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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Kangaroo, Apr 30, 2006.

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    I was listening to it in my truck on the way to the store. They interviewed Fasano and stuff then they talked about Bavro and stuff and so on. Then Ballslinger (hey misspelled on purpose) talked about so history because he played with Bavro and said he was the 2nd toughest guy he ever played with when he was in Philly.

    They got around asking him who was the toughest and he snaped of Randy White’s name when he was with the Cowboys. Then they got to a few stories about Randy it was good stuff.

    He talked about how no one really could block Randy and how in training camp his rookie year the 1st time he lined up against Randy, Randy said rookie I am going to grab your right leg put you on the ground step on your head and sack the QB. He said the whistle blew and he never saw it happen but Randy had him on the ground stepped right on his head and sacked Danny White. Then he went on about How Mike Munchak a 1st ballot HOF would just get abused by Randy he could dominate any other linemen but Randy :bow:. He also talked about a guy that faked an injury Thanksgiving week so he would not get embarrassed on National TV by Randy :laugh2:.

    Sorry I loved Randy White growing up he is still one of my all time favorite Cowboys. I love hearing stories about him :D
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    THat is an awesome story, Kangaroo.

    Wish I had a book of nothing but stories like that about old cowboys.
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    Great story Sir.....Randy White will always rank at the top of my all time favorite Cowboy's list.
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    Damn straight, Randy and Too Tall will always be my favorites!
  5. AdamJT13

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    Great book.
  6. Rack Bauer

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    Thanks! :D
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    Agree.....Great Book
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    Thanks again, Adam. Just ordered that book and Tales From the Cowboys.
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    Randy "The Manster" White will always be my FAVORITE--period!
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    I have tons of Dallas Cowboys books!

    One of the things that the players used to try and do, was what is called the "brother-in-law" thing. That is where, either during practice or a game, the opposing player would try and "brother-in-law" the guy across from him, saying things like, "Hey, it's just practice, so don't go hard on me, OK"? Or, during a game, some players would tell the guy across from them that "the play is not coming our way, so lets take it easy on each other."

    Well, Thomas Henderson and Randy White would say, "OK...lets go easy...", and on the snap of the ball, they would kick azz then take names!

    They would never do the "brother-in-law" gig!

    Randy White, when I saw him in person...lived up to his name! He was a freaking Manster! But, the nicest guy you could ever meet...off the football field!

    That first year, Henderson was pissed at White because Randy got drafted first, and HollyWood thought he was better then Randy...all during training camp, Henderson would call Randy a "white boy", saying the he was better then Randy...and did Randy want to fight? All this time, Randy would just ignore it...but, one day, in the locker room, HollyWood said something to Randy about being a "white boy", that he was a punk and stuff...the next thing HollyWood said he knew...Randy came at him, picked him up, and body slammed him to the floor and pinned him down, and told HollyWood something about, "I could knock the ---- out of you right now if I wanted too"!

    From that day on...they were the best of teammates!

    And...they would never do the "brother-in-law" gig...! Those were some fantastic stories about the "Dirty Dozen"!


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