One of the best drafts in NFL history...

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Juke99, Nov 2, 2004.

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    1A. Randy White, DE, Maryland
    1B. Thomas Henderson, LB, Langston
    2. Burton Lawless, G, Florida
    3. Bob Breunig, LB, Arizona St.
    4A. Pat Donovan, DE, Stanford
    4B. Randy Hughes, DB, Oklahoma .
    7. Michael Hegman, LB, Tennessee St.
    13. Herb Scott, G, Virginia Union
    14. Scott Laidlaw, RB, Stanford

    Three of these guys are in the Hos All Time 53 man roster, White/Henderson/Breunig...Donovan/Hegman/Scott would have to be REAL close to making that list...

    Plus, how cool a name is "Burton Lawless"???
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    Yes Sir!!!

    The old dirty dozen draft.

    Everyone thought the Cowboys would be in a rebuilding year because of the loss of these guys:

    Craig Morton
    Bob Lilly
    Bob Hayes
    Duane Carell
    Marv Bateman
    Pat Toomay
    John Niland
    Mac Percival
    Calvin Hill
    Walt Garrison
    Dennis Morgan
    Cornell Green
    Dave Manders

    But 12 of the draftees of the class of 75 made the active roster, contributed early and as you mention several of them went on to have Pro Bowl caliber careers.

    - Mike G.
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    Just LOOK at the names on your list...hall of bowlers...etc...all gone...such a deterioration of a roster would have bottomed out another franchise for a decade...

    Great great draft...
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    I always look back at that draft and marvel. We had such an amazing scouting department in those days. Those guys were the foundation of the team that won Super Bowl XII and made it to XIII.
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    And then, there's the flip side....

    NFL: Cowboys draft a bust

    Once again, the Dallas Cowboys' draft is filled with underachieving players, development projects and draft-day reaches.

    William Bauer, 4/23/2001

    Jerry Jones did it again. Ever since Jones fired Jimmy Johnson, the Dallas Cowboys have had terrible drafts. This year is no exception. The Cowboys began its draft from the same false premise from which it has operated since Johnson coached the team, traded up for questionable talent and chose underachieving players. Once again, Jones demonstrated that he is not a football man.

    As usual, the Dallas Cowboys traded down in the second round. When the Cowboys were a decent or competitive team, this tactic worked because they could stockpile developmental talent. However, the Cowboys are in the process of rebuilding a team and need players who can play now. Jones held the 36th pick in the draft and could have drafted a player who could have an immediate impact. However, he traded down 20 spots in the round.

    Then, Jones traded up for Quincy Carter. This reminds me of trading up for David LaFluer. Why give up the picks you just acquired for a guy you can draft without making the move? Jones reached with Carter who could probably have lasted until the fourth round. Carter had an inconsistent season and needs a lot of work. The Cowboys are looking for a quarterback for the 2002 season, not 2005. In addition, Florida State University's Chris Weinke or Oklahoma's Josh Heupel would have been better fits for the Cowboys' offense.

    The Cowboys spent the remainder of the draft working from another false premise: draft developmental talent and groom them on special teams. The Dallas Cowboys, to restate an obvious point, are not a good team, but draft like they are. They chose safety Tony Dixon, linebacker Markus Steele, offensive lineman Matt Lehr, and defensive lineman Colston Weatherington. These players, while possessing some upside, are best suited for special teams play at best. None can step in and fill any voids right away.

    The most egregious demonstration of Jones' ineptness was the choices of defensive lineman Willie Blade and Daleroy Stewart. While both players possess physical talent, draft experts stated that they were underachievers and inconsistent. In my opinion, it would be wiser to draft players who overachieve but do not possess the raw physical talents.

    Once again, Dallas Cowboys fans can lament a wasted draft. Inconsistent players, developmental talent and draft-day reaches again mar draft day. I hope that someday, Jerry Jones understands that he is not a football general manager and hires someone intelligent for that job. Until then, expect the Cowboys near the front of the draft.
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    Very good article. Juke, do you have a link?

    - Mike G.
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  8. Maikeru-sama

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    Thanks Juke.

    - Mike G.
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    You make a great point, but back then I never had a doubt the Cowboys would be good. It just didn't seem possible that the Cowboys would have a down year. Looking back it is an amazing feat the Cowboys didn't fall on hard times, especially considering there wasn't free agents like there is today.
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    There's at least one important name that you left off that list.

    Jim Zorn!

    We traded him to Seattle for their first pick in 1977. Ended up getting some guy named Dorsett with that pick.

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