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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by marsbennett, Sep 5, 2005.

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    CLASSIC..I'm so Glad I pulled out of this league it isn't funny! Little Jr.s most excellent league has been completely locked down from all trades b/c of DargonQueen's bull****! I was convinced Dargon had three teams....later Darg admits his trading partners were 'school mates.'

    I hate to laugh my *** off on this one..but I pulled out of this league the day before the draft because DargonAss pulled off these two gems of trades in Little Jrs league AND WAS THE COMMISH IN THE COWBOYSZONE LEAGUE.:
    PieHOLE..I mean Pie Man gets this
    D. Carr (Hou - QB)
    D. White (Atl - WR)
    W. Dunn (Atl - RB)

    And Dargon got this from PIEHOLE
    D. McNabb (Phi - QB)
    P. Holmes (KC - RB)
    S. Smith (Car - WR)

    and then it gets even better

    Cowboys Angels gets this:
    S. Smith (Car - WR)
    D. McNabb (Phi - QB)
    Pittsburgh (Pit - DEF)

    Dargon got these guys
    C. Palmer (Cin - QB)
    A. Boldin (Ari - WR)
    R. Johnson (Cin - RB)
    Atlanta (Atl - DEF)

    I posted this message after an initial protest and response from DargonQueen:

    Angels/Pieman/Dargon and the Commish.
    by: Team Mars (derwhopper2000) Jul 29 10:10pm
    You didn't want Rudi, but you drafted him #13....reached at least 5 rounds on Palmer then traded him, then "upgraded" your WR corp. with a speed WR coming off major knee surgery...and walaa...instant trade. Really upgrading that team Dar..eh, Angels. Right.

    Pieman's trade was by far more pathetic. *** is that! You gotta love this one...Pie gives up his pick number 6 and pick number 19 and pick 67 in exchange for overall pick 61 (who originated from you Angels..another shocker), and pick 111, and pick 183. Pieman/Dargon did a great job there. (bahahahahaha)

    So Dargon now has Pick 6,10,13,and pick 15 within the first two rounds... as well as pick 37, his own pick 34, and pick 39....for that Dargon gives up pick 111, his last pick 183, and pick 61
    (which Dargon happened to obtain from Angels in the first trade of the season) and let's not forget McNabb....McNAbb.

    The capper is the Cowboy's homer trades to obtain the hated Donovan McNabb (because you already stated Dargon didn't think Holmes would last all season) just so he could dump him to you Angels just a day or two later.

    Hand the kid the trophy...The three of you earned it. Frankly, Pieman is either an idiot, which I don't believe or Dargon in drag (which I do believe). The commish should lock your team out, Dargon. I'll be switching league settings for my leagues to avoid slack owners from not blocking idiot trades like these. You were invited in some of my leagues Dargon and you better not pull this Sheot in them.

    Classic DRAGQueen Response:

    UMm Mars
    by: dargonking999 (dargonking002) Jul 29 11:17pm
    Mars, i went back and looked at my notes form the draft CA and Pie wernt' at the draft from waht i remeber so they didnt draft them the computer did. Now as for the trad you try and put in all the numbers of the draft picks, but once again, all theese guys are starters and have potential to do many things, now if i end up losing this league to them with no further trade will you think then that they got rolled. Let me ask you a question i drafted Michael Jenkins before i did, did you even know this guy existed you cry all you want and put numbers out there al you want,but i stil dont have all the players i want and plan on making more trades, (not with CA as you saw i made a trade with you)speaking of the fact i know CA and Pieman, and trsut me we go to te sam school they dont wanna lose to me, cause i talk a heck of a lot of noise and they will have to hear it, so i really coudl care less about the restof the league, you ahve no idea what can happen between now and playoffs, like i said draft numbers mean nothing, dont forget a 6th round draft chocice of Tom Brady did win 3 SB in 4 years. TCisnt even finshed for all you know all my players can get injured.


    Now I see why Dargon begged WhoHittz to be league commish. All I had to see was that Dargon was league commish and knew damn well it was time to not let the door hit me in the arse on the way out of the league.

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