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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Juke99, May 27, 2010.

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    Today is the one year anniversary of my rescuing my dog Pepper.

    She came to me with just about every behavioral issue a dog could have...and that is not an reactive, stranger reactive, resource guarder, biter, horrible on leash, digger, body touch reactive....

    Rehabbing her, while exhausting at times, has been wonderfully rewarding. In this picture, Pepper, at the shelter on the left; in my yard on the right.

    Happy Anniversary Pepper, I love you! :D


    If you wanna see more about her, check out my website...
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    Congrats on the rehab Juke! I have no doubt there were many times when you wondered if it was worth the time or not. Now you have a friend forever to enjoy.
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    Ya know, BDC...I never wondered if it was worth it...I just became overwhelmed at times...

    Socializing a badly socialized adult shelter dog is a hell of an experience...I am now on a crusade to make shelters a hell of a lot more responsible when transferring dogs.

    My dog was in their "care" for two years. She came to my home knowing her name and "sit" Period.

    These shelters, with archaic training methods, send dogs into the community that in many cases, are loaded guns.
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