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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BAT, Apr 2, 2014.

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    Trade Mo Claiborne for Dion Jordan (SAM and 3rd down pass rusher).

    Pick the freakiest of freaks DT3 Aaron Donald, if there at 16, if not trade down with ARI for their first (20th overall) and their 3rd (84th overall), then draft:

    1(20) Louis Nix, DT1, Notre Dame - Once considered the best DT propect due to his sheer strength, cat like agility and non stop motor, especially for player his size (6'3 330) - RKG to boot
    2(47) Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG, UCLA - Best Guard in the Draft, Can get bigger (6'4 305 5.04) but quick & smart - ready to play from day 1
    3(78) Dominique Easley, DT3, Florida - Explosive first step, especially for size (6'2 290); once considered a top 10 talent who only drops due to injuries
    3(84) Telvin Smith, OLB/SS, Florida State - Lanky (6'3 220 4.52) but extremely physical for size; sideline to sideline defender & excells in coverage
    4(119) Antone Exum, CB/FS, Virginia Tech - Big corner (6'0 215 4.59) who loves contact & press coverage; former FS; if not for injuries would be drafted earlier
    5(158) Dri Archer, KR/WR/RB, Kent State - tiny (5'8 177) but ultra fast (4.28) and versatile enough to excell in multiple positions (All MAC at 2 different positions - WR and returner)
    7.229) Colt Layerla, TE, Oregon - compares to Rob Gronkowski in talent (size, athleticism, hands - 6'4 245 4.61) but off field issues and lack off on recent on field production has him plummeting
    7.231) Aaron Lynch, DE, South Florida - just copy and paste Colt Layerla blurb about crazy athleticism vs. off field stupidity (6'5 250 4.68)
    7.238) Larry Webster, DE, Bloomsburg - Former basketball player is raw but has dominated at small school level; such a freakish athlete also projects to TE or OLB (6'5 255 4.58)
    7.248) Zach Kerr, DT1, Delaware - rugged and suprisingly quick twitch for a run stopping 1Tech (6'1 330 5.08)
    7.251) Spencer Long, OG, Nebraska - Former 2nd Team All American (2012); drops this low due to injury (6'5 320)
    7.254) Dustin Wharton, SS/OLB, Georgetown - swiss army knife on the field; this mighty mite (5'11 215 4.47 30 reps 225 40" vert) is always around the ball, hits like ton of bricks
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    I'd take Jernigan before Nix and Filo won't drop to 47, but there should be some good Oline prospects there... I'd like an edge rusher somewhere
  3. fishspill

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    I really like Nix too. Seems to have extraordinary recognition.
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    Afraid of Easley's history
    the rest look good
  5. Alexander

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    First time I have ever heard about Nix's "cat-like" agility.
  6. Bcrav4

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    This is an interesting approach to the draft. There would definitely be some concern with most of the picks busting, but boy if they all reached their potential...
  7. Cowboy_Ace

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    I for one like it for the most part, exum is really my only qualm . I hate drafting only for scheme and only for the reason what if we completely suck this year and Jerry cleans house? Id hate to have a bunch of undersized guys for no reason... plus ive wanted a biiig dt for years! Hahaha good job tho
  8. egn22

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    A freak draft with no Anthony "The Freak" Johnson???

    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6-3 / 308 LBS.

    STRENGTHS: Johnson' best attribute at this point is his initial quickness. He is frequently the first of LSU's defensive linemen off the ball, and was so even with Mingo and Montgomery still apart of this unit. Johnson's athleticism, power and well-proportioned frame form a unique combination that is sure to intrigue scouts. His burst helps him slip through gaps quickly. He also possesses long arms and the strength to extend and shed blocks in the running game. Light on his feet and a high-effort player in pursuit, Johnson can make plays all over the field.

    WEAKNESSES: He is far from a polished product at this point, however, often playing too high and showing little in the way of refined pass rush technique.

