On top of everything else, why did Dallas kick off into the end zone?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pokes12, Oct 28, 2013.

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    When we scoredthe meaningless field goal, setting up the one point loss scenario, I was yelling for a squib kick, not a kick in the end zone taking no time off the clock. A squib kick eats clock, and opens the door to a potential fumble, a recovery by Dallas with or without a fumble. But no, we do the predictable and lose again. Campoesque!!! NO IT IS SIMPLY Garrett not knowing how to win. Plus 4 in takeawys and lose. Score 48 against Denver and lose. Garrett is simply a LOSER, just like his GM. Another moral victory, Jerr?
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    So does this stick or will you need to pull something else out of your *** and throw against the wall?
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    A squib was not the difference between winning and losing.

    Detroit got the ball at their own 20 with 1:02 left. Say Bailey squibs the ball like you propose. It would've given Detroit a shorter field, and took only about 5 seconds off the clock. When Detroit squibbed it to us at the end of the game, it took off 5 seconds and we started with the ball at the 33.

    Detroit at their own 20 with 1:02 left, or Detroit at about their own 33 with :57 seconds left.. it wouldn't have mattered.
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    The dumbest call was Dallas running the ball on third down instead of just kneeling down, run 40 seconds off the clock because Detroit had no timeouts, then call a timeout, kicked a field goal, then squib kick it on the kick off, Detroit would of had 20 seconds at best left to go the length of the field.......but running the ball on third down incurring a penalty which stopped the clock was the Cowboys downfall...
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  5. Smith22

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    I doubt they kick a FG in that scenario. Most likely a punt, but still a pretty good chance at getting the win or being forced to OT.
  6. Red Dragon

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    Squibbing would trade maybe 5 seconds for 15 yards. Not worth it.
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  7. Pokes12

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    No, Mrs. Garrett this is a legitimate post. Your sone finds the most unusual ways to lose games. I am just suggesting that there were other ways to win, including taking a long hike down to the out of the end zone on the third down play to run the clock down. If you are not going to try and win by moving the chains, like a safe pass to a tight end, then you have to be a bit more creative than a sweep and a penalty followed by a meaningless field goal.
  8. Rack Bauer

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    The penalty really ruined everything. If we had ran for negative yards on that third down and punted we probably would have won. Tyron Smith really pulled an Alex Barron on that one.
  9. visionary

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    Garrett continues to make poor clock management decisions at the ernd of tight games because he is learning on the job
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    I am agonizing over the second guess. I know we all are looking for someone to blame... but I don't believe any coach in the league is going to alter his strategy for fear of committing a penalty. However, I can't help but feel that if you view it purely from a high level strategy point of view, that we valued the field goal over the 30-40 whatever seconds we were guaranteed to get with a kneel down there. I also don't think it's defensible to say that there was a chance that we could have run for a first there. Not a single person in the stadium thought that we could pick up that first.

    But as I type all that out, if we run the same run and just DON'T commit the hold, we get the time run off AND the points. Which is ideally what you want and I find it hard to believe most people wouldn't take the chance... unless of course you are looking back on it after a shocking loss :)
  11. Pokes12

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    You are correct, sir. But this team, managed by Jerry and coached by Garrett always find the way to lose in the most inexplicable ways. This is not a one off problem, this is a continuing problem that Garrett has of losing control at the end of the game and letting things happen to him rather than dictating the result. I am not looking to blame, I am looking to improve. Garrett is no longer learning on the job, he has conclusive shown his inability to get the job done. Nice guy but just cannot get it done. OBTW, Romo has also shown that he is great at eluding rushers, he can throw with just about the elite quarterbacks, but he cannot read defenses, he cannot lead and he is fundamentally not that smart. Nice guy but he is not getting the job done.

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