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    BOB LILLY : Mr. Cowboy

    Class of 1980 HOF
    Defensive Tackle >>> 6-5, 260
    (Texas Christian)
    1961-1974 Dallas Cowboys Robert Lewis Lilly. . .Consensus All-America at Texas Christian. . . Cowboys' first-ever draft choice (1961), first Hall of Famer (1980). . . Foundation of great Dallas defensive units. . .Had unusual speed, strength, intelligence, recovery ability . . .All-NFL/NFC eight years. . . Named to 11 Pro Bowls. . .Played in five NFL/NFC title games, two Super Bowls. . . Missed just one game in 14 years. . .Born July 26, 1939, in Olney, Texas.

    Bob Lilly was a two-time All-South West Conference pick and a consensus All-America choice at Texas Christian before the Dallas Cowboys' selected him as their first-ever draft choice in 1961.

    For the next 14 seasons, his play on defense was so outstanding that he became popularly known as "Mr. Cowboy." Bob starred as a defensive end in 1961 but then moved to a defensive tackle spot in his third season with even more sensational results. As a tackle, Lilly was a first-team All-NFL choice every year from 1964 through 1969, then again in 1971, and 1972. The only years he missed first-team honors was his final two seasons in the league and in 1970 when he was a second-team choice.

    Equally effective as both a pass rusher and a rushing defender, Lilly continually battled double-team and even triple-team opposition but he rarely was delayed in his pursuit of the ball carrier. Quick, agile and coordinated, he even scored four touchdowns in his career. One came on a 17-yard interception return in 1964 while the other three came on fumble recoveries. Altogether, he returned 18 fumbles for 109 yards.

    Extremely durable, Bob played in 196 consecutive regular-season games. His only career "miss" came in the 1973 championship game with Minnesota, when a leg injury put him on the bench. Post-season play became a way of life for the 6-5, 260-pound Olney, Texas, native. The Cowboys played in seven NFL/NFC title contests in an eight-year period from 1966 through 1973 and also in Super Bowls V and VI. Bob also was selected to play in 11 Pro Bowls. He is the first player who spent his entire career with the Cowboys to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Happy Birthday Bob.

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    Cheers !


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    He is the reason I became a Cowboys fan and why I got married on this day 25 years ago.

    Here's to you Mr. Cowboy... :bow: :toast2: :bravo:
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    Mr. Cowboy a great man, happy B-day
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    Georgetown Resident

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    Buncha Austin-ite wannabes... ;)
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    I heard that one the radio this morning and forgot to post it.

    Here's to you Mr Lilly :toast:
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    I believe you mean Round Rock. Once you pass the Candle Factory, Austin stops.
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    Nah... I have a bunch of friends in Georgetown and whenever anybody asks them where they're from they say Austin
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    Yeah I know those guys from high school. Convenient Store jobs working out well for them?

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    Landry once said Lilly was "something a little better than great."

    I agree.

    Here's to Mr. Cowboy, the best DT in NFL history, an outstanding photographer, former Las Cruces resident and a great guy.
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    Happy Birthday Mr Lilly.........One of the best to ever play the game. It was pleasure watching you.

    May you have many more.

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