On January 21,1979......

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    I was a newly turned 6-year old watching the superbowl with my father.As I watched from our Pittsburgh area home I literally fell in love with the Star.I started cheering for the Cowboys in front of the 30 odd steeler fans in my parents living room.As time went on I didnt get to watch many of the Dallas games except the nationally broadcasted ones living here in Pittsburgh,but i remained die hard.It is very hard to be a Dallas Cowboy fan in Pittsburgh.The Cowboys are hated here.So I would here crap everyday in elementary school about my Danny White shirt.I cried for days after Dwight Clark killed us,with that spectacular catch.As the late 80s came,I held my head high thru the roughest of times,and there were many.I was in my Glory thru the 90s,but realized all things must come to an end.Thru all of it I remained a die hard Cowboy fan.I took many years of ridicule from friends,as I also dished some out.As time passed i listened to the games on the net,then of course Direct tv.As this season unravels I can honestly say "WE" as fans,"WE" as a huge team from Parcells to that lil 6 year old somewhere are on the cusp of a new beginning of greatness.I see it and feel it every day.This teams Greatness has returned and I am proud ,so proud,to have a star beating inside me till i pass.Cheers to all!We are going to have many good times,lets enjoy.We have come full circle.Always remember folks,"Winning is our business"Shine your stars. Sorry to get all emo on everyone,just needed to express it.
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    Well, take pride in the fact that the Steelers have done nothing of consequence other than get beat by Dallas in Super Bowl XXX, since Jan. whatever, 1980 when they won their last Super Bowl. A bunch of AFC Central/North/Crap Division Champions windbreakers don't mean jack around here.

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