    --ROB RANG

    Steps into the leadership role on the defensive line for the Tigers in 2013 ... The most-seasoned player on the defensive front for LSU due to the loss of four players from a year ago ... Goes into 2013 coming off his best spring, one that saw mature as well as learn how to play as an every down player ... Physical player with good speed ... Runs at 4.7 40-yard dash despite weighing 295 pounds ... Good at pressuring the quarterback or plugging a gap against the run ... Has lost 40 pounds since his freshman season when he played at over 330 pounds ... For career, has played in 27 games with three starts ... Has 42 tackles, 13.0 tackles for loss and 4.0 sacks to his credit.
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    Stephen Jones said that they wouldn't draft a 1-tech in the 1st. I think their mindset will be that they can get Marinelli to coach-up a player with similar physical ability like DT Justin Ellis and that is is they actually draft a 1-tech that weighs over 330 which seems unlikely. They most likely draft a 1-tech that weighs right around 300 lbs like Quarles or Reid.

    The best or 2nd best OG in the draft will not last to #47. I doubt if he makes it to the 2nd round.

    Exum ran slower than I expected but that could be partially due to the leg injury. He would be a Safety, IMO.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Archer available in the 7th. Most of the really short guys that get drafted earlier weigh in the 190 lb range. Archer is 173.

    I love the 7th round, especially Lynch. If that guy can get it together mentally, he could be the 2nd best DE in this draft.
  10. Sydla

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    Lynch needs to do more than just get tougher mentally to make it. His problems go well beyond being "soft".

    He needs a complete and utter personality overhaul, needs to mature, etc.

    He's a guy that bailed out at ND. Couldn't hack it at USF where he just went through the motions. Even his recruitment was a $%^# show.

    7th rounder? Sure. But I wouldn't expect much, if anything at all. This kid has blown just about every shot he's been given thus far.
  11. Alexander

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    If he is healthy, Exum can play CB in the NFL and play it well. If you watch his older games pre-injury, he looks outstanding.
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  12. JoeyBoy718

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    I don't know much about him. Name sounds familiar.
  13. Sydla

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    Aaron Lynch. Was a high profile DE recruit in high school that committed to ND. Then flipped to FSU near the end of his recruiting. Then didn't show up at FSU for January enrollment and instead eventually enrolled at ND. Had a decent frosh year where he showed uber skills. After his frosh year in the spring (I believe) he transferred out of ND to go back to Florida. Rumor was he was a pain in the *** for the coaches to deal with and rubbed teammates the wrong way because he was always complaining and whining.

    A big reason he left ND was his girlfriend who still lived in Florida. He returned home, enrolled at USF. He eventually married his girlfriend and then a few months later got a divorce. Didn't do much at USF and declared for the draft.

    Lynch is a guy who seems to have off the charts physical skills (or at least did when he first showed up at ND) but has a ten cent head that is so bad, most teams view him as a 7th round pick if not a UDFA, which is pretty amazing for a kid with his pedigree and reputation coming out of high school and the skills he possessed. If his head had been screwed on straight, stuck it out at ND and hadn't gone off the deep end, he might be another first round/second pick like Tuitt and Nix.

    But his head is a MASSIVE concern. Like I said, with a comp pick, I'd take a flier on him, but with the expectation there's an 85-90% chance he bombs out.
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  14. JoeyBoy718

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    Thanks for the recap. I'd like to spend a 7th on him. Worst case scenario, we cut him in training camp.
  15. Fla Cowpoke

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    He's mocking for freak athletes, not necessarily the best players.
  16. BAT

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    Nix is actually extremely nimble for a man his size. Watch him play prior to 2013 season. He is a brick wall, but one with great movement skills.
  17. Alexander

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    Again, never heard off a brick wall that also has nimble cat-like skills.
  18. BAT

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    There were a couple of freaks I had to leave off. As for Johnson, didn't Stephen or someone at VR say that there was no interest in any of the LSU DTs? That's as specific as you can get.
  19. BAT

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    Congrats. Now you have.
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  20. Alexander

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    Funny, I missed the "cat-like" and "brick wall" references there.

    Look, I understand hyperbole. There is no reason to make it up even if it is not there.

    But I will give you a like based on the fact you did spot the word "nimble" in the scouting report.

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