keeps a healthy and highly competitive Dline rotations.

    Not the mock you may have wanted or liked, but I think comes with good reason ans sound judgment.
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    Honestly I really like it, love ogeltree (not our receiver), thomas is on my list of safeties id like, u assessed oline... Nd I like logan alot, nd I'm pretty sure he was a team capt... Good job :)
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    This is as bad as it offense at all to the OP

    But going OLB-Safety 1-2 is a terrible idea. Phillip Thomas alone in round 2 would make any mock borderline terrible.

    Again, No disrespect to the OP
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    None taken. My actual mock is titled "mock this way" . And you can check it out if you'd like. This is more of a, going a whole other direction, and posting something unexpected and making sense out of it thingy. But, you can check out my other mock, the real one attempt at prediction and what I think is actually good for the team.

    As far as Thomas goes. He's my favorite safety in the draft, mainly because I am a fan of fresno state, and watched all of their games. My opinions of Thomas are extremely bias. Lol
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    Yeah, I kind of figured this was along the lines of a "different approach" mock...which is totally fine

    You've clearly seen more of Thomas than I have, but from what I have seen, he is a very poor tackler...
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    Well done. Good write-up.

    I like the Free Agents, even Ronde Barber. With Church, Matt Johnson and a draft pick at Safety, adding Barber would be cheap insurance and provides an expert in the system.

    I like all of the players that you drafted. I'm not really a fan of drafting 4-3 LB in the 1st round. Draft picks are all about managing the salary cap. You have to have draft picks contributing because you can't afford a full team of quality veteran players.

    Generally, you want to use a draft pick instead of a high priced Free Agent. If it costs 4M a year to get a decent Free Agent 4-3 LB (Roach from Chicago) or it costs 8.5M per year to get a Free Agent DE (Spencer), then you're managing the cap better by taking the DE in the draft.

    I probably break this "rule" myself somewhat by advocating taking a Guard at #18; however, in recent years the cost of quality Guards has significantly increased (i.e. Carl Nicks 5 years, 47.5M).
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    I won't say it's all about. But that's a very good point, Walker.
  8. da_whiz_kid

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    With Barber I was adding someone I felt a lot of people would not be happy about. At 38, I figured that would come with some complaining, so in an attempt to make moves that would make people scratch their heads, I would give forth some effort to try and make some sense out of it, by using the same reasoning that I've used, and others have used for the addition of Brandon Moore.

    I felt the same way when I was writing this up. The first pick was my attempt at Jerry's splash moves without actually moving down in the first round. So I chose a high profile LB that doesn't necessarily fit any need, but is a hell of a player.
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    Normally, I would say no way to a 37 year old player; however, he has not missed a start since the 1999 season.

    In 2012 he had:
    92 Combined tackles
    1 Sack
    13 Pass Defensed
    4 Interceptions
    1 TD scored
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    Thomas is pretty good. He misses some tackles as he is always trying to make plays in the backfield. Here are some numbers on Thomas tackles:

    Solo: 66 (1st on team)
    Assisted: 18 (tied for 2nd on team)
    Total: 84 (1st on team)
    TFL: 12 (0.92 per game) (first on team as a safety)

    I think a lot of people are focused on the Oregon game tape, but fail to realize that strength on Fresno's defense was their Defensive Backs, as they picked up the slack the front 7 wasn't handling. Couple that with a safety who probably put in more situations to make tackles than a lot of other safeties, he is more likely to miff on some due to being out of position. Thomas is really good and if we were to trade down in the second, he gives us tremendous value at that point.

    Here is a link comparing him to other DB's in the country and the top defensive players in the country. Not a lot of dialogue so unfortunately you'll have to draw your own conclusions, but I think it presents a good "case".
  11. da_whiz_kid

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    Barber played really well this year despite having an AARP membership and ordering off the back of the menu at Denny's.
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    Tampa also had 1 of the absolute worst secondaries in the league and their results were horrible.

    Barber even at 37 is not going to just play for peanuts. He has been playing on 1 year contracts though with a team he has played his whole career.

    Although, if he were to play another year or 2 for another coach it probably would be Monte Kiffin. and he does know his system.

    Nonetheless, this teams not looking to get older and that it would with Ronde.

    This team also needs to find a long term solution at safety once and for all.

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