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? on Glenn and Key

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Q_the_man, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Q_the_man

    Q_the_man Well-Known Member

    2,612 Messages
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    On any team they would be #2 recievers, when will we get a true #1....most here don't know who we are I see. We are the Dallas Cowboys and we have always had true #1 recievers and top notch Qbs, I just waiting.

    BP has been here going on 3 years and we still have no QB or WR what's the diliyo.......Now we must hope and pray that Henson is the answer, man I wished we had drafted Leftwich......

    I read this board everyday all day but rarely post because this is stupid we have not address the 2 main positions we need to win and BP has done nothing, this is the most important season as a fan and as a team for the Cowboys in 15 years.

    I don't care we need to do whatever it take to either get Mike Williams, Edwards or a top F/A WR and QB or we will win only 5 games again....

    If yall think I'm not serious I am, I pay $150 for 3 months of Football on Directtv and always go to sleep if the Boys lose, I can not take another year of ?s with our line-up. We need to see changes and I mean changes fast.

    BP and Jerry better stop been cheap or whatever and bring ball players in....

    Wiley, Singleton, 9 different CBs, no FS, 1 DT 1 LB, **** we should have just kept Campo, then at least JJ would spend on F/As he wants and not BP players. this is plain stupid. man I hate losing and we have lost for the last 8 years and last year was just a tease. we need help and help bad..

    Once again I don't post alot because if I do I would get banned if I said what I really wanted to say....

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