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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by ZeroClub, Dec 19, 2006.

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    Besides the Cowboys, my main interest/hobby is motorcycling.

    I started riding about 3 years ago. I took the written test for the motorcycle license endorsement, took a Motorcycle Safety Foundation sanctioned training class (http://www.msf-usa.org/), and then updated my driver's license.

    I bought a slightly used Honda ACE 750 and have been riding it ever since. I ride to work (only about 5 miles from home) when the weather forecast does not include rain. I take it on some longer trips too, but have gone a long distance (a 1,000 mile round-trip) only once. My Honda was purchased as my beginner bike. It works very well for what it is. I'm ready to move on, though.

    I appreciate Harleys, but I do not have a strong desire to own one personally. Much of it is sticker shock, some of it is styling and how common the Harleys are.

    I'd have bought a Moto Guzzi California Stone as my beginner bike had there been a good dealer within a reasonable distance. Now I'm just as glad I didn't. I'd like to have something bigger than an 1100.

    Triumph bikes have interested me. The Speed Triple looks like it would be a fun ride. The Bonneville would make a great second bike. The Ducati GT1000 looks interesting. I once sat on a Yamaha Warrior and really liked it. They get great reviews too. The blacked out version looks nice to me.

    I'm looking forward to having the chance to sit on a 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250. It seems like a lot of bike for the money. I could easily see myself going in that direction. It is a standard bike with plenty of horsepower and relatively light (compared to most crusiers).

    I'm a member of the AMA (http://www.ama-cycle.org/). Seems like a worthwhile organization.

    That's just some random bike talk to start a thread.
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    If you want to avoid the Harley "sticker shock" take a look at Victory motorcyles.

    It's a Harley knock off made by Polaris. It has a v-twin, loud pipes and similar looks. Pretty good prices.


    I have some friends who have them and all of them are very happy.
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    The 8-Ball looks nice, but if I were to spend 13K, I'd go for a Dyna Super Glide.

    The Dyna Super Glide is the one Harley that I consider from time to time. They've made some significant upgrades on that bike in recent years. And the price X displacement X performance X resale considerations make it relatively reasonable.

    But candidly, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around paying $13,000 or more for a motorcycle. I guess I'm frugal or something ....

    The new Suzuki Bandit comes in at less than $9,000 http://www.suzukicycles.com/Products/GSF1250SAK7/Default.aspx
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    One thing to remember about Harley's is they retain their value. When you ever decide to resell it, you'll get top dollar back.

    Jarv has a Dyna. Ask him what he thinks of her. I say her because they've named her Lucille. If my memory is right.
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    The Suzuki Boulevard line is sweet and won't set you back nearly as much!

    ROMOSAPIEN9 Proud Grandpa

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    Jet Bike

  7. ZeroClub

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    Yeah, it is the resale thing that makes it tempting to pay the higher initial price.

    Thanks for the word on Jarv.
  8. ZeroClub

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    I was close to buying a new Volusia[SIZE=-1] (now the Boulevard C-50) when I was getting my first bike. I actually liked the Volusia a little more than the Honda ACE, but the nearly new ACE (it only had 600 miles on it) was a good bit cheaper ....

    Some of those Suzuki crusiers offer big engines at a low purchase price ... But I'll tell you, that Suzuki Bandit is the one that catches my eye. It is going to be plenty quick....

    So what do you ride, trashy?
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    Beg to differ, Hos. The American market is flooded with Harleys and the prices are coming down. Personally, I won't pay $8K for a nameplate. The Big Four make better bikes at lower prices. And you don't have to pay a fortune for upgrades. For example, a big-bore kit for an 88 runs about $4K. And God forbid you should ever need oem parts for your Harley. Can you say $800 gas tank?

    Thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick with my Yamaha 650. At least the final drive isn't an oversized rubber band.:D
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    Got time for a project? I highly suggest building your own bike. I've been apart of two projects now, and found both to be very economical (even profitable), and rewarding. Anyway, I think there was a thread on here some time ago with pics of a couple of nice bikes in it.

    Edit: Seeing as how you posted in it, you're probably aware of it, but here's the link anyway. If anything, you can get a few more names to bounce ideas off of through pm's...

  11. ZeroClub

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    Thanks Tomson.

    Build my own bike? Sounds remarkably intimidating. I don't have anything beyond an average household toolbox. And not much mechanical experience. Interesting thought, though.


    I sat on a 2007 Harley Dyna Super Glide a few days ago. Felt good. I didn't get into any dickering, but their starting asking price was about a grand over the MSRP. And that's for a fixer-upper, basically, given that you must add the various things to make it liveable (e.g., wind protection, cargo solution, possible shock upgrade, etc.).

    I'd be much more tempted to go with a Harley if they still offered the T-Sport ... that's really the kind of animal I'd prefer. I like the power / agility of the Dyna coupled with a fairing (as opposed to windshield), a tach, and luggage, etc. The blacked out engine was a nice touch too.
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    Dude a big bore kit for and 88 doesn't cost anywhere near 4k. You can get the cylinders that came on it bored for 150. Heck i can buy the whole engine for 4k.
    Maybe if you were going to make it a drag bike or something, ported polished heads and all that stuff with new cylinders and pistons and split the cases to stroke it you would have to spend that much.
  13. Yeagermeister

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    I'm not a motorcycle person but if I were I'd like to have a Harley or Ducati. I just like the way they sound. :D
  14. needforspeed

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    Nothing I say to you will make a bit of difference. For the most part, I can't stand Harleys or their riders.
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    For a guy with pics of Hot Wheels cars in his sig, you have a real high opinion of yourself, huh?

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