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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by STSINAZ, Nov 24, 2006.


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    we are riding sky high but the only problem to me is henry and the FS position, have to get both of them fixed or there will be no championship...receivers will kill us in the end...they wont have a rookie QB throwing to them...bucs could have been in that game if they had a QB...passrush needs to amp it up a bit too..what happened to spears? i thought he was going to really be able to get to the QB...and canty?
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    My biggest concern is Vanderjagt.... I'm afraid we are going to need him down the road. I sure hope he gets his act together real soon.
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    Henry isn't going to stop every ball, he's good against slower and bigger guys, like Plax or Mushin. He'll need safety help if he's to cover Berrian etc.

    Spears and Canty aren't there to get to the QB, they eat blockers up with Ferg to let the stud LBs flock to the ball.

    The defense is getting better each week, yes, maybe we need a better overall CB than Henry, but he's been good for us, FS is a work in progress idea.

    Would love to have it locked down, but can't be stars everywhere

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    oh if spears COULD get to the qb he would be in there on 3rd down, same thing with canty...spears was supposed to play inside on the nickel and get to the qb, thats one of the reasons bill has him here...he said he has high expectations for both him and canty but they only at this point can stop the run, has to hurt their confidence...
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    what do you guys want 2 newmans on each side of the field? Henry is doing fine. You cant stop every pass. And hes a great tackler so atleast he doesnt give up many yac. During the colt game, wayne had alot of catches but henry was right on top of him, except for that td which wasnt his fault

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    henry fine? did you see how keyshawn worked him weeks ago...too bad his qb couldnt get him the ball and key couldnt catch

    what about all the other games he got worked in this year?

    did you see yesterday how joey G worked him? come on man..if he had a qb that could thrown half as good as that rookie we faced he would have been torched at least 3 times!..he has had a bad year this year...yeah he can tackle...but he cant cover! and our FS sucks too! so what does that tell you? wait til the playoffs buddy you will see...if he doesnt get that in line we are in trouble!
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    Imagine how much Henry gets owned during our practices against Glenn and TO with Romo throwing the ball.

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    what happened to henry? he used to be good....time to move him to safety? at least on 3rd downs?

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